Pergo laminate flooring: features of choice

Pergo laminate flooring: features of choice

Today, laminate flooring is very often used to create a beautiful, durable and practical floor. This material first appeared in the late 70s of the last century. The developer of the laminate flooring was a Swedish company called Pergo. Laminate quickly came to replace the parquet board, since it has always been characterized by a more affordable price and excellent qualities..

About company

The Swedish company Pergo is not just a renowned manufacturer of high quality laminated flooring with stylish design. It was the employees of the company who discovered this flooring material for the whole world. The creation of laminate was registered in 1977, and today this material belongs to the most durable and reliable floor coverings..

The popularity of laminate flooring did not begin until 10 years later in Sweden, as well as in other Nordic countries. The original name of the company was Perstorp Golv. It was only in 1989 that the company proposed a competition for the best name. Defeated the cut Pergo.

Today the company is very famous and large. It has a huge scale production in the USA, as well as large factories in Germany..

The peculiarity of the company’s products lies in the fact that the laminate is produced thanks to the use of modern equipment and innovative technologies. High quality is the main advantage of the Swedish brand Pergo flooring.

Today the company is increasing its production, including in Russia. The official dealer of Pergo laminate and vinyl in the Russian Federation offers high-quality brand products.


The Pergo brand offers excellent quality laminate flooring. She creates new collections, options and colors every year. Some models have a warranty period of up to 50 years, which indicates their durability and strength.

Key features of Pergo laminate flooring:

  • The presence of the main sound-absorbing layer. The manufacturer is constantly working on the creation of new technologies to improve the characteristics of the laminate. The development of SoftTech is represented by a special layer, which is located under the lamella, and is distinguished by sound-absorbing properties. This technology makes the material durable in use..

  • The presence of an additional layer that perfectly absorbs sound. This technology is called SoundBloc. It is presented in the form of a backing that is glued under the board. Modern development perfectly fulfills the function of sound absorption.
  • Antibacterial properties. In the manufacture of the laminate, the manufacturer adds silver ions to the top layer of the coating, since it is they that help prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. Laminate is hygienic. No need to use chemicals when cleaning the flooring.

  • Sun protection. The laminated surface retains its original appearance for a long time. Its color does not fade even when exposed to sunlight.
  • Reliability and durability. The company uses a special TitanX Surface technology that includes three layers of protection. Laminate is reliably protected from mechanical damage and scratches of the material surface.

The company guarantees the abrasion resistance of the coating by adding a special crystalline alumina. The laminate is reliably protected even from the formation of dents if a heavy object falls on it.

  • Excellent moisture resistance. The use of Moisture Resistance System technology guarantees high-quality protection from moisture. Do not worry that the coating may lose its original appearance when exposed to moisture. Additionally, the company offers a special moisture-resistant gel for processing locks..
  • A large number of collections. Each buyer can choose the best option depending on their personal preferences. The manufacturer uses traditional materials such as pine, acacia, maple and oak, as well as exotic woods such as lapacho, merbau or zebrano. The variety of colors is simply mesmerizing, because only oak is presented in 8 shades.

To make it easier for the buyer to understand and decide on the desired laminate option, manufacturers use a classification by class, which is carried out depending on the level of wear resistance. Swedish brand Pergo offers 32, 33 and 34 grade laminates. Such an assortment is presented only by companies with an excellent reputation..

Laminate class 34 is an excellent solution for creating flooring in rooms with high traffic. It has a high level of protection against mechanical damage, which indicates its excellent durability..

The vinyl floor attracts attention not only for its beautiful appearance, but also for its increased wear resistance and ease of maintenance..

Convenience of laying is that just one click is enough. Vinyl laminate consists of five layers, each of which fulfills a different function. Together they form a strong, durable, shockproof and waterproof floor..


The manufacturer releases new collections, as well as removes outdated ones from production, as it always keeps up with fashion trends.. Today the company offers five stylish and attractive collections:

  • Domestic Elegance – represented by a 32nd class laminate. The laminate is made with 9 decor options that perfectly convey the texture of natural wood. The flooring colors range from milky beige to dark gray. The collection is characterized by an affordable price, beautiful appearance and excellent quality. The absence of bevel contributes to the creation of a monolithic coating imitating natural wood.

