Askona Fortuna mattresses

Askona Fortuna mattresses

Spring mattresses are especially popular because they create an optimal orthopedic effect at a relatively low price. Many companies produce similar products. Among all this variety, mattresses can be distinguished. AskonaFortuna“Characterized by high-quality technical and design characteristics.

About the manufacturer

The Askona company occupies a leading position in the market of upholstered orthopedic furniture. It is part of a Swedish concern Hilding Anders Group, has been selling its products for over 70 years. The company’s products have been repeatedly noted at various competitions.. Several awards that she received should be highlighted:

  • “For high consumer properties”;
  • “For the environmental friendliness of production and manufactured products” and many others.

The company uses only high-quality materials of its own or foreign production. Mattress manufacturing technology is constantly monitored and improved, which attracts the attention of many buyers. All products are necessarily tested in special laboratories, which proves the high quality of products.

Main characteristics

Askona “Fortuna” mattresses are products made of independent spring blocks. The surface is equipped with three functional hardness zones. The design is highly durable and reliable.

The mattress model is double-sided. One surface is fitted with medium hardness materials, while the other provides below average hardness. Several technical parameters of this product should be highlighted:

  • The thickness of the mattress depends on the modification. But in almost all models, this characteristic does not exceed 20 cm..
  • The maximum weight that the mattress can withstand does not exceed 115 kg. But there are products for which this value reaches 150 kg. This factor is important to consider when choosing a model..

It should be noted that such products are intended for use both in winter and in summer. It all depends on the side of the mattress that is on top. Some modifications are complemented by special ventilation holes, as well as handles for turning over. This simplifies the process of working with the mattress..

Materials (edit)

The description of mattresses suggests an overview of the fillers and fabrics that are used in their manufacture.. Versatile products by Askona “Fortuna” are made from several materials:

  • Elastic foam OrtoFoam or FlexFoam. They provide a soft surface and optimal support.
  • Cotton felt. Place it on the softer side, since it does not have high rigidity.

  • Coconut coir. It is used to stiffen and create quality support. It is located on the opposite side of the cotton filler..

As for the covers, they are made only from natural fabrics. Jacquard and cotton batting are often used for this..

Product advantages

Askona “Fortuna” mattresses are suitable for different categories of people, which has led to such popularity of these products.. Among the positive characteristics, several points can be distinguished:

  • Decent value for money. Products can be purchased at almost any specialty store. Even families with a small budget can afford it..
  • Various stiffness. This allows you to change the position of the mattress, if necessary, in order to comfortably adapt to sleep..
  • The product is made from environmentally friendly materials. The mattress is completely harmless and does not emit toxic substances into the air. It should also be noted that the products are hypoallergenic..
  • Durability and strength. This characteristic is achieved by using natural fibers that are interwoven in a special way. When using a special protective cover, the service life of the product may exceed 10 years.
  • Lightweight (13 kg) allows you to place the structure yourself on any surface.

Still, this product has several disadvantages. Among them, an unpleasant smell can be distinguished from a new product. This phenomenon is temporary and will go away after a few weeks. Also, the mattress does not hold heavy people well, which can lead to them rolling off of it. This is especially true of the lateral surface areas..

Many users generally note insufficient rigidity, which leads to the replacement of the product with a new modification..


In the production of spring mattresses, synthetic substances are almost always used. They support the springs and ensure their long and reliable operation.. This model is made using several substances:

  • Polyurethane foam. Its density depends on the modification of the product..
  • Spunbond. Sometimes it is also used to make washable covers..
  • Structofiber. The substance perfectly removes moisture from the structure. This is important if the mattress is used in damp rooms or in families with small children..

Criterias of choice

Today Askona “Fortuna” is produced in various variations, which very rarely differ in characteristics (type of filler, level of hardness, etc.). When choosing such a product, you should consider a few simple rules:

  • First of all, check the stiffness of the springs. It is important that these characteristics are optimal for a person, especially if he has back problems..
  • Find your mattress size. There are several factors here, among which the most important is the height of the person and the size of the bed. Today, almost all models are produced with standard sizes, but if necessary, these characteristics can be tailored to individual parameters..

  • Pay attention to customer reviews. Many companies counterfeit these mattresses and pass them off as original. Therefore, the purchased product may not always correspond to your ideas..

Dimensions (edit)

The structure of the mattress is a regular rectangle. Today on the market, similar products are presented in several standard sizes of surfaces:

  • 80×190 cm;
  • 80×200 cm;
  • 90×200 cm;
  • 120×190 cm;

  • 120×200 cm;
  • 160×200 cm;
  • 180×200 cm;
  • 200×200 cm and others.

Also, the manufacturer provides the opportunity to choose the shape of the surface for individual parameters. This is important when the bed is made to order.

Production technology

Spring mattresses are very popular, therefore Askona is constantly improving these modifications.. The manufacturing process of this structure can be broken down into several sequential steps:

  • Spring production. To obtain such elements, a special wire is used, from which spring parts are twisted on machines. Their shape and size is selected individually for each type of mattress.
  • Frame fabrication. This part is often obtained from foam rubber, which is a kind of fence.

  • Installation of springs. The process ends with the installation of individual elements in special bags, which are then located inside the frame. When all the springs are in place, they are covered with several layers of orthopedic materials. Everything from coconut coir to natural latex can be used here..

It should be noted that inside the mattress, springs with different stiffness can be placed in a certain order. This allows the creation of several functional zones of stiffness. Askona “Fortuna” is a great option for most people who want to turn their sleep into an unforgettable and enjoyable vacation..

In the next video you will find a review of the Askona Fortuna orthopedic mattress.

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