Laminate for tiles

Laminate for tiles

Despite all the advantages of laminate flooring, laying it in rooms with high humidity has long been considered an impractical step. Modern samples of this material make it possible to radically change the approach. There is even a special class for laying with an imitation of a tiled surface – the 33rd.


The latest modifications of laminate with a pattern for ceramic tiles are impregnated with hydrophobic wax compositions. The only danger of water penetration is through the seams. However, the use of special sealants avoids this threat as well. When choosing a laminate in your home (it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the kitchen or not), always find out what is the level of its environmental safety. Only category E-1 is considered by specialists to be acceptable for living rooms..

The undeniable strengths of laminate flooring are:

  • external attractiveness;
  • the ability to imitate marble, granite or terracotta;
  • soft price and easy installation;
  • the ability to withstand jerks of temperatures;
  • ease of care;
  • minimal risk of sunburn;
  • suitability for the formation of a warm floor.

It is necessary to take into account the disadvantages of such coverage and warn them in time. Laminate floors can be quite noisy. The problem is solved by installing sound-insulating pads. You will have to put a material with increased wear resistance in the kitchen, or prepare for the frequent change of the coating that is losing its beauty. However, it will be frequent only in comparison with more advanced options, and for most people ten years without repair is quite enough.

Weaknesses are more than covered by the objective advantages of laminate, among which we must also mention an excellent level of fire safety, the absence of allergens and suitability for use in children’s rooms. With all this, the laminate is relatively cheap..

In recent years, the square type of laminate has become significantly more popular, because it makes it possible to imitate a variety of finishing materials, even natural stone. The square shape also makes installation easier. Possible problems should also be mentioned: this material can be used with woodworking waste, bonded with glue.

If its composition is poorly selected, or manufacturers frankly save on components, there may be a health risk..

Damaged square laminate panels cannot be repaired, scraped or varnished – only replacement remains.

At the same time, there are no such defects in high-quality varieties of this material. They are distinguished by a wide range of applications. The top layer (it is on it the foot steps directly or the slippers) is made of transparent melamine. But the permeability to visible light does not interfere with protecting the base of the structure from corrosive substances, ultraviolet radiation, water and other harmful factors..

Slightly below there is decorative paper, sometimes with inlaid monotonous ornamentation or a complex pattern. The base layer is a chipboard, on the characteristics of which the structure, configuration and consumer properties of the entire product depend. And at the very bottom, a stabilizing layer is found, which is designed to evenly distribute the generated load and avoid deformation..


Grade 33 is considered the most suitable for its durability, strength and abrasion resistance. The industry has mastered the production of it in the widest range of colors, which means that you will be able to realize even the most extraordinary ideas for decorating your home.

It is quite difficult to search for the 34th class of coverage, since rare manufacturers have it in their lineup. But the time spent will not be wasted, since this material, in terms of reliability and resistance to water ingress, is not inferior to real tiles, and it keeps heat very well.

In the office, bedroom and other dry room, you can put 31 class laminate flooring. Group 32 and higher are already suitable for kitchens.

It should be noted that manufacturers from North America have their own special scale for determining the properties of a laminate..

Materials (edit)

A laminate panel is often a conventional fibreboard covered with paper. A pattern is applied to the surface of the paper, which depicts a variety of materials. But there are other types of laminate that differ in the substance used in the backing. HDF board has recently become much more popular than before. The reason for this is the special arrangement of the panels and the careful processing of the locks.. Such designs are different:

  • significant strength (they can trim large areas of the floor);
  • suitability for use in a wide variety of conditions;
  • ease of care;
  • ease of installation;
  • long service.

The cork-based panels are very elegant and bring a cozy atmosphere to the home.. They can be used in any room.. This is a completely natural product, except for the impregnation that insulates the structure from contact with moisture and mechanical destruction. Low thermal conductivity, excellent damping of loud sounds, bactericidal characteristics and minimal risk of rotting are other advantages of the cork..


