Antique tables in the interior

Technological progress and the latest inventions are of great benefit to people, but sometimes you want something more calm and measured, harmonious. Antique tables are an excellent solution..

What are they? Opening opportunities

Antique tables can be used in any dining room; they are presented not by one type, but by several at once, so that they can easily fit into any interior. The rustic design fits perfectly into a traditional room, and the cleverly used contrast principle will allow it to be placed in a modern dining room. Small round options are useful for entertainment, crafts and hobbies. Lovers of chess and checkers, needlewomen and even, perhaps, radio amateurs will be happy with such a gift..


The table was widely used in the 18th-19th centuries for playing cards; today’s adherents of the model can also follow the example of their ancestors. Those who are not particularly attracted to gambling will surely love the possibility of installing this piece of furniture in the very corner of the room. It is advisable to place round tables, as was done in the past, behind a sofa or against the very walls, using as stands for lamps.


In the old days, the table was used so that the gap between adjacent windows was not empty. Modern designers have rated this product much higher. Now it is placed in the very center of the composition, sometimes making it its main decoration. The functional role of other products has also changed over time. So, those tables that once served as a stand for candelabra and candlesticks (model Gueridon), are able to bring a sense of freshness to the home environment.

Wash table

It may well be made in the old style, but increased requirements are imposed on it, and far from only the design plan. The presence of even a small sharp edge or roughness is strictly unacceptable, this threatens to get injured. The difference between the individual models is achieved by varying the jet length. In some versions, it is barely noticeable, almost completely hidden inside the bowl, while in others it is displayed for all to see. The difference lies in the approach of a particular designer, and is also justified by fashion trends.

When buying, check whether your palms fit comfortably on the tabletop, whether it will be easy to use the table.

The use of a phosphor only seems frankly inappropriate for the decoration of an antique table. In reality, it will act only in darkness and twilight, when the external style is still not particularly noticeable. For garden furniture, for structures displayed in gazebos or on terraces and placed next to windows, the phosphor will only benefit.

In most cases you will have to take care of the glow effect yourself, using a special powder. It is placed in resin chambers (or in their artificially prepared replacements).

Basic principles of selection

Important: make sure that the table is not too low and short, so as not to be disappointed after the purchase. For a large dining room, undoubtedly, it is worth preferring oversized furniture, behind which everyone who needs it will sit quietly. Carefully check the strength of the legs and the stability of their position.

How to achieve the effect of “old age”

Aged wooden tables are sold very actively, because there is not enough real antiques to meet demand, and its cost is quite high. If you wish, you can not spend money at all, but make your own furniture that looks like antique furniture. The simplest option, according to technologists, is chemical treatment. For its implementation, hazardous reagents are used..

The thermal technique allows you to get antique-looking tables without the use of “chemistry”. Here it is necessary to use sources of open flame (most often a blowtorch). Like any art, they study this for a long time so that the uneven burnout of wood layers produces the desired effect..

If you decide to take up the soldering iron yourself, first carefully study the fire safety rules, the instructions for use of the equipment and the properties of the fuel used, always keep a powder fire extinguisher ready.

After fire treatment, sanding and varnishing are often required. There is another way: removing the soft layers of wood. by processing it with a steel brush running along the grain. Emery finishing and varnishing are a must. Please note that each of the above methods gives “its own” effect, which cannot be repeated using other approaches. Consider all the options and decide which one best suits your interior.

How to create a wood effect "semi-antique", see the next video.

About brushing

This is the same brushing, without which, as it seems, it is impossible to create an “antique” wooden table. It is perfect for creating a holistic interior in country, Provence styles. Brushing can be carried out both in relation to large parts and small parts of the structure.. This technique will give nothing when working with cherries, pears and tropical woods (due to their excessive hardness). After the desired texture has been formed when the fibers are removed, the product is dyed brown or another dark tone..

Note that brushing only affects the state of the top layer; if you want to get rid of this effect in the future, it will be enough to remove this layer, and not spend money on new furniture.

A piece of furniture in a specific interior

The variety of uses for antique furniture is much more than you might imagine! Each of them is somehow attractive, superior to the others. Designers consider a chest that looks like a table to be a good idea, and in a small room such an accessory will provide the missing storage space. If you wish, you can turn an old door into a worktop, to which you just have to attach the supports.

No matter how you strive for originality, you cannot ignore the features of the interior. Antique dining tables look harmonious only in a kitchen that is decorated in the same way. Any artificial materials or stylistic inconsistencies are categorically unacceptable. Ideally combined with antique furniture, the kitchen interior is as follows:

  • walls finished with textured plaster, faced with porcelain stoneware imitating natural stone or covered with tiles with the effect of broken marble;
  • the ceiling is bleached or painted in the same tone as the walls;
  • large chandeliers with wooden bodies and wrought iron decorations are preferred;

  • The spirit of antiquity will be even more fully and more accurately expressed if you use textiles, pottery and ceramic dishes, copper kitchen utensils and similar accessories in reasonable quantities. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that what the table is, the chairs should be like that..

  • the gothic style with its emphasized rudeness, brutality and harshness is by no means to everyone’s taste, so you need to use it carefully, thinking about the consequences;
  • a product based on the Renaissance is always magnificent and solemn, attracting enthusiastic looks;
  • a little less throw and more emphasizes on the power, power and influence of the owner of the Empire style;
  • in the Provence style, a bleached table made of solid pine, treated with patina will look beautiful. In general, country styles are ideal for aged furniture: rustic simplicity just implies their use in the interior.

Thus, a semi-antique table can become a key accent of any room with a competent selection of framing for it..

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