Chair-beds without armrests

Chair-beds without armrests are practical, comfortable and functional furniture. Due to their optimal size, they contribute to the rational use of small areas, they can organize a permanent or temporary sleeping place and are an excellent interior decoration..

Features and Benefits

Chairs of this type, although they perform all the basic functions of a chair-bed, have a number of differences., and in some respects they even surpass products with armrests:

  • Instances without sidewalls save space in the room, like all folding models. They do not take up extra centimeters with armrests, which is very important for small apartments;
  • Looks more stylish and lightweight compared to bulky models of conventional armchairs;
  • Does not restrict the upper part of the berth;
  • Eliminate the possibility of injury on the hard surface of the sidewalls;
  • Allows you to easily use removable covers and sit on the seat from either side, which is very convenient;
  • They are lightweight, so they can be easily moved to a new location.


For daily use, products with a roll-out and sliding transformation mechanism are better suited, preferably on a metal or solid wood frame due to their strength and high wear resistance. In the event that infrequent unfolding of the berth is assumed, then when buying, you can focus only on the color and design of the model:

  • model with mechanism “Accordion” popular because of its ease of use, comfort of bed and price. The frame is often made of steel, which is important for permanent use. The body consists of three sections, which can be folded like an “accordion”, while the product does not budge and even a child can handle it. The mattress and wooden slats are orthopedic. The sleeping place turns out to be absolutely flat, without gaps, seams and height differences between the modules. There is a deep linen compartment, which makes this model more functional;

  • “Eurosofa”, also known as “Belgian clamshell”, also belongs to the sliding type of transformation mechanisms and is suitable for permanent use as a berth. Due to the lack of armrests, such specimens are also available with a reinforced frame. To decompose “Eurosofu”, it is enough to pull the seat forward and lay the backrest in the free space resulting from this manipulation;

  • withdrawable models. In them, the berth is hidden under the seat and, if necessary, rolls out in one motion. For models without sidewalls, a model with a Dolphin roll-out mechanism is suitable. It is reliable and simple. For unfolding, it is enough to roll out the lower module and pull it up. The downside of this design is the presence of cracks and gaps in the sleeping area. Plus – the presence of a box for bedding;

  • “Eurobook” – another version of the withdrawable model. In order to unfold the berth, you need to pull the lower module towards you, as a result of which the back will lower on its own;

  • “Walking Eurobook” or “Tick-tock”. Differs from “Eurobook” in that the berth does not roll out, but “steps” forward, without damaging the floor and carpet. The chair is equipped with a linen box, and due to the absence of armrests, it is lightweight and easy to move;

  • “Konrad” – option “Dolphin”, possesses a reliable and sturdy design, extends according to the principle of a telescope – three modules are pushed in one by one;

  • ottoman-transformer. Popular as a sleeping place for children. A large selection of models without armrests makes this type very popular for small nurseries and bedrooms.

Materials (edit)

Environmentally friendly and modern materials are used in the production of chairs, due to the wide variety of which it is possible to produce products of different price categories:

  • carcass. Made of wood, metal, laminate and chipboard. For chairs that are purchased as a permanent berth, a solid wood frame made of hard rocks or metal is required;
  • spring block. Chairs made using such a block have excellent orthopedic properties, are durable, do not deform, do not sit out for a long time and do not lose their shape. A spring block is used for the production of many models Bonnel, which consists of double-cone springs of continuous weaving, which allows you to evenly distribute the load and easily withstand a weight of up to 180 kg per square meter;
  • filler. In the manufacture of chairs, two types of filler are used: artificial and synthetic. The first includes synthetic winterizer, holofiber, polyurethane foam and foam rubber. Products made with synthetic materials are much cheaper. Natural ones are felt, feather and down. Recommended for people with allergies, prevents the appearance of fungi and pathogens, as well as the formation of mold. The cost of such pieces of furniture is quite high;
  • upholstery. Nubuck and eco-leather will be good. They are highly breathable, durable, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colors. Tapestry and flock are durable, beautiful, pleasant to the touch. Pile fabrics look noble, but require special care, get dirty quickly and are subject to rapid abrasion of the pile.

