Bed sizes

Bed sizes

It’s no secret that a person spends almost a third of his life in a dream, and everyone wants this dream to be strong and deep. A properly sized bed will help ensure comfort during sleep..


Usually, the standard sizes of any furniture are determined based on the average physique. If we talk about beds, then the ratio of length and width is calculated by adding 15-20 cm to the average height of a person and about 30-40 cm on the sides.

It is believed that the average height of a person is about 170 cm, so the length of the finished bed usually cannot be less than 190 cm.With this bed length, most people sleep comfortably.

With width standards, everything is much simpler – they depend on the type of bed and how many people sleep on it. Therefore, the bed can reach a width of 70 to 170+ cm. The range of sizes is unusually wide..

It should be noted that the standard sizes from different manufacturers may differ significantly from each other. Therefore, when choosing a bed, you should consider where it was produced.. Let’s compare the standards of Russian and European furniture factories:

  • Russia. According to GOST, Russian sizes are usually smaller than European ones, but this difference is not critical. So, in the table of sizes, Russian-made single beds in width vary from 70 to 90 cm, and in length – from 190 to 210 cm.The so-called soldier’s, or army’s bed, 190×90 cm, has an ideal size for a single bed. enough, but it won’t work for two. To the rescue in such a situation comes a one-and-a-half bed, the Russian dimensions of which are 200×130 cm.

But for adults, the best option is a double bed in sizes from 160-180 + cm in width and from 200 cm to 210 cm in length..

  • European standards are usually 10-15 cm larger than Russian ones. So, for example, a euro bed for one in length often does not exceed 210 cm, in width – 90-100 cm. The European standard for a pro-double bed, which abroad is called “Double” also assumes 210 cm in length. The standard width, in turn, should be at least 140 cm. Double and triple beds of European companies have interesting names King-size and Super-King size. At the same time, the “King-size” model has almost the same parameters as the “Double”, exceeding them by 5-10 cm. “Super-King size” beds do not have standard parameters and include any large beds 201×180 cm.

For comparison, many French bed models are longer than 220 cm..

Bed dimensions

Furniture companies also offer sizes that do not fit into the overall size range. Typically, these beds are several centimeters larger than standard beds or have a non-standard length-to-width ratio. Many of these models are created according to the individual parameters of the owner of the bed..

For non-standard models, the classification of beds described above also applies. Recall that it includes models that differ in width and, therefore, the number of people that can fit on them.. So, beds are divided into:

  • Single. Unlike standard beds, these models are between 85 and 110 cm wide. In length, they practically do not differ from wider models, but due to their small width and elongated shape, they will easily fit into a small room. Ideally accommodates one person of average build. However, if in a dream a person often changes position and tosses and turns, it is better to choose a wider option. For example, a one and a half bed.


  • One and a half sleeping freely accommodate one person, but two can be cramped on it. The width can range from 110-120 cm to 170 cm.

  • Double. The difference between them and one-and-a-half beds is rather arbitrary, since their width is 170-200 cm.


  • Beds “King-size” and “Super-king size”, which are popularly called the royal size. Quietly accommodate two or even three people if necessary. Although a three-bed bed is nonsense for the Russian mentality. In width, such models are truly huge – it exceeds 200 cm.

The description of any bed will be incomplete without specifying such an important parameter as height. Usually, the bed height is divided into three types:

  • Low (from 20-25 to 30 cm);
  • Medium height (from 35 to 60 cm);
  • High (65 to 90 cm).

The height of the bed is often chosen depending on the personal physiological characteristics of a person and on the general style of the room. So, in a bedroom in an ethnic or Arabic style, beds with a low frame and a low mattress are suitable, and in a classic style, on the contrary, high beds look chic, while low ones look inappropriate.

When choosing the height of the bed frame, you should also take into account the size of the mattress, because it usually increases the total height of the bed by 5-10 cm.

Other options

In addition to the listed sizes, there are also the most non-standard ones. As a rule, these are large sizes (smaller models are much less common), two, and sometimes three times larger than standard beds. Typically, these dimensions are set for models with a unique shape. For example, for round, oval or square beds. Curly beds in the shape of a heart, a star or a drop also fall into this category. Such models do not fit into the standards we are accustomed to, they are rare and have little demand, but in the skillful hands of a designer, it can be interesting to dilute the interior..

It should be noted the convenience of such options. They are so large that on some of them you can sleep even across, and your legs will not hang over the edge. Sleeping and, most importantly, getting enough sleep on such beds is a pleasure. However, they also have a significant disadvantage: enlarged models will in no way suit the owners of small bedrooms – such a large bed will definitely not fit there. And if it fits, it will fill all the space, which is equally inconvenient and ugly..

