Antique wardrobes

Modern furniture stores are boring with a monotonous assortment, but there is a way to create an interesting interior. A highlight can be antique furniture, which will bring the atmosphere of a different era to the room. And if there are not so many funds, then you can create an old wardrobe with your own hands, using some tricks.

Antique furniture in the interior

Antique furnishings require an appropriate setting. A single antique wardrobe will look ridiculous among furniture with a decidedly modern design, so it’s worth considering how to plan your interior in advance. It is better to start by choosing the general style of the room. There are several directions where antiques will fit.

Historic interior styles go well with antique furniture. It is a worthy task to recreate the era of luxurious Baroque in an apartment or to show the restrained laconicism of antique classics.. It is important to understand that the cabinets will look different: the antique style is distinguished by the severity of the lines, and the baroque is the embodiment of theatrical splendor with whimsical decor. Not everyone wants to understand the intricacies of past eras, but an antique wardrobe will be appropriate in modern interiors as well. Creative people can choose boho style, colorful and original.

And a vintage sideboard inherited from a grandmother can fit into a country style, which involves creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, like in a country house..

Ethnic destinations will appeal to those who do not want to forget about their roots and traditions, or people who are passionate about any culture. In Indian interiors, a squat antique natural wood wardrobe will look good. Carved antique furniture will complement the Moroccan style.

There are other areas of interior design in which vintage and retro will look appropriate.. To get a beautiful environment, you need to follow some guidelines:

  • when choosing historical styles, it is better to adhere to the correspondence to the era, you should not put an old wardrobe in the spirit of the 18th century and a bedside table in a minimalist style next to it;
  • often antique furniture has significant dimensions, so if in a small room the closet already occupies a central place, then there should be few other items so that the space does not look cluttered;
  • antique objects are often distinguished by unusual decor, materials or skillful carvings, and in order to reveal the full beauty of such furniture, you need to provide decent lighting.

There are different types of antique furniture, so you can find the right model for any of the selected design styles..

Cabinets can be designed for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, study, so there will be no problems with furnishing.


Antique copies differ from modern versions not only in decor or materials. A vintage wardrobe is a separate item, built-in structures are not found among antiques, so you will have to abandon them if you want to completely recreate the original atmosphere. But there are many other interesting options:

  • suitable for a bedroom or dressing room wardrobe. It is intended for clothes, so there is a place in it where you can hang clothes on hangers, a section with shelves, as well as several drawers;
  • bookcase can be placed in your home library, study or living room. The size of its sections is designed specifically for storing books and important papers. This option can have fully open shelves and compartments with doors;

  • buffets belong to kitchen furniture, it is customary to store dishes and table textiles in them – tablecloths, napkins, towels. Sometimes there may be food inside. Usually the upper part of the sideboard has glazed doors – beautiful sets are displayed there. This is followed by an open niche. At the bottom of the sideboard, the doors are made of solid material, usually wood;
  • sideboard Is another kind of kitchen setting that closely resembles a buffet. The difference is that sideboards have no niche between the top and bottom;

  • secretaire Is a filing cabinet with drawers, shelves and a folding section that replaces a table. Such elements were an integral part of the furnishings in the past, so the mere presence of a secretaire in the room already helps to create a vintage interior;
  • dresser – a low type of cabinet with drawers. It can store bedding or clothing, so this is usually the furniture in the bedroom. There are also kitchen dressers..

Although antique furniture seems massive and unwieldy, among the items you can find different options even for small spaces..

And if you do not want to part with your favorite practical wardrobe, then you can artificially age it – paint it with special paint or process it in another way..

How to age with your own hands?

You don’t have to buy expensive antique furniture to create an unusual interior design. To do this, you can use the most ordinary cabinets, in skillful hands they will be transformed beyond recognition and will find a second life.. There are different ways to artificially age:

  • special varnishes and paints with craquelure effect will give furniture a vintage look, visually adding age to it. Such coatings simulate an aged, cracked surface. You can buy the necessary tool in hardware stores;
  • with a special brush you can create the effect of roughness and scuffing, get an uneven relief with grooves and a visible pattern of annual rings on a tree. This technique is called brushing. After brushing, the furniture is varnished to fix the result;

  • plain fabric will give the wardrobe an interesting look. You need to choose textiles with a suitable pattern so that it resembles old patterns and fits into the interior. You can upholster furniture in whole or in part – only facades. If the cabinet has glazed doors, then a cloth can be used to decorate its interior – to beat off the back wall or shelves;
  • instead of fabric, wallpaper can be used. They are pasted over the outer or inner part of the furniture. The selection principle is the same as in the case of textiles – so that the pattern matches the interior;
  • an interesting way for the masters – decorate the cabinet with wood carvings. Beautiful carved doors are a common attribute of antique items, so this decor will be appropriate and add originality. But even if you do not have the necessary skills, you can buy plastic onlays in stores that imitate carved decorations..

Sometimes, in order to give the furniture an antique look, it is enough just to paint it, but you can combine this option with other proposed methods..

The best assistant in this matter is imagination, which will tell you in which direction to move.. It is enough to use your imagination, and instead of a boring and ordinary wardrobe, a real designer masterpiece will appear..

You will learn more about how to age furniture yourself in the following video..


Artificially aged furniture and antique ones require a different approach. In the first case, this is an ordinary cabinet, any owner can handle it, and the repair will not cause any difficulties. Small scratches on the surface can always be painted over, change the fabric upholstery, if used, and carry out other, not too complicated operations.

Antiques need special care. Antique furniture may have a more complex structure, some special details that are no longer produced. In addition, the material is often more capricious and requires careful handling due to its age. Therefore, it is better to entrust the restoration of antiques to a master, and use only special suitable means for cleaning..

Antiquity lovers have two ways to create the desired interior, and each option is interesting in its own way..

Aging furniture is an opportunity to get creative, and buying antiques gives you a chance to get in touch with history. But regardless of the path chosen, the main thing is that the house is comfortable and the owner likes the design.

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