The PVC panel is able to effectively resist moisture. It almost does not collapse when exposed to force and wears out little. Such blocks can be laid on almost any surface, and thermal stability makes them ideal for kitchens.. Plastic laminate flooring can be repaired without completely disassembling, and it also weighs quite a bit

Color solutions

All professionals unanimously advise not to deviate from the standard recommendations for choosing the tone of the floor. The dark color of the walls is harmoniously combined with the light lower part of the room, and vice versa; if you try to combine dark with dark or light with light, it will turn out much worse. When installing light laminate, wallpaper or other wall covering should be three or four shades darker.

It is more correct to use white color where there is not enough lighting. Since there are usually no problems with it in kitchens or bedrooms, the following shades should not be used in these rooms:

  • wenge;
  • rosewood;
  • nut.

Juicy and expressive dark color looks noble. The problem is that in bright light, any dust and debris will be visible. Be sure to take care of the combination of the tonality of the laminate and the type of interior doors: they should be as close as possible. At the same time, in one part of the room, you should not collect too many identically colored interior items..

In a house where there is at least one pet, floor coverings of dark colors are undesirable – on them wool and pile stand out too much.

If the furniture is bright, catchy, with memorable patterns, then the appearance of the floor should be as calm as possible. By following these simple recommendations, you will avoid bad taste and leave considerable scope for creative delights..

Manufacturers overview

In OBI stores, you can buy laminate flooring from manufacturers from different countries, and each of them has one or another positive side. Chinese company Floor Step offers consumers the Art collection. All of its products are non-standard solutions that imitate parquet. The careful work of the company’s designers is aimed at ensuring that light notes of antiquity can harmoniously enter even the most modern interiors.

If you prefer only goods from reputable European suppliers, you should pay attention to the square laminate of the brand Unik Step. It is made in Germany – and that says it all.

The coating from the Arte collection of the Belgian concern shows itself quite well. Quick Step. This selection has the best value for money. The slabs are wide enough, their thickness reaches 9 mm. It is allowed to use such a laminate to create a warm floor. We can also recommend the Palace line, which is produced by Zigart (another firm from the banks of the Yangtze).

How to choose?

Kitchen tile laminate flooring is most common, because it is there that you need a coating with such a degree of resistance to moisture. But besides water, many other harmful factors act on the kitchen floor: grease, ultraviolet light, cleaning agents. No matter how careful and tidy you are, something will still wake up and spill over. This means that it is necessary to take only those varieties of laminate that are chemically inert..

Fastening blocks with locks is preferable. Such products can, if necessary, be repaired or single fragments replaced. Ask if the floor will not slide, how much its structure will be expressed. Treatment with a hydrophobic solution should be carried out both on the front side of the material and on its end..

Although the conditions in the bedrooms are not as extreme as in the kitchen or bathroom, it is still quite difficult to choose the right solution here. In most cases, a 31 class coating with a total thickness of 6-8 mm will be quite reliable.. Class 32 material is slightly more expensive, but much more durable.

As a base, natural cork is not only environmentally safer, but also clearly keeps heat better, which is very important on the ground floors and in corner apartments..

Beautiful examples in the interior

There are many options for using laminate flooring, but among them there are those that are especially attractive. In the interior of the country, the coating looks decent in dark wood tones, strictly duplicating the appearance of the plank surface. A room in the spirit of a Swiss chalet is optimally combined with materials in the colors “ash” and “walnut”. And in a Provencal environment, it is most appropriate to imitate the look of aged wood (color “bleached oak” and the like).

Minimalism is the complete opposite of all these formats. Naturalness is not highly valued in it. Therefore, it is worth choosing a floor covering in the form of stripes of uniform white, black or gray colors..

If you cannot make a decision on your own, be sure to use the designer’s help and do not take unnecessary risks..

All about the correct laying of the laminate, see below..

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