Sheepskin rugs

Natural sheep skins complement many interiors and more. They are used for various needs: they are sewn into clothes, car seat covers and used as an element of the interior. Sheep wool is appreciated for a reasonable price and many advantages..

Types of wool

At the moment, absolutely all varieties of sheep fleece are popular on the market. In particular, one of the more commonly chosen carpets is short. It looks the most familiar, and at first glance you will not immediately understand whether the carpet is natural or not. Short-haired sheepskin carpets are good for children due to the fact that short pile is harder to stain, and it is easier to clean..

Thanks to the popularization of styles such as minimalism, Scandinavian and ecological, the use of long-haired cloth has also become ubiquitous. The choice of options for long-haired sheep skin is quite large.

  • The most popular are the skins of New Zealand sheep.. New Zealand has been raising livestock for centuries, passing down production secrets from generation to generation and improving craftsmanship.
  • Australian Merino Sheep Skins – are better known to shopping lovers, since clothes are often made from this breed of yarn. Merino wool is much thicker than New Zealand sheep, so it is more difficult to care for it: combing after washing takes much more time. However, bald spots on such fur are not immediately visible..
  • The products of their skins of a long-haired Tibetan lama look the most unusual.. Its fur is not straight, like that of other representatives, but in a small curl. In addition, the size of the hair is left quite long – about 10 cm.The fur of the Tibetan llama is softer and warmer than the fur of other breeds, due to its curly structure.

For more information about sheepskin for carpets, see the following video..


Sheepskin carpets have a number of significant advantages inherent only to products made from natural linen..

  • Healing properties. Since ancient times, people have noticed that sheep wool has the ability to heal various ailments. Sick people, including newborn babies, slept on a sheep’s fleece for several nights, and the disease receded. It’s all about lanolin, an animal-based antiseptic oil found in sheep skins..
  • Acceptable price. This is not to say that the price for sheep carpets is very low, but it is practically on par with carpets made of artificial materials. For example, a carpet of sewn skins 2×2 m can be bought for 10,000 rubles.
  • Hypoallergenic. Sheepskin carpets do not attract large amounts of dust, and wool itself is not a provocateur of allergic reactions. Due to its low allergenic properties, it is possible to place rugs even in children’s.
  • Easy care. Despite the fact that you need to take care of the skins constantly, it is quite easy to do this even at home. An improvised technique is used, such as a vacuum cleaner or washing machine, and in some cases, you can only do with a rag and carpet cleaner.
  • Heat. Sheep fur carpets have an excellent ability to regulate heat and absorb background noise. It will be warm and soft to walk on such a carpet, even if it is lying on a concrete floor..
  • A large assortment. Sheepskin rugs come in a variety of shapes, be it the natural sheepskin shape, herringbone, rectangular or round. Carpets are made both from whole pieces of skin and from scraps. There is a huge selection of all kinds of colors on the market.


There are carpets for every taste and color. Various colors allow you to choose the right skin for your interior.

  • White and cream products are the most popular. Such a peak of relevance is correlated with the fact that they are most often purchased for rooms in the style of minimalism, which is characterized by such a color scheme..
  • Brown models also do not stand aside. The soft, cozy color often makes the sheepskin play in a different way: many people think that they have a bear skin in front of them, but this is just a dyed sheep fleece.

  • Gray colors love for non-staining and the ability to be combined with any interior. For gray models, skins with a long pile are practically not chosen, since if it falls off, then on a gray carpet it will be most noticeable.
  • Bright carpets are also often used in the interior. Blue, pink, green, red and other saturated colors are used mainly for decorating children’s rooms, but they can also be found in outrageous halls and living rooms..

  • Very fashionable lately to use rugs sewn from patches of different colors. All sorts of interesting ornaments are laid out from them. Such a sheepskin rug is an order of magnitude higher than a monochromatic dyed model, but it is able to completely transform the interior. A large selection of patterns and colors will allow you to find the desired option, and the unusualness will make the carpet the center of the entire stylistic composition.

What interiors will suit?

The harmony of the combination of sheepskin carpets with almost any of the interiors is undoubtedly, however, there are styles in which they look more appropriate than anywhere else.

  • First of all, it is worth noting the Scandinavian style.. Here it is possible to use plain skins of pastel color (cream, brown, gray) of natural shapes.
  • For grunge style should focus on large carpets with a medium pile length. It is advisable if the color of the carpet is matched to the floor covering..
  • For minimalism the best choice would be a dull carpet of the correct geometric shape. The pile should be chosen short and matte. The colors of the products vary, but remain muted: ash rose, gray, brown.
  • For rustic style the choice of carpet is a logical finishing touch. It should be matched to the overall color of the decor. You should not choose models with a trimmed pile, it should look as natural as possible.
  • As for minimalism, for eco-style rooms you need to select sheepskin rugs of the correct geometric shape, small and short-cut.
  • For eclectic interiors only one variety of sheepskin rugs is chosen: square. It is better to give preference to smoky gray or cream colors, and the pile should be chosen a little iridescent.
  • For high-tech style Rugs made from rags of similar shades can be used. If you have chosen a model with a pattern, the ornament should be geometric and symmetrical..


How to clean?

  • Care of natural sheepskin should be carried out regularly. It is advisable to dry clean the carpet every day, at least you can limit yourself to a couple of times a week. Wet cleaning every week.
  • For daily care it is enough to knock out the carpet on the staircase or balcony, removing possible dirt. Pile easily “breaks up” with debris, dust, hair.
  • Vacuuming such carpets is easy, no special products are required. It is enough to walk on it with a brush several times..
  • Washing the carpet in the washing machine requires more thorough preparation.. Firstly, the product should not contain any contraindications to washing. Typically, these characteristics are indicated on the label. Secondly, the carpet must fit in size. It’s possible to try to fit the typewriters into the drum too big, but it’s not worth it – the wool will felle and the carpet will lose its appearance.

  • You need to purchase a special liquid detergent for woollens or a gentle pH-neutral gel. No bleach or stain remover can be used additionally.
  • Washing should be done in a delicate wash or washing woolen products at a water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Rinse the garment again after washing. The spin speed should not exceed 600 revolutions per second, otherwise the carpet lining will deform.
  • Dry carpets naturally by spreading them out on a dryer. A hairdryer or other devices cannot be used to speed up the process. After the product is completely dry, the pile is combed out with a special wire brush for wool. The brush can be purchased immediately with the purchase of the carpet..
  • In the presence of heavy dirt, it is not recommended to try to cope with stains with improvised means., this is fraught with damage to the entire product. It is better to take the carpet to a dry cleaner and entrust the aggressive cleaning to professionals..

Examples in the interior

Below is a photo gallery of examples of how you can fit a sheepskin rug into the interior. Please note that rooms differ not only in their style, but also in functionality. Seeing clearly the ideas of how you can decorate a room with the help of sheep skin, you will more easily decide on the choice in the future..

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