Floor tiles: features of Spanish products

Spain accounts for about 40% of the European and 15% of the global ceramic tile market. Half of the country’s production is exported, while the turnover is only growing every year. Local factories producing tiles employ a quarter of the local population. Spanish tiles have been consistently popular in the world for many centuries, and the point here is not only the original design, but also the unique production technology, when old recipes are combined with modern innovations..


Spanish firing technology ensures that ceramic tiles are resistant to cracking due to temperature extremes, water ingress or exposure to household chemicals. The products of this European country regularly occupy leading positions at exhibitions and receive awards for high quality..

Spanish tiles can be used for both flooring and wall decoration. Wall ceramics are more aesthetic and versatile, while floor ceramics are more durable and practical. The packaging usually contains an image of a hand (for wall tiles) or a foot (for floor tiles). The specialized store offers clinker and ceramic floor tiles with patterns, inlays, floor panels, as well as the classic black and white combination.

Special requirements are imposed on floor tiles, because such tiles must be resistant to moisture, impacts of various strengths and abrasion. This is especially important for tiles used in public spaces such as cafes and restaurants..

Selected raw materials, centuries-old technology and innovative equipment make Spanish tiles, without a doubt, one of the most durable in the world. That’s why just such a tile for the floor will be the ideal solution where durability and reliability are important.

Advantages over competitors

Today Spain is in second place in terms of the volume of ceramic tiles produced.. This is due to the fact that the products of this country have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • ease of use and care;
  • unique design;
  • a variety of textures, colors and sizes;
  • ease of installation;
  • resistance to external influences (high humidity, temperature extremes, mechanical damage, exposure to chemicals, etc.);

  • affordable price;
  • high strength due to the use of red clay;
  • invariability of appearance for decades;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • no risk of mold and mildew formation.

Famous manufacturers

By purchasing products from well-known Spanish manufacturers of ceramic tiles, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product that has been repeatedly tested in different operating conditions.. The products of the following brands have proven themselves excellently:

  • Absolut Keramika Cobsa
  • Alcor ayulejos
  • Aparici
  • APE Ceramica
  • Aranda
  • Azahar ceramica gomez
  • Cicogres

  • Cristacer
  • Grespania
  • Mainzu Cementine
  • Newker
  • Pamesa agatha
  • Peronda
  • Realonda
  • San marco
  • TAU Ceramica
  • Venus
  • Vives ceramica

If you are interested in traditional design, Victorian style and cozy country – choose Absolut Keramika Cobsa products. Those who prefer natural materials in the interior can be advised to pay attention to Aparici products. Elite tiles for the most real aristocrats are presented in the APE Ceramica collections. The Aranda and Azahar trademarks use modern technologies and innovations in production to the maximum. And the Grespania tile is distinguished by a non-standard and very original design – this brand can be called a trendsetter in the world of ceramics..

Also, from the popular series for flooring, one can note Alaska from the Argenta factory, Memory from the Cicogres brand, Constanza dec Coimbra from the Cristacer brand and Opal produced by Ceramica Gomez..

The cost of products depends not only on quality, but also on the scale of production, the prestige of the brand, the complexity of the design, texture (matte surface, gloss, polishing, grinding, structured), as well as the complexity of the ornaments.


Many models of Spanish ceramic tiles have bright designs, contrasting colors and expressive volume, in contrast to, for example, more minimalist products from Italy. Spanish tiles are decorated with very rich patterns and original ornaments. Spectacular catchiness and bold mixing of colors – these are the characteristic features of the products of this country..

This allows the use of Spanish tiles for both austere interiors and outrageous design. The ideas of local designers meet the highest requirements and exquisite taste. You can even create panels or whole pictures from such tiles. The national “zest” can be traced in all products, so it is difficult to confuse such a tile with analogues from other countries..

Rich yellows, greens, purples, pinks and sands are especially popular. Also, many brands in Spain use patterns on the theme of vegetation, rosettes and monograms..

The technology of applying the image is also unique.. The process is carried out using a digital method, so the drawings are transferred to the surface as accurately as possible. At the same time, the texture in no way affects the high performance properties of the product..

Sometimes brands come up with and create custom-designed tiles for clients to decorate entire houses. Such ceramic paintings look very realistic..

Six reasons to buy floor tiles from Spain:

  • The quality of the products is undeniable, as floor ceramics are produced on fully automated modern production lines..
  • Multiple and streamlined control process, starting with the purchase of raw materials and ending with the export of finished products.
  • Proven durability of ceramics for years, even in high traffic areas (for example, in shops, catering outlets or shopping centers).
  • An original design that will fit into any ideas and styles of interior decoration.
  • A variety of textures that very realistically copy the surface of fabric, wood, metal, which allows the tile to replace other finishing materials.
  • A large selection of sizes from 10×10 cm to 90×90 cm, due to which even the most complex features of the layout of an apartment or house are taken into account.


As practice has shown, Russian consumers like the cheerful ceramics of Spain, which “dilutes” the gray everyday life of the typical layout of urban high-rise buildings. Domestic distributors offer a large selection of tiles from Spain of any color, size and style: plain and with ornaments, “stone-like” or “wood-like”, in a modern or antique style.

Anyone, even the most discerning buyer, will find the material “to their liking”. And it is unlikely that you will ever be able to come across the slogan “sale of ceramic tiles from Spain”, because such high-quality goods do not stale in warehouses. This is easily explained: for a very reasonable price, you can purchase a durable finishing material with a unique design..

For tips on choosing tiles, see the following video..

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