Linoleum in the hall

Linoleum in the hall

A hall is that part of an apartment or house in which absolutely all family members spend their time. This room is characterized by the greatest traffic. That is why it is necessary to choose the floor covering in the most careful way. It should be of the highest quality, wear-resistant and safe..

One of the most popular flooring options in the hall is linoleum..

Features and Benefits

Linoleum has a number of advantages, thanks to which many people opt for this particular type of flooring:

  • Prices they are not high for this material, you can buy a good quality product at a very reasonable price;
  • Durability – the coating will serve you for a fairly long time;
  • Security – linoleum is made from environmentally friendly materials that are completely safe for health;
  • Beautiful appearance, a wide variety of designs and colors of products;
  • Invisible joints – the seams of modern products made using the latest technologies will be completely invisible;
  • Ease of installation – laying linoleum in the hall is very simple – it is rolled out and glued to the base, and the edges are cut with a special knife and fixed with a plinth.
  • It is very comfortable and unpretentious in care;

We can safely say that linoleum has all the necessary qualities of a floor covering. The most important thing is to choose the right type of product for its characteristics and appearance..

Living room flooring requirements

The first and most important requirement for linoleum for the hall is its thickness, which should be at least 1.5-2 mm. The best and most reliable option would be a coating 3-4 mm thick – this option will withstand heavy loads, and also act as additional floor insulation.

For such a flooring, there is a concept of a class of wear resistance. For the hall, this parameter should be higher than 21-23. In this case, you can be sure that this type of linoleum will serve you for a fairly long time – about 8-10 years, and maybe more..

Of course, in the living room the chances of mechanically damaging the floor covering are much less than, for example, in the kitchen, since there are no sharp or hot objects in the room, and no aggressive detergents are used. Therefore, for the hall, you can choose not too expensive types of products..

Ideally, linoleum in the living room should have a felt or jute base with a PVC coating. This material is versatile, it is quite durable, moisture resistant and at the same time soft and warm, it will be pleasant to walk on it even with bare feet. It is very simple to care for this type of linoleum – you just need to wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. The price for this type of coating is also the most optimal..

Some types of linoleum also have bactericidal properties that can prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. This will be very important for the living room, especially if children live in the house, since they often like to play just on the floor..

If four-legged friends live in the apartment, then the linoleum flooring will also be the best solution, since this material has antistatic properties and will not attract wool. The main thing is to choose a high-quality version of the product with sufficient thickness so that the flooring does not damage from the claws of pets..

How to choose?

When choosing linoleum in the living room, pay attention to the following points:

  • The product should not have a pungent odor, otherwise it may contain substances harmful to health;
  • The pattern of the coating should be clear, and the greasy sheen should be absent;
  • The seller must have quality certificates for this material, if any, you can verify the safety of the composition;
  • Linoleum must have a protective layer that will provide a longer service life;
  • When determining the dimensions of the material required for your room, do not forget to take into account a small margin for fitting the coating;
  • Carefully inspect the top layer of the product and make sure there is no damage.

Color options

It is very important that the chosen linoleum is not only of high quality, but also fits perfectly into the interior of your home. Therefore, when choosing it, you need to focus on the overall design of the living room..

Linoleum of white color and other light shades is considered to be morning. – beige, light gray, milk, cream. The coating in these colors will perfectly fit into any interior, it will look very stylish and modern.

The light coating will be in harmony with absolutely any furniture. And one more plus – white linoleum will visually increase the size of a small room. However, this color has its own minus – it is quite easily soiled. Therefore, if you have small children and pets, it is better to give up light linoleum and choose a more practical color..

The choice of linoleum colors is simply huge – from bright and saturated options to muted pastel colors. There is a wide variety of patterns and designs as well. Therefore, you can choose the design of this floor covering for every taste and color..

Linoleum under the laminate will look very beautiful and stylish in the living room. Thanks to modern coating production technologies, it will be almost impossible to visually distinguish linoleum from laminate..

For a classic interior style, you can choose sand-colored linoleum. Products of dark shades with beautiful patterns and curls in an oriental style will also look stylish..

In general, when choosing the color of linoleum in the living room, you can be guided by the following principle: if you want the flooring to stand out against the general background, then choose shades that will contrast with the color of furniture and walls. And vice versa – for a harmonious combination of the color of the floor with the interior of the room, select it to match the furniture and other interior items..

When choosing linoleum for the living room, be sure to take into account all the nuances described above, and then you can easily choose the right product for you that will delight the whole family for many years.

You will find helpful tips on how to choose linoleum in the video below..

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