Ritter laminate flooring: how to choose?

Ritter laminate is produced in the territory of the Russian Federation by a well-known holding company, which occupies a leading position in this direction and has been producing high-quality laminate for several decades. The company also specializes in styling solutions for different interiors, which allows you to create a unique and cozy atmosphere in any home..

Features of the board and its characteristics

The birthplace of this product is Germany. But today it has become possible to produce it on the territory of our country using advanced technologies and modern equipment. Even the most daring decisions of designers can be realized with the help of Ritter laminate. Such material differs rich appearance and attractiveness, which allows him to harmoniously fit into any interior.

For the first time in Russia, the designers managed to create such a board, which has a thickness of up to 12 mm, but at the same time remains elastic and durable. The product can have a class 34, which characterizes its high resistance to abrasion and wear. On the surface of the laminate, there can be different embossing that imitate crocodile skin, snake, silk, natural wood and other patterns.

Specialists are constantly working to improve their products and make them more attractive. The production lines in our country are made up of German equipment. Also only used proven and environmentally friendly material for production. This made it possible to establish a line for the production of a really high-quality product that meets all the requirements of European countries..

Important! The production process is automated, which allows you to control the quality of products at various stages..

Pros and cons

This product has a lot of advantages due to its quality, characteristics and parameters.. Among the main advantages of Ritter laminate are the following:

  • Rich palette of colors, what is optimal for many buyers.
  • Acceptable cost. The line includes not only budget models, but also elite ones. Everyone will be able to choose the type of laminate that suits him best, taking into account all factors.
  • 30-year warranty. This suggests that only high-quality raw materials and modern equipment are used in production, which, together with the introduction of advanced technologies, make it possible to produce really high-quality products..
  • Classiness. There are different types of this floor covering, which differ in class. You can choose a laminate that is resistant to abrasion and can last for many years, even when installed in high traffic areas. Some types of laminate have a coating that increases their durability. Heel marks and scratches will not remain on the surface.

  • Laminate strength corresponds to its class. Board thickness – up to 12 mm.
  • Use of quality raw materials for production. This suggests that all products comply with European standards for purity, quality and ecology..
  • The presence of a layer on the surface boards that prevent slipping even after wet cleaning.
  • Convenient locking system allows you to quickly lay boards, providing a high-quality and reliable connection. It also prevents moisture from entering the seams, which affects the durability of the laminate..
  • Exclusive decorative coating boards allows you to choose the type of laminate that fits perfectly into a particular interior, creating a certain exotic there.

In different collections of Ritter laminate you can find boards, the surface of which imitates expensive and rare types of wood, including oak..

According to those who have already purchased such products, as well as experts, the only drawback of Ritter laminate is its high price. But such a minus can be considered relative, since the coating can last 30 or more years if it is properly used and installed. This will save on repairs..

Variety of species

A large selection of Ritter laminates is a distinctive feature of the manufacturer. Even the simplest collections have several series. The most common and popular types of laminate are:

  • Nefertiti“. On its surface it has an embossing that resembles crocodile skin, which will help to give the room exclusivity and exoticism. When laying, it will help to realize even the most daring ideas without losing functionality and characteristics..
  • George the Victorious“. On the surface it is embossed, resembling the skin of a snake, which gives the flooring originality. Indoors will help create an elegant setting. The material is resistant to external negative influences and has significant strength.
  • Hannibal“. This is a novelty in the flooring market. The surface can mimic leather, on which there are inclusions, which will emphasize the style of the room, drawing the attention of those present to certain areas of the floor.

  • Justinian the Great“. It has embossed silk-screen printing, which creates comfort and warmth in the room. Often used in cottages or country houses.
  • Peter I“. There are several collections of this coating. The main color range is brown. An individual feature is the presence of patterns on the surface that create the effect of solidity.
  • Charlemagne“. There are also several collections of coating, all of them in a single color..

An important feature of all the presented types of laminate is that they are of a high class, and therefore can be installed even in commercial premises with high traffic.

Installation rules

There are several options for installing this flooring. They all have features:

  • Screed mounting. This kind of work is easy to do. You can cope with it on your own with minimal experience. The screed should be pre-aligned. The drops should be no more than 2 mm on it, this will allow the locks to firmly connect the boards so that moisture does not get into the seams. It is important to remove all debris from the screed surface and repair cracks before laying. At the last stage, you will need to prime the surface so that moisture does not seep from below..
  • Self-leveling floor installation. The main thing with this installation is to clean and level the surface. The work should be carried out in two stages. At the first stage, using a special mixture, make a rough leveling of the floor, then re-level it as accurately as possible by applying a second layer of screed. After the surface dries, you can lay the laminate on it, having previously primed the base.
  • Mounting on chipboard. This method of installation has a lot of advantages, the main of which is environmental friendliness. Boards must be placed on a chipboard, which has been previously laid on a clean and level floor. It is recommended to lay a waterproofing layer under the chipboard. It is not necessary to additionally cover the plywood with anti-rotting compounds. The disadvantage of such work is that the plywood sheets must be laid on the beams so that they do not “play”. This will ensure the reliability of the connection of the lamellas, but it will also affect the decrease in the height of the room..

Ritter laminate for kitchen

Since the kitchen is the most visited room in any home, there must be a reliable coating on the floor in it that can be washed. The coating must also withstand high temperatures, cleaning intensity and be resistant to detergents. Ritter laminate flooring is just such a surface. To choose the right one for the kitchen, you need to remember this.

Since the laminate from this manufacturer is of different types, which differ in their characteristics, then when choosing it, it is worth considering a few points:

  • Strength. Any class of Ritter laminate meets this parameter. You must choose a class of at least 32.
  • Moisture resistance. There are certain Ritter laminate collections that are moisture resistant and washable. Such a coating is impregnated with a compound that repels water. Such a board is produced using a special technology..

These are the basic parameters for Ritter laminate flooring when it is planned to be installed in the kitchen. Which of the types of product to give their preference – it is up to the buyer to decide, taking into account certain features of the room.

Customer Reviews

If you look online at the reviews of those who have already purchased this product, you will notice that they are all positive. Ritter laminate not only looks beautiful on the floor surface, it is reliable and durable. The material is resistant to negative external influences and leaves no traces of furniture or heels, while giving the room a sophisticated look.

As you can see, Ritter laminate is not in vain in demand among consumers. Its characteristics are at a high level, which allows you to make a really high-quality and durable floor covering in a home or office, but this is possible only if the laminate is properly installed and used. Although the product is expensive, buying it can save you money on annual floor repairs. This applies not only to the replacement of the coating, but also to the cost of the work..

You will learn all the intricacies of laying Ritter laminate in the following video..

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