German laminate: a guarantee of quality and style

Laminate is a type of flooring that is in high demand due to a number of advantages. The manufacturers of this material are in constant fierce competition, trying to win high ratings in the market and attract buyers. Leading positions in this area are occupied by German-made laminate.

Floor covering advantages

German laminate flooring is also in demand on the Russian market of finishing materials. Experts say that Germany is currently at the forefront of laminate flooring for both commercial and residential use. Now almost half of all laminate on the modern market is a product of German companies..

The highest quality of laminated floors made by factories in Germany is the main criterion for all products, regardless of class and cost. It is achieved through an innovative technical base, skillful hands of experienced craftsmen, as well as modern techniques and selected raw materials. Also companies use modern scientific developments in production.

Consider the pros of choosing a laminate:

  • security. By purchasing German laminate flooring, you can be sure that you are spending money on an environmentally friendly material. Foreign companies use only carefully selected and tested raw materials in the manufacture of coatings. Large companies are engaged in the supply of material on their own in order to be able to fully control the output, from the selection of raw materials to the release of the finished product on the market;
  • quality level. All laminates made by European manufacturers are monitored throughout all stages of production. This process is carried out not only by employees of factories, but also by official representatives of government agencies, whose main task is to check the manufactured goods. Laminate has all the relevant certificates confirming the level of product quality and its safety for health;

  • terms and volumes. Due to the modern equipment of the company, German companies produce large volumes of products in the shortest possible time. This allows us to meet the needs of buyers in a quality laminate. Given the popularity of flooring from Germany, it is necessary to produce large quantities of goods;
  • wide range of. The variety of laminates from German manufacturers will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customers. A huge selection of colors and textures allows you to choose the perfect model for a specific interior style. The material can externally copy wood species (oak, birch, pine, ash, cherry and many others) or have an even and uniform color. Also on sale you can find products of various thicknesses and classes of wear resistance..

Durable laminate look

German flooring material with a thickness of 14 mm is molded from standard products with increased resistance to stress and damage. Products of this type are used on the basis of premises with high traffic. A German laminate with this characteristic will serve for several decades, while retaining its stylish appearance and durability..

Products of this type can be safely laid on uneven floors. Laminate 14 mm does an excellent job of soundproofing, as well as keeping the heat in the room. It should be noted that this type of flooring is narrowly targeted, because of what not all manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of such a laminate.

In the catalogs of products from German brands, you will definitely find models with a thickness of 1.4 cm.


It’s time to talk about the most popular brands in Germany. The products of the brands presented below are in great demand not only in the Russian and European markets, but also around the world..

Classen Company

Laminate floors from this manufacturer boast durability, reliability and practicality. All goods are environmentally friendly and have a corresponding certificate confirming this. Classen brand products have gained rapid popularity all over the world. Laminate has gained popularity due to high-quality and accurate imitation of natural wood of various species. The special texture of the product makes the product as similar to wood as possible.

The floor covering of this company is not afraid of damage from external influences. The material will look great in both residential and commercial and public spaces.

High quality is achieved through modern equipment that is constantly updated. Laminate flooring can be dismantled and re-installed several times. At the same time, the boards will not deteriorate and lose their shape. The cover is equipped with reliable connectors that ensure a tight fit.

Witex brand

The products of the German company Witex are in great demand among buyers. The product attracts attention with its stylish and expressive appearance. Such a laminate will become a fashionable decoration for any interior. In addition to an attractive appearance, customers receive high quality in each product unit..

Laminate, produced under the Witex brand, is highly resistant to moisture. Due to this parameter, it can be installed in rooms with high humidity. Each board has lock system Loc-Te, due to which the possibility of the appearance of cracks during use is completely excluded. This system is robust and very user-friendly, providing simple and easy installation of the product. From the point of view of environmental friendliness and safety, Witex products fully comply with high international standards.

By using laminate floors from this brand, you can be sure that the selected material was used in the production..


This company was founded over 40 years ago. For such a long time, laminated floors made under the Egger brand began to gain popularity in the European market, and then around the world. The high quality of the laminate is achieved through careful production control, raw materials of the highest standard and high-tech equipment.

Regardless of the price of products, each unit of goods is environmentally friendly, reliable and durable. Also, the laminate attracts attention with a huge selection of colors. The company offers customers a huge range of colors, from light colors to dark shades.

Laminate floors from this manufacturer are easy to maintain.

Dolce Flooring

We should also mention the Dolce Flooring trademark. It is a sub-brand of the manufacturer Egger. This company is engaged in the launch of economy class flooring. Products are exported only to the Russian market.

Popular models

Summing up, we invite you to familiarize yourself with four different products from the German manufacturer Classen. Let’s consider each position separately. It should be noted that all the products presented below are available to Russian buyers..

Life collection, model Norway

This laminate in a light color will create a peaceful atmosphere in the interior and fill the room with light and lightness. The product skillfully imitates natural solid wood. A distinctive feature of this position is the effect of artificially aged material. This option will perfectly fit into the style of a loft or French Provence..

Characteristics of Norway laminate:

  • thickness: 10 mm;
  • operating class: 33 (commercial);
  • the presence of a chamfer: 4V;
  • base density: >870 kg / m3;
  • Lifetime warranty: residential – 30 years, public – 5 years.

Colonial Vintage collection, model “Bermuda”

Laminate in dark gray color. This coating will instantly transform the interior, adding a touch of chic and elegance to the decor. The material will be especially impressively combined with white furniture or light wall decoration, highlighting them in contrast. The color will harmoniously fit into modern and classic trends.

Characteristics of Bermuda laminate:

  • thickness: 8 mm;
  • operating class: 32 (commercial);
  • the presence of a chamfer: 4V;
  • base density: >870 kg / m3;
  • lifetime warranty: in houses and apartments – 15 years, in public institutions – 3 years.

Dynamic Highlands Collection Sand Maple

This is a soft beige finish. The warm color of the product will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the room. The delicate color of the laminate is harmoniously combined with dark inclusions that imitate natural wood. This position is perfect for decorating any room in the house. The product will easily fit into classic styles.

Characteristics of the laminate “Sand Maple”:

  • thickness: 12 mm;
  • operating class: 32 (commercial);
  • the presence of a chamfer: 4V;
  • base density: >870 kg / m3;
  • lifetime warranty: in houses and apartments – 15 years, in public institutions – 3 years.

Naturale Authentic Chrome Collection Brown Oak

The flooring in a rich brown color is the perfect complement to a luxurious classic interior. The board is made of natural oak wood. The pattern of dark and light stripes makes the product more expressive and attractive.

Characteristics of the laminate “Brown Oak”:

  • thickness: 8 mm;
  • operating class: 32 (commercial);
  • the presence of a chamfer: 4V;
  • base density: >870 kg / m3;
  • lifetime warranty: in public areas – 3 years.

The ease of installation of German laminate can be appreciated by watching the following video.

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