Cabinets with photo printing

Every zealous owner wants to furnish his room in a stylish and attractive way. At the same time, when the question of choosing a cabinet arises, many buyers prefer to purchase models with photo printing. They will help not only to organize the space optimally, but also create coziness and comfort in your home. Consider the main features and characteristics of such furniture.


It is believed that photo printing appeared as an alternative to stained glass. This unusual cabinet decoration is attracting the attention of buyers more and more. This is not surprising, because cabinets with photo printing will help express your individuality, and will also charge you with a good mood for the whole day.. The main features of the product include:

  • High quality. Typically, these models are produced sturdy and reliable. It is worth buying such furniture in proven furniture stores that have proven themselves from the best side. So you will save yourself from unwanted purchases..
  • Stylish option. With the help of such products, you can create any design that suits your taste. At the same time, do not forget that the furniture should be combined with the entire interior of the room..
  • The advantages of furniture photo printing include clear lines, correct color rendering, high contrast and brightness..
  • Practicality and durability. Such models will serve you for a long time. The picture is resistant to sunlight, moisture, temperature changes.
  • Environmentally friendly finishing will not harm households. You will not feel any unpleasant odors.
  • A wide range of products. Modern furniture stores offer a variety of models that will surely find their buyer. You will be able to choose a product that will fit optimally into your room.

  • Availability. You can buy the product at any furniture store. You can also create a custom-made creative wardrobe. Experienced designers will help to bring your ideas to life, and you will receive furniture that no one else will have.
  • Democratic cost. You can buy these cabinets now at an affordable price. A wide range of goods allows you to choose the appropriate cost. It should be remembered that too cheap models may turn out to be of poor quality. However, expensive options can also be a disadvantageous purchase. Always be vigilant when purchasing a product..
  • Versatility. A wardrobe with photo printing will fit into any room. One has only to choose the appropriate plot.
  • Functionality. It is not only the uniqueness and beauty of photo printing that attracts buyers. Models of various designs are quite roomy. You will be able to organize all your belongings. You can also independently choose which and how many shelves / cabinets / niches you need.
  • Positive attitude. If you have chosen a product that you like, then it will always delight you with its image and functionality. Casting a glance at such a wardrobe, you will receive a charge of vivacity and good mood. This means that the day will be even more successful..

Selecting a pattern

Modern technologies allow you to create drawings on any surfaces. The print should be chosen based on the style of the interior that you prefer. The location of the picture may also be different. This can be a place near a wall, on shelves, mirrors, facades, etc. Nowadays modern designers present many different images to the judgment of fashionistas. There are graphic options, animalistic plot, floral techniques and many others..

If you cannot find the right option on your own, then you can resort to the services of experienced specialists. They will tell you how to style your space..

Recent popular trends include abstract and newspaper prints. They will add newness and beauty to your home. Also relevant topic “Adventure Time”, orchids, nature, sakura, drawings with butterflies. Everything will depend, of course, on your preferences. Choose those options that are attractive to you, since you will use the wardrobe every day. Your favorite print will cheer you up and evoke positive emotions..


Modern furniture stores present a large number of photo wallpapers. They are different not only in their images, but also in texture and method of gluing. When choosing such products, it is worth remembering that decorative materials should be easily removed. This is especially true for those who love change. After all, after a couple of years you may just get bored with the same print..

Photo wallpaper should adhere well to the surface of the furniture when using it. This will also indicate the quality of the product. If you decide to independently create a creative design for your cabinet, then you should be extremely careful not to damage the coating..

It should be noted that modern technologies are used when creating photo printing. One of the most affordable is the use of an adhesive polymer film. It doesn’t need expensive equipment. Such a product is simply glued to the surface of the furniture. However, with this technique, the drawing will be fragile. To create more durable products, its thickened versions are used..

Options for different models

Based on what method of drawing the pattern was used in the manufacture of the cabinet, options can be distinguished:


A mirror cabinet will look original if it has a stylish print. These can be different images of different textures that suit you in style..

With 3D drawing

With the help of photo printing, you can create volumetric images. They will also look great, making you feel comfortable and cozy. There can be animals, plants, etc. Such a stylish accent will look perfect against a background of plain wallpaper..

Photo printing can be applied to glass, mirror, on the corner of the cabinet or go as an insert for doors. In any case, the piece of furniture you have chosen will perfectly fulfill its functions and bring you only aesthetic pleasure..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Each person wants to transform his room into something stylish and creative, so that he would be comfortable and cozy to relax there. An excellent solution would be to use the original phrases, quotes or slogans on furniture. Initially, such options were used only in a modern interior style, but now you can use them. in eclecticism, avant-garde, vintage and other directions. So you can fill your thoughts and words with the necessary meaning..

Psychologists say that such a design will positively affect the mood of all family members and even determine success in business..

An interesting option would be a print with imitation of hand painting. At the same time, a contrasting palette in such an ensemble will allow you to get a creative solution for decorating a room. You can also successfully use portraits of past centuries. All this will add mystery to your home..

It will look great on the facade of the furniture nautical theme. You can fill your house with stars, shells, reefs, different fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. The matte texture of the mirror can fit well into the laconic and restrained style of the room..

To add sophistication to the room, you can apply different graphic elements, for example, diamonds, circles, stripes. Such, at first glance, simple shapes will add sophistication to the space. Various textures and matt degrees can be combined. So you will bring calmness and aristocracy into your home..

It is not necessary to use symmetrical patterns. Do not oversaturate the room with unnecessary decor. Newspaper style will be a neutral solution. It will fit into any room.


The wardrobe with photo printing is popular with most buyers. Many users appreciate the opportunity to show individuality, to reveal their creative streak, embodying a stylish drawing. Such furniture will be a highlight of any room..

At the same time, many people note the functionality of the furniture. The wardrobe is quite roomy. You can put clothes, toys, books, bedding and other items there. Thanks to this unit, you can organize all your things, free up space for additional decor, and put things in order in the house..

Talking about the experience of using photo printing in decorating wardrobes, many buyers note the opportunity to do it on their own. However, most people decide to put their trust in the hands of experienced professionals..

As for the cost, people are divided here. Some believe that such furniture can be purchased at an affordable price. Others say that their cost is high. Everything will depend on the quality of the model, the company that produces it, and the photo printing. It is worth remembering that very cheap options will not be of high quality and will not last you long. When choosing a product, be sure to independently check what raw materials the furniture is made of, as well as whether all the mechanisms are working smoothly..

Like buyers and wide range of goods. You can choose any model that will appeal to you and bring joy. It is also worth giving preference to only trusted firms that have positive reviews. Don’t skimp on expensive options. They will serve you for a long time..

For even more information on the features of photo-printed cabinets, see the following video.

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