Kastamonu laminate flooring: selection basics

Kastamonu laminate flooring: selection basics

The time of the popularity of herringbone wood parquet and variegated linoleum as the main floor coverings in residential premises are long gone. Today, in hardware stores, they prefer a modern version – a durable and aesthetic laminate. Due to a number of advantages, the market for this material has hundreds of manufacturing companies; products from Europe and China are in special demand. However, in the vastness of the Russian Federation there is something to pay attention to, in particular, to the Kastamonu Floorpan laminate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Initially, Kastamonu is a company owned by the large Turkish holding Hayat. In 2014, she opened production in Russia, launching a plant for the production of outdoor products. in the city of Elabuga, in Tatarstan. This full-cycle enterprise with large technological capabilities and modern equipment uses local raw materials in production, which helps to reduce the cost of finished products..

Thanks to this, Russian consumers can purchase a fairly high-quality laminate flooring at an affordable price..

So far, this is the only Kastamonu enterprise in Russia, but its products are presented in all regions of the country. It is possible that its list in some cities does not correspond to the full range, in contrast to warehouses in Moscow. However, in this case, the company provides the opportunity to use an online store with delivery in Russia, if the desired color is not in the store in your city..

Besides, due to the growth of brand awareness, counterfeits are possible, therefore, before opening new enterprises, it is worth paying special attention to the place of production of goods, namely the city of Elabuga.

Kastamonu Floorpan products are a good choice, especially for those who like to sort out options. All thanks to the following properties of such products:

  • high-quality decor;
  • wide range of models;
  • versatility of use;
  • guarantee and good performance.


The technological line of the enterprise allows the production of models with the requirements of such wear resistance classes as 31, 32, 33. This laminate is allowed to be laid in different rooms with different levels of load. The wear resistance class affects the duration of operation. So, 31 is intended for home use, and class 33 is suitable for both home and office..

Also, the company provides a guarantee for laying in a residential area..

Dimensions (edit)

The company offers products with various thicknesses. There are collections in which the minimum board thickness is 6 mm. This option is intended for laying flooring using a heating system. For standard flooring conditions, it is best to refer to a wide range of models, made in 8 mm thickness.

In addition, in 2016, the plant launched a line for the production of a moisture-resistant board with a thickness of 12 mm. Subsequently, dense laminated floors of this size began to be produced from it..


Kastamonu products are distinguished by a good choice of decor. The company’s website presents a wide range of products made in more than 50 colors. For example, products from the series Yellow, Black and Orange: ash oak, northern oak, mother of pearl oak. It is a laminate flooring that is styled to look like a real wood floor and is finished in shades of gray. It will successfully fit into a monochrome laconic interior with a predominance of white and black colors..

In the event that you want to dilute your home decor with warm colors, you should turn to a board that imitates beech or pine. The brown palette of Kastamonu Floorpan products is represented by a fairly wide selection and differ in different thicknesses.

Collections and customer reviews

The company is ready to offer its customers several interesting series of its own production of laminate floors. The decors from Floorpan have a good design and can be made with or without bevels. The main collections of the manufacturer are Yellow, Black, Red, Purple, Blue. The first four series are suitable for living rooms, the latter is in demand for flooring in commercial premises..

Good reviews often refer to the Yellow series. These are 32 class models, which, as customers note, are distinguished by good moisture resistance and do not require special care. The collection imitates a rare and traditional wood species, and also has a feature in the form of additional resin impregnation on the ends of the slabs.

For lovers of natural elements in the interior, the Kastamonu beveled laminate from the Black series is suitable. These models have a single-strip design with a lacquered texture. And natural shades in combination with a 4-sided bevel give the floor maximum “wooden” naturalness..

Examples and variants

Kastamonu has plenty to choose from. The variety of models is a stylization of an ordinary solid board or parquet flooring. The latter is interestingly represented by light solutions with the addition of aging effect in such products as Alhambra Oak and Covas Oak. And for a classic wooden board, the options “Bengal Oak” or “Indian Sand”.

A wide palette of shades, reliable quality and an affordable price – this is a very good set for a laminate from a local manufacturer with European specialists and innovative technologies..

You can find out how to properly lay the Kastamonu laminate below..

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