Ball chair

Ball chair

Every person wants to implement fashionable and stylish ideas at home. The ball chair will become a highlight of your interior. Such furniture will appeal to both adults and children. You can not only relax comfortably, but also pleasantly surprise your friends. Consider the main features and benefits of the product.

Features and Benefits

The frameless chair was first released in Italy in 1968. It was not easy to make them and they were too expensive. Now any person can buy such furniture. Stylish and original products are quickly sold out in stores. Let’s consider the main advantages of a ball-shaped chair:

  • Comfort and convenience. This is probably the first indicator that all buyers are guided by. Indeed, sitting in such a chair, you will feel very comfortable. This way you can relax after a hard day at work..
  • Models include special filler. It helps to keep the chair in shape. Small and flexible polystyrene balls are evenly distributed under the seated person. Therefore, you will not be able to push the chair. This is another advantage of the product..

  • Security. These furniture products are created only from proven materials that cannot harm your child. Also, the chair has no sharp corners, which means that it can be safely placed in the nursery. Toddlers will be able to play with pleasure with a ball chair, and parents will be sure that their child will not get hurt.
  • Ease of use. Frameless chairs are much lighter than frame counterparts. You can easily move the product, rearrange it to the right places in the apartment.
  • Such furniture will repeat the anatomical curves of the body, provide excellent support for the spine.. You can be sure that your back will not get tired even after a long stay in the chair.
  • It is noteworthy that the outer furniture cover can be easily cleaned or washed.. Also you can replace it with another one that you like the most..

How to care?

The ball chair is fairly easy to keep clean. In this case, it is worth remembering the features of caring for the product:

  • Do not open the zippers on the inner cover of such furniture, otherwise the filler may fall out. Collecting it will be problematic.
  • Be sure to supervise children so that they do not get to the litter. Young users may swallow small parts. It is dangerous for the health of children..
  • In the case when you have been using furniture for a long time, do not be surprised when the filler settles slightly. In order to maintain the required volume of the ball chair, it is worth taking care of additional filler in advance..

How to choose?

When deciding to make such a stylish and comfortable gift for your child, you should ask your child what color and style he likes. Be sure to check with your children when buying furniture. Let the baby choose what he likes. Surely the boy will like the “football” bag, which is stylishly and originally designed. It will be a pleasure to sit in it.

Buy goods only in proven furniture stores. It is worth making purchases through online stores very carefully, since there is a great chance of getting a low-quality product. In any case, before you shell out a round sum, feel the furniture. The filler should fill the space evenly and uniformly.

See to it that the covers are crafted from a reliable material. Also check if the top layer is peeled off.

It is better if the ball has a handle so that it can be transported. So you can move the product in the room or take it with you to the country. Be sure to ask the store if there is a quality certificate for the furniture. There are firms that, instead of polystyrene, fill products with expanded polystyrene, which is a recycled product and has a negative impact on human health..

How to sew yourself?

An attractive pear chair is quite inexpensive in stores. However, if you do not want to spend your money or want to find an exclusive option, then you can make such furniture with your own hands. The advantage will be that you can choose the colors you like. It can be green with white or pink and beige – everything will depend on your imagination and on the preferences of the one who will use such furniture..

Before you start creating a ball chair, you should stock up on all the necessary tools and materials.. You will need:

  • Drawing paper. With it you will create the desired pattern..
  • Durable fabric that fits inside the bag. The filler will be poured there. Use satin, tees, raincoat textiles and others. The size of the cut of the fabric will depend on the type of furniture you will be sewing. For example, if you assume that the chair will be 120 centimeters high and 90 centimeters in diameter, then you will need 2.5 meters of fabric with a width of 115 cm. Such a chair can withstand a load of 100 kilograms. Accordingly, if you need a larger model, then you should take more material..
  • Outer cover material. We take a segment of the same size as in the previous case. But here you can choose different options: flock, velor, jacquard, artificial leather, fur and others. Everything will depend on the free amount that you have, as well as on the desire to create a bright option for your apartment..

If you want to embody a child ball seat, then it is better to use a flock. It will repel water. Also, this material does not fade, while it is very soft and pleasant to the touch..

  • Two lightning bolts. Their length can be in the range of 30-100 centimeters. Everything will depend on the type and size of the beanbag chair. You can use Velcro instead of a zipper on the outer cover. On the inner case, the zipper is a must. After all, this is where you will fall asleep the filler. The outer shell can be removed and washed as it gets dirty. You can also sew multiple outer covers for successful replacement, pleasantly surprising your guests.
  • Filler. You can fill such a chair with different elements at will. The most ideal option is expanded polystyrene balls, the diameter of which is no more than a centimeter. However, you have to be careful here. Too small balls will make the product quite heavy, and large ones will not be able to evenly distribute over the chair..
  • Sewing machine, scissors, chalk, thread and ruler.

When all the necessary elements are ready, you can start sewing the product. First, we determine the shape and size, then we transfer the pattern to graph paper. Now it’s worth cutting out the material. Be sure to leave one and a half centimeters on each side for an allowance..

Fasten all the parts together with needles, sweep the zippers. Now you need to sit down at the sewing machine and securely sew each seam with a reinforced thread. An extra stitching should be added to keep the chair strong. We turn the resulting bag out. Now you can fill the inner space with balls. Before doing this, make sure that there are no children or pets in the room. If some of the balls have rolled away, they should be collected with a vacuum cleaner..

Now it is worth ironing the outer cover and putting it on the inner one. To make it more convenient to carry and rearrange the chair, you can sew on the strap.

Thus, you can easily and quickly create a ball chair yourself. None of your acquaintances will certainly have this option..

If you are making such a product for the first time, then it is better to practice and sew a smaller children’s ball initially. So you can test your strength and “fill” your hand. More experienced craftsmen decorate their products with a variety of applications. You can also sew on pockets for toys or other small items..


Modern stores offer a variety of options for similar products.. Let’s give an example of the most popular ones:

  • White-blue “Oxford Dreambag”. This beanbag chair is able to provide you with comfort and coziness. It will be a great decoration for the room. The model is notable for its light weight, stylish modern design, ease of use. The furniture is filled with polystyrene granules. White and blue colors will fit well into the interior.

  • Chair-ball “Zenith”. This option is for true sports fans. The furniture is made of eco-leather and has a removable cover. You can comfortably sit in front of the TV screen with friends and watch football matches.

  • Basketball. This option is suitable for connoisseurs of such a team game as basketball. The original frameless model will become the highlight of any apartment. Top cover is easily removable.

As for the size range, usually such bean bag chairs are available in three types.. However, everything will depend on the model itself. For example, the smallest option is suitable for a child, medium can be chosen for teenagers, and large for adults..

We’ve looked at the features and benefits of a ball chair. Now you can decide whether you need such an original piece of furniture or not. Such furniture will be a great gift for those who are fond of sports. Choose only high-quality products and then they will serve you for a long time. Do not forget to check the functionality and usability of the model before.

Studio "Bagland" offers both classic ball chairs and the colors of your favorite club with optional logo application. See promo video about this below..

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