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Frameless furniture is very popular today, as it is distinguished by its reliability and originality. Such products fit into almost any modern interior without the need for additional decoration..

There are many modifications of these products on the market, which in most cases differ in shape and size..

Another criterion that you should pay attention to is the filler for the beanbag chair. The durability and practicality of using this furniture depends on it..

Features of frameless furniture

A distinctive feature of these chairs is that they lack a rigid frame. An ordinary bag acts as it, inside which a filler is placed.

The shape of the products depends on the shape of this very bag, which is sewn from a variety of fabrics. This allows you to create a kind of pears, butterflies and other interesting options.. Frameless furniture has several advantages:

  1. Lack of a rigid frame prevents injury from hitting an acute angle.
  2. Chairs are adaptable for almost any body shape.
  3. Simplicity of design allows you to make furniture yourself.
  4. The presence of a special hole in the case makes it possible to periodically change the filler, restoring the appearance of the structure. The same can be done with the upper fabric covers. This allows you to adapt the design of the product to the interior of the room..

One of the disadvantages of such products is that they are not able to qualitatively support the human body if necessary. Therefore, it is advisable to use them only for short-term rest..

Popular filler

Many materials are used today as structural elements for bean bags. The most popular are polystyrene balls. They fill almost all factory furniture..

Such products are produced from a special substance, which is pre-melted and converted into a homogeneous liquid mass. Then all this is passed through special mechanisms called extruders. They are formed into balls of a certain shape and size. They differ in density and diameter. Primary expanded polystyrene should be used as a filler, as it retains its shape better.

It is not recommended to use recycled products, as they are not able to serve for a long time under constant pressure..


The most common filler for frameless chairs is expanded polystyrene.. It is characterized by several positive qualities:

  1. Relatively low price. You can buy foam granules at almost any hardware store or online..
  2. Low shrinkage rates. The balls retain their elasticity and shape for a long time. This allows you to operate the chair without the need to frequently add new filler inside..
  3. Good softness indicators. Sitting on a surface made of these elements is very comfortable and pleasant..
  4. High hygiene. The substance practically does not absorb moisture, dirt and various odors.
  5. The material is not afraid of moisture. This allows you to use it even in damp rooms without fear that it will rot over time. Some argue that such items can even be washed..

Many manufacturers claim that expanded polystyrene is better than filling frameless furniture..

A few more artificial products

You can fill the beanbag chair with almost any soft substance. Today, many polymers are used for such purposes:

  1. Polypropylene. The peas made from it are quite strong and durable. This product is very often used in Asian countries for the manufacture of furniture. The substance quickly restores its original shape and, when compressed, has good shock-absorbing properties. One of the drawbacks that did not lead to its widespread use is its low resistance to fire. The balls can release very toxic substances when they burn..
  2. Polyurethane foam. This type of filler has appeared relatively recently. The material is distinguished by its elasticity and practically does not cause allergies. The foam retains its shape perfectly, so the contours of even small pieces of foam can be seen through the soft fabric. Therefore, this filler is very often used with leather upholstery, which smooths out the outer shape of the chair..
  3. Holofiber. This substance is not an independent filler. It is often used as a cushioning pad along with expanded polystyrene or foam balls. Furniture with such a substance becomes much softer and more comfortable. At the same time, it is important to choose the right size for all components. It should be noted that holofiber is completely hypoallergenic, resistant to moisture, breathable and practically does not absorb third-party odors.

Natural materials

Not only individual balls can be used inside each bag. Today, adherents of ecological materials fill such furniture with natural substances.. Among them, the most popular are the grains of various plants:

  • rice;
  • beans;
  • beans;
  • peas, etc..

Many other natural substances can also be used as fillers:

  1. Bird fluff or feathers. It is important to use only high-quality materials that do not have rigid elements..
  2. Wood shavings. The best option would be to use cedar waste, which has unique healing properties. Before filling the entire volume, large splinters should be removed from the sawdust. This will prevent damage to tissue or body while sitting..
  3. Hay. The product has a unique scent and softness. You can combine it with various useful plants..
  4. Horsehair, threads, etc.. Such fillers are quite rare, since it is quite difficult to get the right amount..

Please note that almost all materials that are at hand can be used as fillers for frameless chairs..

Natural fillers are unique products, but they are not always the best solution for filling frameless furniture.. Such substances have several significant disadvantages:

  1. Almost all materials absorb moisture very well, which can destroy them.
  2. For filling up to 10 to 20 liters of components should be used, which is not always possible to collect.
  3. The surface quality is much worse, than with piece fillers (an exception may be hay or thread).
  4. The service life of such fillers is relatively short.. Almost all types will need to be changed after a certain time..

Correctly chosen filler for frameless furniture is not only durability, but also comfort. Before making this piece of furniture, it is important to evaluate all the possible advantages and disadvantages of the materials from which it is planned to create this furniture..

You will learn more about the fillings for the beanbag chair in the following video..

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