Book tables with drawers

Book tables with drawers

Many of us are familiar with the furniture of the Soviet period. It was characterized by a certain solidity and cumbersomeness. Also, pieces of furniture of the USSR era could not boast of an abundance of colors, textures and original design..

Despite the rich selection offered by modern stores, some models from the Soviet era are still relevant..

We are talking about book tables equipped with drawers and other auxiliary elements. This is practical and comfortable furniture, which is still found in houses and apartments. Further in the article, we will consider this piece of furniture in more detail..


Experts note that a book-table is a unique attribute that has come down to us since a bygone era and has established itself in a number of different interiors. Today, various options for this item are widespread: book tables with spacious shelves or a practical cabinet, convenient models on wheels, models with drawers for storing household items. This is not the whole list..

Tables of this type can be safely placed in small apartments, especially if you choose a small option. Due to a number of advantages, this furniture satisfies the needs of modern buyers. It is worth noting that certain models can be transformed or decorated at will with your own hands..

Products of this type are suitable for all rooms of a residential building. They will be quite appropriate in the kitchen, living room, living room, bedroom and even a children’s room. Due to the special design that allows you to assemble and unfold the table, space in the room is saved. Due to the huge variety, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the ideal option for a specific style:

  • Classic. A white book table will perfectly fit into the classic decor. The model with bookshelves will look especially harmonious, which will house books in a chic leather cover or just the favorite literature of the residents of the house..

  • For baroque, classicism, rococo and other similar styles, you need to choose a product from an array. Natural wood is the best material for classic trends. If the material resources do not allow, you can choose the budget option from chipboard. If, for any reason, white furniture is not suitable for your home, or it does not match the individual preferences of the customer, you can choose products in a natural wood color..

The design “dark shimo ash” is very popular. Such furniture has a rich color that attracts the attention of buyers. This color will ennoble the decor, adding a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere..

  • Modernity. On the basis of modern stylistics, tables of the above format can also be found. High-tech or minimalism will harmoniously fit plastic, glass and metal products. Models with chrome feet will complement the high-tech style. Given the huge assortment, it will not be difficult to choose the right option.


In the folding position, the book-table looks like an ordinary bedside table, however, if necessary, it transforms into a comfortable and large table. A model of this type can be used as a storage for things, due to built-in drawers or a stand for books. The table is perfect for decorating a workplace or gatherings with friends. There are two main types of such furniture:

  • Products on wheels. Thanks to the compact castors that can withstand prolonged loads, the table can be quickly moved from place to place. This model is easy to use. The folded surface of the product can be used as the buyer wishes. As a rule, flowers, photographs and other decorative elements are placed on it..

When folded, the table turns into a bedside table, which practically does not take up space in the apartment, which is very important for small houses.

  • Model with shelves and drawers. A book-table with additional compartments performs several functions at once: a bedside table, a place for storing things and books, a comfortable table. For greater practicality, the structure is equipped with reliable supports made of solid wood or metal. This option is especially suitable for installation in a bedroom, living room or nursery. The compartments can be used to store: clothes, bedding, toys, magazines, books and more. Furniture stores offer a huge selection of colors for products with shelves and drawers.


Modern book tables, regardless of the material of manufacture and placement of the model, consist of three parts: the center (the main element in which the drawers and shelves are placed) and two elements along the edges of the table top. They are fastened with hinges specially designed for this type of construction..

Also, the product is supplemented with special supporting mechanisms, which give the two canvases more strength when unfolded..

They will definitely come in handy when, during a holiday or family dinner, a lot of dishes are put on the table, and the load on the canvases and the entire structure as a whole will increase. These supports may be missing if the table is small or made of thin plastic or chipboard. Due to the material, additional elements that are attached to the center of the structure have practically no weight.

It should be noted that drawers and shelves, which are located in the central part of the product, not only perform an important practical function, but also make the table heavier, making it more stable and reliable.


To create furniture of this type, manufacturers use various materials for the manufacture of both cases and countertops and other elements:

  • Chipboard. It is a durable and cost effective material that has valuable aesthetic qualities. Products from laminated chipboard retain their shape and performance even under the influence of moisture and high temperatures.
  • Array. The tree has a number of advantages. It is a practical, environmentally friendly, attractive material that has a long service life. The most expensive furniture is made from wood. Such furniture is the best choice for classic styles..

  • Metal. This option boasts high durability. Metal products are not afraid of mold and mildew. Such models will ideally fit into modern styles, for example, high-tech.
  • Plastic. The most common and budgetary type of artificial raw materials. You should pay attention to furniture made of this material if you plan to often transport a book-table. It should be noted that plastic tables are suitable only for modern interiors..

Advantages and disadvantages

A book-table with shelves and drawers is a practical, comfortable, compact furniture that can be used both unfolded and folded. Due to the special design, the product practically does not take up space in the house. This type of table will fit in any room.


  • Practicality. Experts note that products of this type can boast of high practical characteristics. If the product is of high quality, it will serve for several decades..

Due to this characteristic, tables are still used both in apartments and in country houses..

  • Functionality. Furniture of this type can perform several functions at once. When folded, it is a compact and stylish cabinet. Unfolded – a table for a large family or company. A product with drawers and shelves – a miniature wardrobe for storing things that are a must in any home, such as clothes or bedding.
  • Versatility. A table of this type can be installed in any room due to the versatility and practicality of the product. On sale, anyone will find a model for both classic and modern interiors. There is also a place for a book table in the country..

  • Compactness. If necessary, a small folded table can be easily hidden on a balcony, loggia, in a pantry or any other similar room. It can also be placed under the wall or in the corner of the room, where it will not take up much space, and is striking..

Despite a number of advantages, tables equipped with shelves and drawers have one significant drawback: difficulty in transportation. It will be difficult for one person to move the structure to a new location. It is very easy to solve this problem with the help of special wheels. They will help you move the table more smoothly and smoothly if necessary..

How to choose?

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the furniture, its size and quality. The buyer must be sure what the main purpose of the purchase is. In order for the product to complement and decorate the interior, it is necessary to choose the correct color of the table and the materials from which it will be made. In no case should the plastic model be placed in an apartment decorated in a classic style..

If the table is planned to be placed in the kitchen, you should make a choice in favor of products that are resistant to high temperatures and dirt. To store various kitchen utensils, it is recommended to purchase a sideboard table with spacious drawers..

The shape of the countertop can be varied: a square or triangle is perfect for a modern interior, smooth shapes, such as a circle or an oval, fit better into classical styles.

Buy furniture only in trusted stores, which offer certified high quality products at a reasonable price. Otherwise, any client runs the risk of spending money on a fake, which will quickly become unusable..

See the following video for recommendations on choosing a book table..

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