If the chair is bought for daily use, then it is better to refuse chenille and jacquard. Despite their beauty and aesthetics, they are short-lived and quickly lose their appearance. Leather is a good option for temporary placement and as an interior item

But for constant use as a place to sleep, furniture with such upholstery is not suitable – the skin is not ventilated and has a slippery surface from which the linen will constantly roll.

Dimensions (edit)

Before purchasing a chair, you need to measure the space, where is it supposed to be installed and after that decide on the size of the product:

  • big. It is desirable that the depth of such specimens does not exceed 70 cm, otherwise people of short stature will experience discomfort due to the fact that their legs will not reach the floor and an additional footrest or a pillow under the back will be required for convenient placement. The width of large chairs is up to 130 cm, and the height of the back should not be more than 120, otherwise the head will be in an unnatural position and the neck will quickly get tired;
  • small and narrow. The width of such compact products without armrests starts from 70 cm. But this is not enough to organize a sleeping place for an adult. The height of the seat in such specimens does not exceed 25 cm, and the depth is 50. The height of the back is 80 cm. This is just enough to lean on the back, there is not enough room for the head. Small armchair beds can be used as guest furniture or installed on the balcony or in the loggia. They will also be good in a small nursery, freeing up space for games.
  • broad. For products without sidewalls, the ideal width is 120-130 cm. A folding chair with such a seat is a full-fledged sleeping place, suitable for daily use. This is exactly the width of most models with the transformation mechanism “Accordion” and “Click-gag”.


A variety of models are presented in a wide price range. Thanks to the use of various materials, manufacturers produce products of both very budgetary economy options and very expensive ones. Therefore, this type of armchair can be found in a student dorm room, in a nursery, and in a stylish living room decorated in the Art Nouveau or Art Deco style. The price of products also depends on the size. For example, consider the model “Economy” with a chair height of 45 cm and a seat depth of 50 cm. Transformation mechanism “Accordion”, the frame is made of hardwood beams and plywood. The linen drawer has a depth of 17 cm, upholstery material of the 2nd category.

With a berth size of 60×190 cm, the cost of the chair will be 9,000 rubles, 100×190 cm – it already costs 10,100. And a chair-bed with a maximum size of 140×190 will cost 12,300 rubles.


Chair-beds without armrests have a lot of positive reviews due to their ergonomics and functionality. Consumers note the possibility of using such models as a bed, which in the daytime is transformed into a stylish piece of furniture that takes up much less space than products with armrests. Convenience is also noted when placing guests for the night..

A large price range with the ability to purchase very inexpensive products has not been disregarded either. Customers also appreciated the variety of colors and designs, which makes it possible to purchase both furniture for a nursery, made with elements of the image of a fairytale animal, and a model for a bedroom or living room, decorated in soft pastel colors. The presence of castors was also noted in many products, which makes chair beds more mobile..

Of the minuses, a faster failure of the transformation mechanism is noted. This is due to a decrease in the points of support due to the absence of armrests, and, as a result, an increase in the load on the mechanism. Also, armchair beds without sidewalls are not suitable for all interiors. They will perfectly fit into Hi-tech or Modern, but in Classic or Baroque they will look like something foreign. In the presence of upholstery made of slippery material in conjunction with the absence of sidewalls, the bed linen gets knocked down and slides off.

Spectacular examples in the interior

Due to its compactness and convenience, such furniture can be found in any room – living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens and even loggias. A comfortable place to relax, if necessary, can easily turn into a sleeping place or simply allow you to lie down to relax with a book during the day. That is why armchair-beds without armrests are so popular and do not lose their relevance..

In the next video, see an overview of the compact model without armrests.

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