Italon tiles: advantages and disadvantages

To design a stylish interior, it is necessary to use building materials of exceptionally excellent quality. When choosing ceramic tiles, it is worth giving preference to the Russian company Italon, which offers not only a wide selection of collections suitable for the embodiment of an interior in various styles, but also features high quality, durability and reliability..


The Russian company Italon is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles. Its products are famous not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. Italon was founded in 2006. Tile production is located in Stupino, near the capital. The Stupino plant is very famous because it made a splash. The Concorde Group has put a lot of effort into making the plant a quality ceramics manufacturer.

Ceramic tiles are produced under strict control. At every stage of production, all the requirements of the management are met.

Italon is a prime example of how to care for the environment. It widely uses secondary raw materials in the production of ceramics..

Each Italon collection deserves special attention, as it is distinguished by originality and uniqueness. The best specialists and artists work to create stylish and attractive ceramics to satisfy the needs of all buyers. A wide range of colors, styles, sizes, textures deserves great respect. The indisputable advantage of Italon ceramic tiles is the moisture-repellent property..

If we compare the company’s products with others, then its moisture absorption rate is only 0.05%, while others have 0.5%. It is this property that has a positive effect on the operation of the product, which will last for many years, while not losing its shape even at high humidity and low temperatures..

Italon ceramic tiles are also resistant to contact with chemicals. It can be safely used for both interior decoration and exterior work. It is characterized by its durability and ease of installation, since the glue does not get into its pores, and as a result, unattractive stains do not appear on the surface. Ceramics are highly durable in operation, as they are produced in accordance with international standards.

Many buyers like the affordable price compared to other manufacturers: Italon tiles are suitable for everyone, regardless of income level. Another advantage is that it does not require much maintenance. Cleaning is easy and fast enough.


Italon is a manufacturer of a variety of products. It produces wall and floor tiles as well as durable porcelain stoneware. Wall tiles look beautiful in different interior styles. A variety of collections allows you to choose the best option for the embodiment of any style direction. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and terraces.

For decorating small rooms, you should give preference to light shades of ceramics. It will not only visually enlarge the room, but also add charm and elegance to the interior. Tiles in light colors are very common in bathrooms and kitchens.

Tiles for floor use are characterized by durability and reliability. These figures are much higher when compared to wall ceramics. Floor tiles must be adapted to the Russian climate.. Italon flooring products are resistant to moisture and are also resistant to very low temperatures. It can be safely used for decorating outdoor areas, as well as for cladding bathrooms, corridors or balconies..

Italon floor tiles are an excellent choice because they can withstand extreme temperature changes, do not deform and retain the pattern in high traffic areas..

Ceramic granite is used for decoration of buildings or decoration of office premises. The company offers a wide selection of porcelain stoneware, namely, three lines:

  • Homogeneous – designed for tricky areas. It can be made in one color or be decorated with a print on one of the sides..
  • Colored – is very much in demand for the embodiment of various stylistic tasks. It is ideal for creating trendy mosaics. The coloring of porcelain stoneware is carried out during its manufacture, therefore, during the operation of the tile, all colors retain their saturation..
  • Glazed – characterized by excellent wear resistance and strength. This option is the most persistent and demanded. As the glaze lends itself to firing, it becomes more durable and reliable. This option is more expensive than the others, but it is simply not better to find.

Considering the types of ceramic tiles, you should pay attention to the embossed version. These ceramics have a structured surface with a 3D effect. Relief tiles very accurately convey the texture of natural materials. It perfectly imitates the surface of wood, stone and even fabric. For example, the Italon Contempora collection includes ceramics that imitate the texture of natural stone. The slight relief gives the surface anti-slip properties. Wall-mounted tiles decorated with convex ornaments look expressive and effective.

Italon offers many tile collections that convey the texture of marble. This stone fascinates with its beauty and perfection. Refined lines and strict colors of the ceramic coating make it possible to bring into reality unforgettable interiors worthy of the kings themselves. Among the wide selection of products, the Italon Magnetique collection is worth highlighting, as it is stylized in marble. At first glance, even experienced craftsmen cannot say with certainty that they have ceramics in front of them..

