Beds from laminated chipboard

The main thing in any bedroom is a spacious, comfortable and practical bed. What it will be depends on your imagination and budget, as well as knowledge about what the beds are made of and what sizes they come in.. Laminated chipboard beds belong to the category of affordable furniture and have a number of features, because of which they are chosen..

Material characteristic

The abbreviation chipboard stands for laminated chipboard. That is, it is a material made of wood chips and sawdust with a binder – formaldehyde resins. The top of the board is covered with a special decorative and at the same time protective film, which can be smooth or imitate the texture of natural wood.

Laminated chipboard is often used for the production of cabinet furniture and especially economy and middle class beds.. They have a number of features:

  • Moisture resistant;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to handle and assemble furniture;
  • The fastening is well held in them – nails, screws, self-tapping screws, which means that the furniture made of it is durable;
  • Affordable;
  • Available upon purchase.

LSDP has a uniform texture and does not have defects that are often found in natural wood: chips, knots, holes. By its weight, such a plate is also much lighter than wood, which means that a chipboard bed will be lighter and more mobile than a wooden one. A few years ago, there was a debate about the toxicity of wood panels due to the high content of formaldehydes in them, which are part of the adhesive. Today’s panels are distinguished by their safety and are manufactured according to special standards..

Manufacturers monitor the amount of formaldehyde in the panels and make this percentage safe. Otherwise, such beds would never have entered the market. The best of its kind class E1 – it is not inferior to natural wood in environmental friendliness and safety.


Bedroom furniture is often made from chipboard – a durable material that is resistant to mechanical and chemical stress. Of course, it cannot be compared in strength with 100% solid wood, but it certainly is not inferior to it in price – beds made of laminated chipboard are much cheaper than analogues made of natural wood and differ from other variants:

  • A variety of shapes and sizes (including non-standard);
  • Natural wood texture in the exterior;
  • A wide range of frame colors;
  • Resistant to mechanical damage;
  • Resistance to thermal conditions – high humidity or temperature fluctuations;
  • They are easy to care for: just wipe with a damp sponge and dry naturally;
  • They are lightweight;
  • More than affordable at their cost.

Furniture for a bedroom from laminated chipboard can be bought from any furniture manufacturer or made yourself: this will require wood panels, fasteners and tools. Beds made of this material are distinguished by their versatility and prevalence – they can be found in the decoration of the house much more often wooden or metal.

Any frame is made from chipboard – from hard to textile with soft upholstery around the perimeter or back, with a high or low headboard, on legs or with a storage box inside.

Types and forms

The beds are divided according to size into the following subspecies:

  1. Single;
  2. Double;
  3. One and a half.

The standard length of each of them can be 190, 195 and 200 cm. Non-standard – 210, 220, 230 cm. The width of the single bed can be 80, 90, 100, 120 cm. The one-and-a-half model is determined by the width of 140-150 cm. Double models – 160 , 180 and 200 cm.

A chipboard bed can be in the shape of a rectangle, a circle or a rhombus – a beveled rectangle. Unusual models are made to order.

According to their structure, laminated chipboard beds can be:

  • Classic 4-legged;
  • With storage box (s);
  • With lifting mechanism.

Modern, practical and easy-to-handle laminated chipboard is distinguished by the fact that you can create any shape and size of a berth from it. It is unpretentious in processing and does not require special machines for processing (unlike 100% solid oak or beech).

Conventionally, chipboard beds are divided into children and adults.. Do not be afraid to buy children’s furniture from chipboard – it is absolutely safe and very practical to use. This furniture does not have an unpleasant smell and harmful vapors. Famous brands like Ikea, Askona, Ormatek and Lazurit have long since switched to the production of furniture from wood panels.

Exterior design

A double or single bed made of laminated chipboard has a rich exterior: from smooth glossy veneers to textured wood, laconic white or “wood” to red and black. Thanks to the final coating – film, the texture of wood or stone can be created on the surface of the slab, it can be just smooth and glossy, depending on the preference of the buyer.

How to do it yourself?

Do-it-yourself furniture lasts much longer and allows you to save on buying a ready-made bed. The advantages of making a bed yourself are as follows:

  • Creation of custom-made furniture;
  • The choice of quality materials and the best of them (chipboards also differ in strength and quality, like natural wood);
  • Embodying your own ideas in furniture design;
  • Opportunity to save money on buying a ready-made bed.

The first step in how to make a bed from chipboard yourself is to create a sketch of the future bed, indicating the dimensions. It is according to him that the material is bought and sawn and the sleeping place is assembled. As a basis, sheets of chipboard with a thickness of 1.6 cm and more and a sheet of chipboard for the bottom of the bed are taken.

It is better to order sawing materials in a workshop or buy ready-made slabs, since this work requires a special machine and produces a lot of dust. After that, the assembly of the bed begins, which resembles a constructor and will require:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Drill;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Awl;
  • Pencil and ruler.

It is necessary to lay a thin panel on the floor in the place where the bed will stand. Mark the fastening of the sidewalls and sidewalls and attach these sidewalls. The assembly of the frame is a connection of four sidewalls with confirmation ties and additional fixation with corners. The frame of the bed must be made of a bar strictly according to the size that the mattress has (or will have).

Inside the bed box, you additionally need to lay a partition parallel to the back and a footboard, perpendicular to the side walls. This is done for structural reliability..

For how to make a bed with your own hands, see the next video..


Similar products are produced by many furniture companies.. Among the most popular among buyers of such furniture are the following:

  • Ikea. Almost all adult and children’s beds of the Swedish brand are made of chipboard or laminated chipboard. The exception is a couple of solid pine models, which are inferior in strength to wood panels..
  • Askona. In the collection of this brand, there are high quality models: single, double, round and simply large beds with a hard or soft frame. Askona beds have an extended warranty – up to 10 years for bedroom furniture.
  • Ormatek. The Russian manufacturer offers a large number of models from high-quality laminated chipboard – from single teenage to adult models (one-and-a-half 2000×1400 mm, double 1600 x 2000 mm, 1800 x 2000 mm, 2000 x 2000 mm). These can be simple solid models or products with a soft back and footboard, including a high decorative headboard.

Interesting ideas

Beds made of high-quality laminated chipboard are sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural wood, if you choose the texture of this material in the external finish. And if the bed is upholstered with textiles (natural or eco-leather), then the material of its frame fades into the background:

  • A leather bed made of LSDP looks good in a modern modern or hi-tech interior. The white model with a soft back is the main accent in the bedroom and is in harmony with light finishes in wood and light shades..

  • The brown range of furniture is ideal for the bedroom – it brings harmony and tranquility, relaxes and creates a stylish image of the room. A warm beige bed is skillfully combined with cold snow-white walls and a wooden wardrobe, probably made of the same chipboard.

  • The loft bed is suitable for decorating an adult or children’s bedroom and gets along especially well in small apartments. It is distinguished by its strength and functionality, for which a modern and safe material is responsible – laminated chipboard.

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