Beds with three backs

Today the choice of different bed models is huge. And this market is constantly replenished with even more interesting and unusual models. These include beds with three backs. Their main difference lies in the presence of a third, additional side back in addition to the two standard ones, which are located on the side of the legs and at the head..


One of the three-head bed options is the standard single bed. It is usually equipped with a comfortable orthopedic mattress and is protected on three sides by soft bumpers. This option will be very convenient and comfortable for a good rest for one person..

And if you install this model of a bed so that the side back is close to the wall, we will protect the wall covering from wiping, and it will also become a protection in the cold season from drafts, cold and damp walls. This model is able to provide good rest and sound sleep..

Elite model with three backs can be made of solid wood. Such a bed will be environmentally friendly, completely safe for health, and it is also particularly strong and durable. The decoration of the backs with graceful carvings will give it a special luxury and sophistication..

Another type of bed with three backs – double bed. It will be ideal for spouses. A very stylish and unusual bedroom interior can be achieved using a wrought-iron double bed with three headboards. To add elegance to the room, thanks to a variety of decorative metal elements.

A very convenient option is the corner model. If you can’t fit a straight bed with a side back in the middle of the wall, use the corner option. It fits perfectly in any corner of the bedroom.

One of the most famous and demanded types of a bed with three backs is the ottoman.. This furniture is very comfortable and very functional. It will be an excellent option for both a night’s sleep and for a comfortable rest during the day..

It can also be used as an additional seat..

The soft side back will allow you to comfortably sit down for watching TV or reading an interesting book, on an ottoman with a side back it will be convenient for you to work at a laptop, and if guests come to you, it will become a spacious seat.

It is not uncommon to install a model with three backs in the children’s bedroom. And this is not surprising, since this model is very comfortable and safe for the child – soft sides protect him from three sides. In addition, children’s bed models often have comfortable spacious drawers that you can adapt for storing baby bedding, toys and other things..

The cost of the bed will depend on the material from which it is made, the size, type of mattress, the presence of boxes and other factors..

But we can say with confidence that absolutely every buyer will be able to choose a model of a bed with three headboards, which will fully satisfy him with its characteristics, appearance and cost..

Among the features of such pieces of furniture, the following can be noted:

  • These beds are fenced with backs on three sides, which provides a comfortable rest, protection from cold walls and drafts, and also keeps the wallpaper from wiping;
  • Stylish and modern appearance that will easily fit into any interior;
  • Psychological comfort – according to psychologists, rest on such a bed will be more comfortable and complete, since a person feels protected;
  • Safety of children’s models thanks to three soft backs and soft upholstery;
  • A wide range of children’s and adult models for every taste, color and wallet.

An overview of the bed with three headboards see below.

Design of children’s models

For every child, his crib is not only a place where he sleeps and rests, but also a space for exciting games. That is why the bed for the child should be as comfortable and safe as possible, and at the same time, the baby should like it..

Based on this, the number one choice for most parents is a crib with three soft backrests..

Also, such models often have soft upholstery. around the perimeter of the bed. This will protect the child from injury when hitting furniture during active outdoor games..

There are even varieties of soft cribs for babies that contain a fourth additional folding side. This protects the baby during sleep and you do not have to worry about falling out of the crib, even if it turns around during sleep..

These models of beds with three backs are convenient to place along the walls – this layout saves room space.

And the most important advantage of these models of children’s furniture lies in their fabulously beautiful design, which will not leave indifferent any child: a crib in the form of a castle, a house, in the form of a racing car, a soft toy or a favorite fairy-tale character. The design exists for every taste and color..

An overview of a children’s bed with three backs can be seen in the following video.

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