Round and oval models usually measured not by the ratio of length and width, but by diameter, which is also calculated in centimeters. By the way, the diameter of such a bed ranges from 220 to 240 cm. There are also more massive beds, but they are suitable exclusively for large apartments – such a colossus will look pathetic in small ones. So it will not add beauty to your room. By the way, such models are rarely found in the store, they are usually made to order according to the individual measurements of the customer. Such pleasure is not cheap, and you will have to make a lot of effort and time, but if the desire to have an unusual bed is great, then it is worth it.

Often, such furniture is popular either with people with non-standard parameters or with those who adore luxurious things. Just imagine how gorgeous a round bed built into a window niche will look like a bay window sofa. Eye-catching.


Often the size grid is adjusted to a specific model. In this case, the rule applies: the simpler the shape, the more likely it is of a standard size. Conversely, for an unusual model, the size is usually unusual.. Model characteristics:

  • The most common and common form of bed was and remains rectangular shape. However, more and more often you can find oval and round beds..

  • Some models can be supplemented with unusual elements such as a canopy. This design looks very comfortable and fits any shape of the bed. Also, an unusual back and foot can become an additional decorating element, although there are good bed designs in which they are not provided at all. I must say, the height of the backrest largely depends on the style in which the room is made. The classic style requires a high back, and modern trends such as the Loft give us complete freedom of choice, since they accept both a high back, and an average back, and no one at all..

  • Beds are also divided by the type of headboard attachment, which can be stationary, hinged or attached. Note that massive headboards are usually found in large-sized models, while single beds either have a very low headboard or do not have it at all..

  • Among single and one-and-a-half models, there are more often transformer beds that have a built-in mechanism inside the frame. It can be a roll-out bed or a bed that can be disassembled like a French cot..
  • Among such pieces of furniture, such an unusual model as a bedside table stands out.. This is a fairly simple model of a bed, which, when assembled, turns into a small table or cabinet. A very functional thing: at night it is a place to sleep, and during the day it is a coffee table or even a full-fledged workplace. It is noteworthy that the size of such a bed can be related to the size of a single and one and a half beds. So it can be roomy enough.

  • An equally functional model is a bed built into a wall or wardrobe.. Such furniture will appeal to the owners of small apartments, where it is quite difficult to place everything you need and because of this it is inconvenient to move around the room. Built-in beds are great because they free up the space you need during the day. An option for a built-in bed is a wardrobe-sofa bed.

  • A good additional storage space is models with drawers., in which you can hide bed linen, pillows, blankets, things – whatever. Linen drawers help to hide everything unnecessary and not clutter up the room. Such drawers are built in, as a rule, in double models..

  • Among the single beds, the now forgotten armored bed was the most popular.. Its frame is completely made of metal, and the base is made of a special armor mesh. Several advantages of such beds should be noted. They are durable and may not break for years, they are able to withstand a lot of weight, do not accumulate dust and are mere pennies. But their appearance has long been outdated, and besides, there is no transforming mechanism for them. Now the armored bed has been replaced by more practical and lightweight models, the base of which consists of slats..

How to accurately determine the required parameters?

There are so many different types of beds on the upholstered furniture market that our eyes involuntarily run up. Therefore, sometimes it can be difficult to focus on buying a bed. In order not to be mistaken in choosing the perfect sleeping place for your apartment, it is worth making some preparations before direct purchase:

  • First you need to arm yourself with a tape measure and determine the size of the bed you need: measure the room, think about where you can put the bed and how much space it can take up. Try to imagine your ideal bed – how it will look, in what style it will be made, what shape it will have.
  • Next, you should determine the length and width of the future bed. You need to focus on your height, physique and level of activity during sleep. If a person often turns in a dream and likes to sleep in the position of an asterisk, arms and legs outstretched in all directions, then it is better to take a closer look at beds with a greater width.

  • Ideally, the length of the bed should be 10-30 cm more than the height of its owner.. If during sleep a person slides a little to the footboard, he needs to choose a longer bed so that his legs do not hang in the void.
  • If you prefer a harder or softer bed, try it out in the store.. Sit on it, then try to lie down and move. Try to get into the position in which you usually fall asleep and wake up and see if the mattress is comfortable. Remember, the bed must be selected exclusively for yourself, so inconvenient options must be discarded immediately..

In the case when a person is too tall or too heavy, it is better to give preference to custom-made beds. This will greatly facilitate the arrangement of the bedroom..

  • Now we have already decided on the most important thing – the size of the bed.. However, when choosing it, you need to take into account a few more nuances, one of which is the choice of the frame height. It is generally accepted that height is an optional parameter, and many people do not take it into account. However, it also affects the comfort of the future bed..
  • The height of the frame must also be matched to the height of the owner.. For people of short stature, low beds are suitable, for people of tall ones – also high ones. Medium height models are versatile and will suit almost everyone.

