Bunk beds with table

Bunk beds with a table from modern furniture manufacturers allow you to expand the space of modest premises, giving their owners comfort and personal space.

Features and Benefits

A bunk bed is a piece of furniture that includes two beds or one upstairs. The bottom of the bed, in addition to a sleeping place, may include a work area and a recreation area, a dressing room, a chest of drawers, as well as a small table.

The main advantage of such furniture is space saving, because in the area, which previously could only fit a bed, now everything can fit..

This option is especially useful for a children’s room, where you just need a place for fun and outdoor games. The bunk bed also attracts the attention of the owners of one-room apartments, where several zones have to be combined in one area. Such zoning with the help of furniture is extremely easy and economical to carry out..

In addition, the upper tier becomes a favorite place for children. “Hut at home” – this is the second name for a bunk bed. A secluded place, which only a child can climb, will create a personal space for the baby, where he can plunge into his thoughts and take a break from a busy day..

It is worth noting that the table here also has a lot of advantages, because surely almost everyone loves to have a snack away from the kitchen. And just to talk to a friend, sitting at the table, is really convenient and comfortable. However, desktops are not intended for this, which means that the best solution for them will be equipping the workplace with a computer, a personal library.

Bunk beds today are extremely popular not only among consumers, but also among manufacturers. More and more materials are used in their execution. So, modern models are made of wrought iron, steel, wood and chipboard. Each of the types is in the widest price range, which allows you to choose a quality option in accordance with the family budget.

The colors and designs of these furniture are also known for their breadth and variety. Saturated and calm colors in accents organically coexist with the color of natural wood, and iron models are completely painted in absolutely any colors with special paints that are not subject to any mechanical stress.

Before deciding to buy such interesting and multifunctional furniture, it is important to consider that regardless of age, a child or an adult may be afraid to sleep at a height. They gradually get used to the bed, not in a hurry to take the old familiar sofa out of the room. For a more comfortable stay in bed, you should soberly assess the height of the ceilings in advance, because if they are insufficient, it will be impossible to sit on the bed and even breathe freely. In addition, a vertical staircase is not the safest design, and therefore it is still not worth leaving preschool kids alone with such a design, especially if we are talking about night awakenings..


Surely many have a strong opinion that the owner of a bunk bed is an exclusively large family. Perhaps once the idea really was just this, but today modern designs allow you to purchase these beds for both adults and one child..

The most common types:

  • Bunk bed with desk – has, as a rule, one upper berth and a wide table in the form of a removable plate or board. The spaciousness of the table in this case allows you to place textbooks and books on the table on a permanent basis, without fear of cluttering the territory;

  • Model with pull-out table Is a bunk bed with sleeping places below and above. The free space between the tiers in most models is filled with shelves, under which there is a built-in table that rolls out on casters, like a shelf for a keyboard in a workplace;

  • Loft bed with table – excellent multifunctional furniture. The table in this model acts as an independent piece of furniture and can be replaced if desired. Often, a loft bed is completed with an armchair, which is maintained in a single design. Also at the bottom can be located various lockers, as well as boxes, skillfully designed into a stable and safe staircase;

  • Bed with wardrobe and desk – a more functional solution from the ones previously presented, because it saves a lot of space. The cabinet here is located on one of the side walls, not differing in great depth, but invariably pleasing with its compactness.
  • Transformer – the model assumes the presence of two berths. On the tier located below, the sleeping place is divided into three zones. When the mattress is lifted, the middle zone becomes a table, the two side ones become chairs. Often in the catalogs of manufacturers, the transformer model is called “gazebo”.

Manufacturers overview

Bunk beds are gaining popularity, and therefore there are many manufacturers in the assortment of which you can find such furniture. However, there are a lot of unscrupulous suppliers here, which can be avoided by knowing the assortment of trusted companies..

So, a well-known brand Ikea offers practical and comfortable double beds with a table made of wood and steel. Each of the models presented in the catalog has a minimalist design that allows them to organically take root in any interior and home environment. The Swedish brand is working not only on children’s but also on adult beds.

Domestic manufacturers should not be ignored, among which a factory from Izhevsk can be noted. “38 parrots”. Their two-tier models with a table are designed specifically for children. Rainbow shelves, slides, houses, complementary beds – a small part that can be seen in the company’s assortment.

A large number of children’s bunk furniture can be found at the factory “Bambini”. The table in the models is successfully combined with a wardrobe, as well as with a cozy sofa on the lower tier. The factory produces budget furniture for a children’s room, using chipboard in the manufacture.

How to choose?

Before you start looking for the type of bunk bed, it is important to decide on material of its manufacture. Chipboard and iron models are considered the most budgetary options. The latter, it should be said, are particularly durable. Chipboard, on the other hand, easily takes on any shades, and therefore is in great demand for cheerful children’s bedrooms. Solid wood is an ecological raw material capable of delighting for a long time with its comfort and warmth.

The best option here is considered to be oak or beech, more democratic – pine or birch.

After choosing the raw material, you should pay attention to design. For example, the tiers by the bed can be located one above the other, or they can be diagonally. The table can also take various forms, directly depending on its purpose. So, the desk is usually wide and roomy. To save space, a semicircular wave table can be used, making the design elegant. Coffee tables are much smaller in size, but they allow you to fit in addition to shelves and practical drawers.

Having decided on the model, it is important to make external inspection of furniture. There should be no chips, cracks or burrs on it. Smooth sanded surface is a guarantee of long and happy use. However, a full set of high-quality fittings is also a pledge here. It is good if the kit includes additional parts that represent a small stock.

Experts advise to pay attention to installation of stairs. The ability to install it at an angle will help to avoid overturning of the entire structure when a person climbs in a large weight category.

For children, the best and most practical model will be a dresser ladder with convenient lockers and maximum safety..

It is worth considering carefully the size of the future bed. No matter how much she saves space, when visually she makes the space heavier, and therefore too wide berths are not suitable for a small room. To determine the size, you can use the data on the optimal sleeping place:

  • a child from three to 12 years old will comfortably sit on a bed 70-80 cm wide;
  • an adult in the middle weight category is also suitable for a width of 80 cm;
  • for two adults, the berth increases and reaches 140-160 cm in width.

Bed height is another important factor. So, if the distance from the upper tier to the ceiling is too small, it will be cramped and stuffy to sleep on such a structure. On the other hand, a low bed will make it inconvenient to access the table, and therefore everything must be accurately calculated. In the absence of the required height in the catalogs, there is always the possibility of making custom-made furniture.


Young parents’ forums are full of controversy over bunk beds. Some teach children to sleep on such models from the age of two, and some are afraid of the fall of their child even at school age. Arguments, it should be said, are very reasonable on both sides.

First of all, parents are happy with beds with a table, because they are great at saving space. Sometimes two-story models are purchased not only for children, but also for a family of three. A child is comfortably located in the attic, parents are on the lower wide tier, a desk is arranged on the side.

With the option to the nursery, moms and dads strongly recommend choosing models with high sides, thereby avoiding falls, which, unfortunately, are encountered in practice.

A mischievous child easily falls from the upper tier during active games, and therefore special attention of parents and an explanation of safety rules is important here.

Parents devote only positive reviews to tables complete with a bed. The student finds his workplace in it, the kid finds an area for drawing and modeling. Even a light snack is more convenient when the bed has a small roll-out table..

Summarizing the above, it is worth noting that buying a bunk bed or refusing it is a purely personal and individual matter. In any case, you need to try, because modern designs and increased safety of models today inspire more and more confidence among consumers..

For even more models of bunk beds with a table, see the next video..

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