Marble tiles are also presented in other collections, such as Italon Charme, Italon Class, Italon Travertino and others. Ceramic marble tiles look respectable and expensive. Seamlessly laid ceramics will create the impression of a solid space. The range of the brand’s products includes Italon steps. They can be simple. Porcelain stoneware has notches that are applied to the tiles to prevent the possibility of falling. The vertical part of the step is laid with an ordinary smooth tile. This option is affordable because it saves money..

A kapinos step is a type of tile that has a rounded edge. A straight step has only one rounded edge, while a corner step has two rounded edges. Depending on the location, the step can be either right or left. The kapinos step looks attractive, but it is made exclusively to order..

Tiles decorated with patterns in the “patchwork” style look interesting and attractive. It allows you to create original interiors without limiting the designer’s imagination. Such collections of ceramic tiles allow you to diversify the interior, give it a zest, and also divide the room into zones..

Italon Artwork Patchwork porcelain stoneware is perfect for creating unusual flooring or for decorating a kitchen apron. The collection successfully combines three colors – gray, beige and white. They are used to create unusual decorative compositions that allow you to decorate the interior in a modern style..

Design solutions

Italon offers a wide range of stylish, attractive and original collections that make it possible to embody the most extraordinary design ideas into reality. An interesting combination of materials is presented in the collection Italon langhe. The tile imitates the surface of volcanic stone in combination with natural wood. It looks harmonious and natural. This option can be used to decorate a living room or bedroom. Such parquet will add elegance and unforgettableness to the interior..

The shabby stone effect gives the ceramics a realism. The brand’s designers offer porcelain stoneware in several colors: gray, yellow and beige, which allows you to choose an option depending on personal preferences. To create an original interior design, you can pay attention to the collection Artwork. The tile very accurately conveys the texture of the cement. It is presented in a plain surface and is also decorated with attractive design compositions..

The company offers three colors: gray, beige and white. Decor options allow you to create an unusual interior. They can be used to divide a room into zones. This collection is ideal for embodying the interior in modern style directions..


Not only ordinary customers leave a lot of good reviews about Italon products, but also experienced tilers speak well about them. The Russian factory Italon offers high quality ceramic tiles, which are characterized by reliability. The variety of collections provides an opportunity to choose the best option for realizing the most unexpected and unique design ideas. Craftsmen like to work with Italon products due to their ease of installation..

Some buyers complain about the high cost of the tiles, but you can look at it in different ways. After all, the high price pays off very quickly. Ceramic tiles are durable and reliable. After a few years, it will not change color, no cracks or scratches will appear on it. She will delight the eyes for many years. Italon tiles are characterized by their high quality, because produced according to international quality standards.

It can be used boldly not only to embody luxurious interiors in indoor spaces, but also to create sophisticated and unusual floor coverings in outdoor areas..

The company’s products attract attention for their long service life. The tiles do not fade in the sun, retaining their original color. Even after years of use, colors do not lose their saturation.

Ceramics are suitable for cladding rooms with high humidity. It does not deform with constant contact with water.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Ceramic tiles imitating natural wood are ideal for decorating living rooms. Delicate, pastel colors add charm, coziness and comfort to the design. The tiles are designed for both wall and floor coverings. It very accurately imitates a parquet board, so it is impossible to distinguish it from wood at first glance. The pronounced pattern gives it beauty and realism..

Porcelain stoneware is distinguished not only by its strength and reliability, but also by its exquisite appearance. The presented tiles perfectly convey the texture of the stone. Bright and effective inserts look original, with the help of which an interesting technique was used when laying the flooring. Such a coating looks stylish, rich and original. The combination of several textures looks interesting and fresh.

To decorate the bathroom, you can use tiles that convey the texture of natural wood and marble. This combination is in trend today. This option can be used to implement different styles. Marble-like tiles add elegance and practicality to the interior.

See the following video for an overview of Italon tiles.

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