  • For older people, a low bed (as well as too high) will be uncomfortable: it is difficult to get up from her and difficult to sit down with sore joints. Remember that the mattress will certainly increase the height of the frame, so when buying it is better to immediately decide on the size of the mattress. In addition, it should not be too small, otherwise it will shake while you sleep. Also, it should not be too large – then it simply will not fit into the bed frame and will lie in bumps. Sleeping on such a surface is extremely inconvenient..
  • You shouldn’t buy a bed without first measuring it.. It is impossible to be guided “by eye” in such a matter, otherwise you will have to be content with an uncomfortable bed and an eternal lack of sleep. If the dimensions of the apartment allow, it is better to choose a wider bed, with a margin of space.

  • It is worth paying special attention to the materials of the bed and mattress. They should not be too cheap, otherwise such furniture will quickly fail ahead of time. If the selected model is a transformer and has an internal metal mechanism, you need to make sure that it is in good working order. Ask a consultant in the store to disassemble and assemble the sofa, or rather try to do it yourself. The mechanism should move smoothly, not creak or jam.
  • The material of the upholstery, mattress and bedding also matters.. It is worth giving preference to natural and environmentally friendly fabrics. Feel the material of the bed and mattress, they should be skin-friendly. The mattress-sized bedding should be soft and smooth. Rough and prickly underwear sets made of low-quality materials can chafe or even cause allergies. And sleeping on such a bed is unpleasant..

How to make a custom bed?

Sometimes even the widest range of ready-made bed models cannot please the imagination of the buyer. I still can’t find the bed I need, but I want to arrange the bedroom as soon as possible. In this case, you can stop searching and simply order a product from the master in your own sizes..

First of all, a potential customer must decide what kind of bed he needs.. The procedures here are the same as when choosing a finished bed: you need to evaluate your dimensions, room parameters, as well as the overall style of the interior.

When the image of the future bed began to gradually emerge, it is necessary to find a furniture company and a craftsman who is ready to take on this order. To begin with, you can search among the finished beds for models that are at least roughly similar to the one presented by the customer. After a sample is found, you should study the company that produces such models and contact the master who makes them. So it will be easier for the customer to describe the desired model, and the final result will be as similar as possible to the one that the customer expected..

There is another option: you can immediately contact a company that manufactures custom furniture. However, in this case, the customer must explain as clearly as possible what kind of bed he wants. You can give an example of photographs of similar models so that the master has an idea of ​​what type of bed he has to make.

When ordering custom furniture from the manufacturer, the customer gets a lot of advantages. So he can choose any size and shape of the bed convenient for him. He can choose the material and color he needs. The customer can be sure that it will perfectly fit into the interior of his bedroom. Moreover, custom-made furniture is one of a kind, and it is very pleasant to have a unique thing..

By ordering furniture and helping the manufacturer to draw a sketch, the customer becomes a kind of co-author of the work. He puts part of himself into the future piece of furniture, which sounds very symbolic..

Of course, the price of custom-made options is higher than the price of ready-made furniture of mass production, and the mattress with bed linen will also have to be ordered according to individual sizes. However, the inflated price is fully justified. Indeed, for many non-standard apartments with small bedrooms, this option is a necessary strategic decision..

Spectacular examples in the interior

When creating a harmonious interior, any bed, regardless of size and shape, can become an effective design element. The main thing is to correctly place accents and decide in what style the room will be executed. I must say that the owners of the bedroom have plenty of options:

  • The laconic simplicity and angularity of the Modern style gives the interior dynamism and freshness. The basic rules of this style are the absence of unnecessary details and a restrained monochromatic range of shades. Do not be afraid to combine an unusual wall covering with upholstery atypical for a bed..

  • Models made of natural wood look original.

  • A luxurious element of the room will be a voluminous bed of an unusual shape in the Baroque style. Such furniture is a rather catchy stylistic spot..

  • Classic-style beds look no less relevant and expensive.

  • Interiors made in a single color look unusual.

  • Voluminous soft mattresses on high beds always create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

  • High backs will be an additional decoration of the interior. The material and shape of the backrest can be very diverse: from wooden high headboards with carvings to quilted leather backs.

  • Delicate Provence-style bedrooms will not leave anyone indifferent. Such interiors are imbued with a homely atmosphere..

  • Even in a small room, you can, if desired, place a large comfortable bed..

  • Double beds look truly chic and expensive, however, small beds in the right interior can make an effect..

  • The sleeping place can be compact and multifunctional.

  • Interiors in the style of Minimalism look quite restrained and laconic. For rooms in this style, it is better to choose beds of simple shapes. A rectangular bed with clear corners and a high mattress is ideal.

  • You can surprise your guests with a hanging bed. It is noteworthy that the beds by weight can be either single or double in size..

A cozy bed is a guarantee of a restful sleep. Fortunately, modern furniture factories allow you to choose a model for every taste and color. Therefore, now the ideal interior can be created easily and simply, the main thing is to want!

You can find out how to choose the right bed in the next video..

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