Bunk bed “Legend”

Many parents are thinking about how to save space in a small room by placing two children in it. Bunk bed «Legend“- an excellent solution to the issue. Such furniture will harmoniously fit into any interior, taking up a minimum of free space..

About the brand

The well-known Russian company “Legend” appeared in 1999. Since then, she has been delighting buyers with original and practical children’s furniture..

The production of the company is located in St. Petersburg, but it sends its products to all corners of Russia.

The range of the brand includes a variety of modular designs. These are children’s beds in 1 and 2 tiers, loft beds, tables, lockers, bedside tables and other pieces of furniture for children’s rooms..

All products are guaranteed for 18 months. Each product comes with detailed assembly instructions that allow you to assemble the modular system yourself. The official website contains a step-by-step video to help you figure out how to install furniture..

Features and Benefits

A bunk bed is a sleeping place that can accommodate two children at once. However, these models are more than just a sleeping area. This is both a storage space for children’s things and a playground.. The advantages of the company’s products have already been appreciated by many buyers:

  • Design. The brand’s furniture is available in several color options. The assortment also includes neutral beige and brown tones and bright eye-catching shades. The original look of the beds is very popular with children who are happy to go to bed in a new place..
  • Variety of assortment. You can choose the appropriate option from several ready-made solutions. The same applies to the color scheme..
  • Security. Furniture is made of laminated chipboard with emission class E 0.5. This material is officially recognized as one of the safest. All products are certified and meet the requirements of the EAC.

The beds are strong enough to withstand a load of up to 80 kg per tier. The second floor is equipped with a side, which ensures the safety of the baby while sleeping.

  • Practicality. All bunk complexes consist of modules. You can change the location of the stairs and other elements as desired. Many models have drawers, shelves and cabinets. They can store toys, clothes and other things..
  • Affordable prices. The brand’s furniture is in the middle price segment – thanks to the company’s own production.

Model overview

ModelsLegend 25.1” and “Legend 10.1“Are the simplest. They consist of only two berths. Beds differ in the location of the stairs and in size. “Legend 38“,”Legend 25.2“,”Legend 7.1” and “Legend 10.3»Are created with drawers. Models differ in design, type and direction of stairs.

All of the listed modular systems have the same size of both berths, located in parallel (one under the other).

For families with one older child, there are options with one larger bed. In this case, the complex has a perpendicular design. Such models include “Legend 5.5“,”Legend 3.4” and “Legend 11.7»With shelves and a cabinet. Modular systems “Legend 26.2” and “Legend 5.4»Equipped with drawers in the lower part of the structure.

All models are presented in several colors.


Reviews of Legend bunk beds are controversial. Many buyers are satisfied with the quality of the furniture. They celebrate the beautiful designs and rich colors of the beds that babies love..

Two-tier systems fit perfectly into the interior of a child’s room, they take up very little space. At the same time, drawers and cabinets are quite spacious, they are well suited for storing a large number of things. Satisfied buyers and ease of assembly.

However, there are other reviews. Some parents are unhappy with the quality of the stairs. Untreated wood stands out from the rest of the bed..

Others, when assembling, find that there are no holes and even markings for fastening the cabinet door and drawers. As a result, customers have to independently measure the optimal dimensions and drill. Sometimes existing holes are in the wrong place. The handle screws are also often oversized. These and other shortcomings during assembly greatly spoil the mood of customers and cause unnecessary trouble..

Sometimes, upon receipt, chips and scratches are found on pieces of furniture, and in some sets there are not enough fittings.

As for the operation, most of the reviews speak of the convenience of the models. Although for some parents the width of the side seems to be insufficient, which raises concerns about the safe location of the child on the upper tier of the product.

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