Beds with lifting mechanism 90×200 cm

City life does not always allow all dreams to come true, often people live within certain frameworks that do not allow them to get what they want. This is, for example, living space. In small towns, as a rule, it is not very large. There is not a lot of space in the bedroom, you need not only to put a bed, but also to store your personal belongings somewhere. A profitable purchase will be beds with a lifting mechanism 90 × 200 cm.

Features and Benefits

A sleeping place with a lifting mechanism is furniture in which a spacious box is provided for storing household utensils. The popularity of this piece of furniture is not only a tribute to fashion. Such products are distinguished by their practicality, functionality, ease of use and maintenance – but only if they are equipped with a high-quality lifting mechanism..

The main advantage of such beds is the economical use of living space (due to the presence of spacious linen boxes). Owners of such models receive a 2-in-1 product, namely a bed, wardrobe or chest of drawers.

A product with a lifting device is ideal for a small apartment. Such sleeping beds can be stationary or built-in, rise in a vertical plane or horizontal, be a single, one-and-a-half or double place for sleeping and rest.

Side-lift products are not a source of additional pollution, as dust accumulating under the bed bottom is very easy to clean.


The only drawback of a bed with a lifting mechanism is its price. It will be distinguished from an ordinary bed by the amount of 10 thousand rubles, and in some cases (if the product is a designer one) – even more. Children should not be forgotten either. It is quite difficult and inconvenient for immature organisms to lower and raise the mattress to put their things under it, so using boxes in the children’s room is not the best idea..

When raising and lowering the bed, the bed linen will certainly break, so it is better to use a sheet with an elastic band, and, if possible, get a cover with an elastic band for pillows and blankets. Drawers allow dust to pass through, so garbage may appear on items after long-term storage..

Lifting mechanism type

The following types of mechanisms can be used to lift the main object of the bed:

  • gas;
  • spring.

The first type is suitable for lifting mattresses of any weight.

Spring devices have a simpler design, therefore they cope with bases of small size and weight.

Dimensions (edit)

Typically, beds with a lifting device are 90 x 190 cm, 100 x 190 cm and 900 x 2000 mm. You can also order a bed and request a product of a certain size from the master, but in this case the bed and mattress will cost much more..

Such products can be built into furniture. These wardrobes are available as single or double beds. Their main advantage is space saving..

Design options

Modern trends dictate fashion in the upholstered furniture market. Today you can find beds with a lift device in a wide variety of designs..

Furniture manufacturers use various materials in their collections. For the base – wood, high quality MDF, chipboard. For upholstery – fabric, eco-leather, natural leather.

Usually rectangular shapes predominate. However, there are options for round models with a soft headboard. Beds can be equipped with side tables and ottomans.

Selection Tips

Often when choosing a bed with a lift mechanism, buyers have no idea what characteristics are most important.. Before making a purchase, you should know what to look for. The main criteria include:

  • Hoist quality – models with a gas shock absorber are considered more reliable and durable. For them, a load of 80-100 kg is not a problem..
  • Frame strength. The best are models with a wooden structure. They can support a lot of weight, so they can easily withstand a heavy orthopedic mattress.
  • Base quality. A base with an orthopedic effect is good for human health. It evenly distributes the load on the mattress, natural ventilation is carried out (due to the lattice structure).

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