4-door wardrobes

The four-door wardrobe is a spacious and functional piece of cabinet furniture. Such a 4-door wood product will perfectly fit into any interior design of a living room or bedroom. For a large family that has a lot of clothes, shoes, various sleeping accessories, such an acquisition will be very profitable and practical..

The four-door model with shelves, shoe compartments, hanger bars is well suited not only for a city apartment or a country house, but also for office premises. The 4-leaf wardrobe looks very stylish, elegant.


Four-section models can be with doors that need to be opened towards themselves, or coupes – sliding options. Today manufacturers offer a wide range of products from various materials. Buyers can easily choose the right color, size, design, shape, style for themselves. It can be either a built-in model or a stationary one..

Such a wardrobe will become an accent in the room, it will attract attention and help to keep the house in order.. There are several undoubted advantages of such cabinet furniture:

  • Four-section models will become a highlight of any interior, they will diversify it.
  • This furniture will bring coziness, comfort and orderliness into the room..
  • The four-door wardrobe is an ergonomic and multifunctional product. Thanks to him, you do not have to look for the necessary things throughout the apartment, because they will be stored in one place..
  • The presence of ventilation is another undoubted plus of the four-door furniture. It will help keep things, clothes and shoes clean and fresh, extend their service life..
  • Due to its considerable size and spaciousness, such a cabinet will fit not only many shelves and crossbars, but also a special laundry basket, shoe rack, skirt girl or tie hanger..
  • It can easily store suitcases, travel bags, large boxes – and even household appliances..
  • Having installed such a four-winged model, you can “play” with the space of the room and divide it into several separate zones intended for work, rest.


When buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • When buying such a bulky wardrobe, you need to remember that it takes up a lot of space in the room. This model is best suited for spacious rooms. Otherwise, the room will seem smaller than it really is..

  • When choosing a four-door model, it is worth deciding on the interior content. You need to understand how many shelves you need, how they will be located, whether you need a laundry basket or free space for outerwear.

  • You will have to think about the presence of mirrors and decor – photo printing, prints, laser drawings. And also about the material of the product and design.

  • The four-leaf wardrobe can be equipped with both swing and sliding doors. The second option is more modern, practical and easy to use, but at the same time, sliding wardrobes break more often than ordinary ones. And it’s all because of the sliding door mechanism.

An overview of the finished four-door wardrobe with internal filling can be seen in the video below.

Interesting models

Some popular manufacturer offers:

  • Cabinet “Classic 4.4.4z-F BMS” equipped with four doors with mirrors. Standard dimensions: width – 1600 mm, height – 2100 mm, depth – 520 mm. If desired, the dimensions can be changed and selected for yourself. The case is presented in a stylish and presentable dark brown color. This roomy model will successfully fit into the interior in classic style. There are lower drawers in which it is convenient to store various little things, knick-knacks. There is no need to be afraid that they will fall somewhere, disappear without a trace. The top drawers will perfectly fit sweaters, T-shirts, shorts, jeans. Outerwear will fit in the side compartments. It will be possible to hang skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets there..

  • Spacious 4-door wardrobe with two lower drawers that slide out without any problems and open up access to things – model “Milana MN-119-04”. This is a snow-white product with wavy lines in the form of patterns that act as decorative elements. The two central doors, under which are the drawers, are fitted with square wooden handles, just like the drawers. There is a space in the center left for clothes that should be stored on hangers. To the right is a space with a smaller crossbar, as there are two shelves above it. The side sections are equipped with shelves, four on each side. The cost of this model exceeds 48 thousand rubles, but the manufacturer is ready to provide a 10% discount. Product length – 2010 mm, depth – 600 mm, height – 2130 mm. The main feature of this model is its shape. It is not the usual rectangular, but trapezoidal, diverging upward. The appearance of the product is mesmerizing, eye-catching.

This four-door wardrobe allows you to store any items, it combines shelves, hanger bars and drawers. There is a separate place for any thing (including bed linen).

Interesting design solutions

Consider some interesting location variations:

  • Unusual 4-wing wardrobe Corano 40 can be purchased for 140 thousand rubles. Product dimensions: length – 2409 mm, depth – 610 mm, height – 2211 mm. This is cabinet furniture from a Russian manufacturer. The front of the product is finished with mirror inserts that create contrast. The four-section wardrobe itself is made in glossy white. Such an unusual furniture design will perfectly fit into a large luxurious bedroom. White gloss combined with dark gray mirror inserts – and the interior will turn out to be light, light, memorable.

Inside the Corano wardrobe there are many shelves on which you can put various things.

  • An interesting solution for the bedroom, for the living room can be four-door model “Ellipse MN-118-04”. The light beige front of the wardrobe is decorated with a brown frame. There are unusual rectangular handles with volumetric patterned overlays. The doors also differ in one more feature – a decorative pattern made by profile milling. There is a mirror inside.

This is a great option for placing clothes and linen in a bedroom of over 12 square meters. Unique design will give the interior of the room originality and individuality

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