Quick-drying tile adhesive: which one should you choose?

Quick-drying tile adhesive: which one should you choose?

Each apartment owner wishes to complete the renovation as soon as possible. However, already when drawing up a temporary plan, the period named by the master should be increased by at least 2 weeks. Unfortunately, not everyone has so much extra time, and they want to see a new interior as soon as possible..

Special quick-drying products will help to significantly reduce repair work around the house, one of which is tile glue, which will not only glue the tiles to the floor or wall surface in the shortest possible time, but will also contribute to a longer service life..

Features and Benefits

Fast-hardening adhesives differ from ordinary ones in that make it possible to lay tiles with the grouting process literally in 24 hours. This is very convenient, especially for those who want to quickly finish the repair. In addition to the main property, this type of glue also has many other advantages..

Firstly, they are quick-setting, that is, they have an increased level of adhesion. Thus, the process of adhesion of the tile to the surface is much faster..

This quick-drying tile adhesive is moisture-resistant and can therefore be used without hindrance in the kitchen or bathroom. It is also resistant to temperature extremes, which is also very important..

The product received its improved characteristics due to its special composition. Unlike ordinary tile adhesives, which additionally include a cement mixture and other mineral fillers, polymer modifiers are added to the fast-acting adhesives. It is they who give the distinctive properties of such glue and provide the craftsmen with a fast course of work..

It should also be noted that fast-setting adhesive works well with both ceramic tiles and natural stone and porcelain stoneware.

However, while working with this tool, you should take into account its features.. All actions should be carried out very quickly and confidently, you cannot make mistakes. This can only be afforded by very experienced craftsmen, who already have a hand full of laying tiles. Another disadvantage is the overpriced for this mixture, however, its quality and ease of use fully make up for this disadvantage..

How to choose?

When buying a quick-hardening glue, you should pay attention to certain factors that affect the purchase of a particular product..

First of all, you need to decide for what type of work the tool will be used – internal or external. Outdoor adhesive is perfect for decorating an outdoor pool with ceramic tiles. It is also necessary to look at the heat resistance of the product, since it depends on this whether the element will keep on the warm floor. If you purchase a product for laying tiles in a room with high humidity, it is recommended to look at the level of moisture resistance of the adhesive. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates all these characteristics on the front side of the product..

How to use?

Before you start laying decorative tiles, you should prepare the floor by cleaning it of debris and wiping off dust.. It is recommended to knead the product in small parts, since it can be used only within thirty minutes after readiness. Especially this item is not recommended for novice craftsmen who have not yet gotten a handle on laying tiles and cannot do it quickly enough..

Due to the increased toxicity of the products, it is imperative to use protective goggles and gloves. The optimal level of temperature in the room can vary from 5 to 30 degrees.

The product hardens on an open surface in ten minutes, and within the next ten minutes, you can still correct the position of the tile. Grouting can be started after 3 hours.

There are certain factors that also affect the speed of drying of the product. For example, much depends on the moisture absorption of the floor, on the dimensions of the decorative element and the size of the glue layer. The setting time indicated on the product label refers to the adhesive applied at a temperature of 20 degrees and a maximum of 60% humidity..


Many domestic and foreign manufacturers produce glue that hardens quickly.

Ceresit CM 14 Express

This fast-hardening glue is designed for both indoor and outdoor work on laying ceramic slabs and porcelain stoneware with dimensions up to 30×30 cm. The product has a high level of adhesion, water resistance and frost resistance. It is great for concrete, brick, limestone substrates..

Knauf schnell kleber

This product is also intended for indoor and outdoor use. The composition includes fast-setting cement. It fits well in a thin layer, is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, and has high adhesion.

This adhesive can be applied to concrete surfaces, self-leveling floors, gypsum plasterboards and plaster. The company also produces a special plasticizer that can be added to the mixture, after which the glue will be perfectly applied to waterproof coatings, as well as warm floors and open terraces..

Glue-mastic “Bellinzoni mastic 2000”

This product is a two component product containing polyester mastic and a catalyst. Therefore, it allows you to glue marble, granite, mosaics and create decorative elements and inlay. Since the mixture hardens in 2-5 minutes, you should work carefully and stick each element as carefully as possible. Bellizoni Mastic is produced in thirteen color variations, each of which corresponds to a specific natural stone.

Mastic is toxic and dangerous to use, as it can cause burns, therefore, in addition to gloves and glasses, you will have to purchase a respirator so as not to inhale dangerous vapor.

Quick dry glue is a great way to speed up the tiling process. With proper use and good work, it can be used to finish the area you need literally over the weekend..

For more information on tile adhesives, see the following video.

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