  • Living expression – the ideal solution for living quarters. The collection includes 93 decor options, which will allow you to choose the best one depending on the style and purpose of the interior. The board has a four-sided bevel. The service life reaches up to 25 years. Laminate is not designed for heavy loads, so it should not be chosen for offices or business premises..
  • Original exellence – includes a 33rd class laminate, and is also presented in a wide variety of colors. They attract attention with their texture, since they perfectly convey the texture of parquet, tiles, and different types of trees. The company gives a lifetime guarantee for this collection, as the flooring is characterized by increased wear resistance. All variants are impregnated with antistatic and antibacterial agents.

  • Public extreme – consists of 50 different variations, so each customer will be able to choose the decor that fits perfectly into the interior of the room. The collection includes class 34 laminate, which is the most durable and reliable. This floor covering is suitable for both residential and public spaces..
  • Sensation – the latest novelty of the brand. It includes 33rd grade laminate flooring. The choice of colors is ideal for the embodiment of the Scandinavian style. Laminate is presented predominantly in light natural shades. With its four-sided bevel, it gives the impression of a natural parquet.

Many collections feature laminate flooring that imitates the texture and color of natural oak. It is made in several colors.

For lovers of the classics, platinum and grayish shades are ideal..

To give the room light, you should pay attention to the golden tones in the form of a reserved or Scottish oak..

Natural ash attracts attention with gentle, warm tones. It looks beautiful in an ensemble with dark furniture, gives the room light, and the interior – softness and sophistication..

How to choose?

Swedish laminate is in great demand among Russian buyers. But it is worth taking seriously the choice of flooring in order to choose the best suitable option for a particular room. When choosing a laminate, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the coating, its texture, the level of wear resistance and the type of connection.

Laminate from the Swedish brand Pergo in appearance can be of the following types:

  • Smooth and smooth surface. The product often conveys the texture of woody species..
  • The glossy surface looks neat. One gets the impression that we are presented with a wooden floor covered with several layers of varnish..

  • The artificially aged laminate is distinguished by its sophistication and originality. It bears a resemblance to natural wood. The relief attracts attention with its expressiveness.
  • The surface with a textured pattern is characterized by relief. Wood fibers are slightly more visible.
  • The embossed texture usually imitates natural wood, which emphasizes the presence of longitudinal irregularities.

  • Laminate with a “natural surface” perfectly conveys the texture of varnished boards. The coating is thought out to the smallest detail. If you look closely, you can replace the wood pores..
  • Floor covering under the “oil floor” perfectly imitates natural wood flooring.

The variety of appearance allows each customer to choose the ideal option. There are many positive reviews about Pergo products today..

Buyers pay attention to the warranty period from the manufacturer, the strength and reliability of the product, a variety of colors and textures..

Interior options

Laminate in dark gray oak color looks great in an ensemble with snow-white walls. It perfectly conveys the texture of natural wood. A small coffee table in the shape of a tree trunk emphasizes the naturalness of the interior. The presence of a light gray soft rug allows you to set off the color of the laminate, as well as designate a relaxation area in the living room.

To create a flooring in a kitchen with a dining area, you can use a laminate that simulates the surface of ceramic tiles. Dark gray flooring looks nice with a white kitchen. The dining table, matched to the laminate, is presented on a small rug in light shades. This play of tones allows you to create a beautiful, stylish interior, highlight areas, and pay attention to design elements..

For the embodiment of tenderness, softness and comfort in the interior of the bedroom, you should pay attention to the white ash-colored laminate. This color scheme looks great with both light and dark furniture. Black linens in tandem with a floor lamp are a bright accent. The red bedside table looks harmoniously in an ensemble with an upholstered armchair made to match.

White furniture looks beautiful in tandem with a black bed. The play of colors allows you to create several bright accents, and the light floor gives softness and comfort.

You will see how to properly install Pergo laminate flooring in the next video..

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