Lamineli laminate: an overview of the collections

Lamineli laminate: an overview of the collections

When decorating a room, you cannot do without the selection of finishing materials. Laminate is very popular all over the world. It is a practical and stylish finish that is used in a wide variety of decorative styles. The modern market offers a huge selection of laminates that differ not only in appearance and price, but also in the class of wear resistance, thickness and other parameters. In the article, we will take a closer look at the laminate flooring from the Lamineli trademark and evaluate the collection of finishing materials from this brand..


The finishing material “Lamineli” is a domestic product. The company has been producing laminate for more than one year. The company offers customers a wide selection of various colors and textures. Thanks to a wide range of products, customers have the opportunity to choose the ideal option, taking into account the technical characteristics of the product, material capabilities, as well as the style for which the finish is selected.

Lamineli laminate flooring is sold not only in the Russian market, but also abroad, in the CIS: Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other countries. Also products of the above brand in demand in Europe and Asia. Today the material is exported to more than 30 countries around the world. This indicator demonstrates the quality of products.

The goods of the Russian company have won a leading position in the market of domestic materials due to the competent ratio of price and quality.

The floor covering is used for decorating living quarters, offices, study rooms, country houses and other objects..

The innovative equipment used by the Russian enterprise makes it possible to manufacture large volumes of products in the shortest possible time, while maintaining the quality of the product. The material used in the manufacture of laminate floors is processed using a special Finnish technology called Ponsse. Raw materials are sorted automatically, so only the highest quality materials are used.

Technical features

Laminate floors are made on the basis of durable and reliable HDF board. The density of this element is 900 kg / m3. The characteristic of a standard base is approximately 400 kg / m3. It should be noted that the company independently manufactures the basis for the laminate..

All stages of production are carefully controlled by a team of professional engineers and technologists from Europe. The factory employs highly qualified craftsmen with the necessary knowledge and experience. The product of the above brand is fully consistent high international quality standards in the segment of wood processing, as well as GOST standards.

Also, products are tested for safety and environmental friendliness..

In production, trees are used that are between 20 and 40 years old. The wood preparation process is carried out on the basis of one of the company’s subsidiaries located in the taiga.


The domestic trade mark presents several stylish collections of laminated floors for customers to choose from. It is worth noting that all positions presented in the selections have a 33rd class of exploitation. This indicator speaks of the practicality, high wear resistance and durability of the product. Class 33 laminate is considered commercial. It can be installed on the basis of premises with high traffic.

This finishing material is not afraid of constant loads.

The most popular collections of the brand:

  • Loft. This collection is worth paying attention to if you are looking for laminate flooring for modern decor, however, some positions will harmoniously fit into classic styles. The models presented in this section masterfully imitate such types of wood as oak, beech and birch. Each blade is 12 mm thick.

  • “Karelia”. The multifaceted and amazing collection will especially appeal to fans of non-standard design techniques. The collection received this name due to the fact that the laminate imitates trees growing on the territory of the Karelian forests. The thickness of the laminate is the same as in the above collection. Panel dimensions – 1380×193 mm.

  • “Europe”. The laminate options from this collection are named after the most famous European cities such as Venice, Milan and Florence. The set includes both light and dark, rich colors. This finishing material is perfect for minimalistic and laconic designs..

  • “Siberia”. The trade mark presents its customers with another unusual and stylish series of finishing materials. The manufacturer claims that you will not find such a selection from any of the foreign manufacturers. Laminate floors imitating the solid wood growing in Siberia (cedar, pine, larch and other varieties) will decorate summer cottages, cottages and country houses.

  • “Kuban”. The collection offers a huge selection of laminate flooring in a variety of colors. Buyers can choose from light and dark gray, black, brown in various shades and other finishing materials. The canvases are decorated with an expressive pattern, which gives products a more natural and sophisticated appearance..


The products of the above brand are in great demand in the Russian and foreign markets due to a number of advantages. Considering the fact that several thousand enterprises around the world are engaged in the production of laminated floors, only the best brands manage to remain in the lead..

Consider the advantages of Lamineli brand products:

  • Reliability and durability. The finishing material boasts high resistance to abrasion. The products of the above brand have the AC5 category. Laminate will retain its commercial appearance and attractiveness throughout its entire service life.
  • Technology Compatibility. Finishing material “Lamineli” can be combined with “warm floor”. This use is allowed by the manufacturers at the official level. The optimal heating rate of laminated floors is approximately plus 28-30 degrees Celsius.

In order not to spoil the coating, it is recommended to install a temperature regulator and monitor this indicator yourself.

  • Preservation of visual appeal. The beauty of the products is preserved even under the influence of sunlight due to the products’ resistance to fading. Manufacturers assure that even when exposed to direct rays, the coating retains its color for 10 or more years after installation..
  • Cleaning and maintenance. The goods of the above brand can be safely stacked in kitchens and hallways. Laminate is highly resistant to stains and other stains. It is very easy to clean the flooring, just a regular rag and water.

Use special products if necessary.

  • Exploitation. The guaranteed service life of the laminate is 20 years. In real conditions, this figure is much higher. If you properly care for the laminate, do not move heavy objects and do not use aggressive chemicals when cleaning, the floors will delight you with an expressive color for much longer.
  • Price. The manufacturer offers a reasonable cost, which is always kept at a democratic level..

This indicator remains unchanged with changes in the foreign exchange rate and other similar factors..

Customer Reviews

After evaluating the reviews about the laminate “Lamineli” on the Internet, the experts came to the conclusion that the majority of opinions (approximately 95-97%) are positive. Of the minuses, some customers mentioned the persistent smell of the products after unpacking, as well as problems with the locks. However, the second defect may be caused by a violation of the process of laying the material..

You can find out how to properly lay the laminate in the next video..

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