Flower carpets

Practical and popular since Soviet times, the main interior accessory – a carpet, has firmly established itself in the list of popular attributes that create comfort and coziness in the house. In addition, it helps to solve other problems – zoning the room, introducing new shades of the color palette into the design of the room, correcting the faceless and boring monotony.

Flower carpets – hit among flooring. They delight the eyes with their sophistication, taste and splendor of the image and can easily decorate the living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway. A floral ornament will create a warm atmosphere in the house, add tenderness to the interior and draw you into the fabulous world of joy and bright summer.


Today, flowers on carpets are often depicted in a particular style, complementing the main pattern with a floral frame or simple decoration. The pattern here is in tandem with geometric shapes and is the classic shape of a square, rectangle or circle. On sale you can often find just this type of carpet products. They are inexpensive and match the size of your wallet..

But there is a special kind of carpets that amaze the imagination with their non-standard shape and color structure. These are sculpted carpets in the form of heart, moon, single flower or inflorescence, which are characterized by jagged edges or corners – petals, volumetric images and soft lines of texture.

This type of attribute is popular not only because of its beauty and uniqueness, but also gives feelings similar to a bright summer mood..

Carpets in the form of flowers are available in a choice of different parameters: size, color and type of image. Roses, daisies, gerberas, lilies – you can choose absolutely any sketch that will perfectly complement your interior. With this flooring, you can enjoy the world of colors from the comfort of your home..

The non-standard shape of the product can be used in small rooms as the main floor covering, for example, in a bathroom or hallway, as well as to create cozy zones in a room – near a bed or an armchair by the window. They are simple, comfortable, practical, fit easily in any room, they are easy to clean and can be removed whenever possible..

How to choose?

There are certain rules for combining colors and objects in the interior., based on which you should choose and carpet:

  • You can choose a carpet to match the color of the furniture, which will be located in the same room. But don’t stick to one color palette. The palace should stand out among the shades with texture or image.
  • Match the furniture to the opposite color, or, more simply, play the game “black and white”. This will add flavor to the design and will not look simple and tasteless..

  • Combine with a reverse floor shade. The same scheme works here as in the second paragraph, only the background of the flooring itself and the rug lying on it should be opposite.
  • Match the color of large vertical surfaces in the room, such as curtains, walls, doors. The carpet should approximately repeat their shade and not be too flashy..
  • Highlight the color spots in the room and match the color of the product that is similar to them. You can safely choose the tone of the rug to match the color of the chandelier, picture, pouf or other attributes that make up the design of the room..
  • Do not forget that it is not always correct to focus on the carpet, but it is important that it remains the only color detail in the interior..

If the attribute does not organically fit into the setting, it can be supported by other details of the same color, for example, a decorative pillow or a wall panel..

Materials (edit)

Wool is considered a traditional material for making carpets. Wool carpets are woven from durable sheep’s wool. Flexible pile has fire-fighting properties, so if a fire occurs, you should not be afraid of its spread. The service life of such a product is 40-50 years. But do not forget that this is an expensive material. To get this kind of luxury, you need to fork out well..

Among other materials, common:

  • Material that is not inferior in characteristics to wool – silk. Silk carpets cost significantly more than woolen carpets, and their coverings are stronger and more attractive due to the exceptional sheen of the pile. Such a carpet can last more than 50 years..

  • Carpets from polyamide – a godsend for modern designers. They have a number of positive properties: high-quality image, strength, fire-fighting properties, fiber shine..
  • Viscose carpets are a good analogue of natural fiber. Viscose yarns are easy to dye, so it is easier to create bright and juicy coatings with a slight sheen with them, which retain their color for a long time..

  • Carpets from polypropylene convenient to use and undemanding to care for. The thread of this material is absolutely smooth, which does not let dirt into its fibers. Such coatings are bright enough, but, unfortunately, not durable. Service life of polypropylene carpets – 4-5 years.
  • Replacement of wool can be polyester synthetic carpet. Its long pile looks dignified and it is able to decorate a room where the beauty of the carpet product and its thermal characteristics are important. Polyester is easy to clean, which undoubtedly deserves a positive assessment..
  • A more labor-intensive option in terms of manufacturing can be purchased if you choose a carpet., hand tied. The work of the master who took on such a complex process will be exceptional in its performance, and certainly original, because the sketch of the future room attribute is developed individually for you..

This type of carpet can decorate not only the floor of the room, but also walls, chairs and even be a cape for armchairs or sofas..

Dimensions (edit)

It is worth considering that you need to purchase a carpet, corresponding to the functions that it will perform indoors. But before choosing a product, you need to decide on some points: you need to understand whether a carpet product should serve as a floor insulation or simply decorate a room, whether furniture will stand on it or near it and decide in which room it will lie. And only after making decisions, you can choose the material, density, color of the product, and, of course, the size of the carpet:

  • The most popular way of positioning the floor product is considered to be when the furniture is completely on the carpet. It is better to put a sofa, chairs, bedside tables and tables on the side, occupying half or one third of the carpet product, thus the carpet will unite all interior items and will be in perfect harmony with all the surrounding details.
  • It is considered a good option if furniture occupies the entire area of ​​the insulation. Here it should be borne in mind that it is better to leave a small distance of 35-40 cm between the wall and the edge of the carpet to maintain the symmetry of the room..

  • The next option is important when choosing a high-pile carpet. It needs to be chosen less than the area of ​​the room., so that flat metal furniture legs do not stand on the finished carpet product, otherwise, they can spoil the appearance of the carpet or leave a sloppy dent on it. In this case, the size of the flooring is best correlated with the central area of ​​the room. If your choice fell on a carpet with a large image, you should leave a small gap between the furniture and the pattern of 15-20 cm.Otherwise, the color will not match the design of the room.

When choosing a covering for a bedroom, you need to adhere to simple rules: it should partially lie under the bed and protrude another 50 cm on all sides.If the room does not allow for a large carpet, then you can get by with small, non-standard rugs on both sides of the bed.

This will add unusualness to the interior of the room and add a touch of originality to the design..

You will learn more about how to make your own floral carpet below..

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