Chair-hanger: originality and practicality of choice

The modern market is replete with a variety of designer items that amaze with their originality. Particular attention was paid to the model of a hanger chair, which has several useful functions. It is designed not only for a comfortable stay, but also for storing things. In addition, such furniture can become a highlight of the interior..

Where are most often found?

The design of the hanger chair is quite interesting and can be used in different places. Most often, this product is installed in the corridor to hang weekend items on it. Thanks to its unusual design, it is the first to catch the eye at the entrance to the house and, often, it becomes a bright accent of a calm hallway..

This floor hanger has a special structure. Instead of a standard back, it has one or two straps with a number of hooks for storing backpacks, scarves, umbrellas and hats. The range of such models is wide enough, so you can find an option with any number of hooks..

A hanger chair for the hallway should not overload the interior. Therefore, it is optimal to purchase a model, which will hold a small amount of things.

Its size should correspond to the dimensions of the room, so as not to interfere with free dressing..

If a floor hanger in the form of a chair is used for a bedroom, then it should be able to accommodate a lot of things. Depending on the variation of the performance, it can be an impromptu wardrobe or a clothes dryer. But at the same time, the main function of the chair will be preserved..

Often, a highchair-hanger for a bedroom can be equipped with an additional storage system. This can be a box mounted under the seat, or shelves built in place of the backrest. In this way, residents can save space and stack many items of clothing in one place..

As for the living room, here a hanger chair can play an important role. drying clothes. The apartment does not always have a balcony, on which linen is usually hung after washing. Such models are good because they tend to unfold and fold, so they practically do not interfere.

Creative models

Many models of hanger chairs surprise with their appearance. Particularly interesting is the chair-shelf-hanger. This structure can be hung on the wall and even on the ceiling in any convenient position. Thus, you can get both a hanger and a shelf in one place..

If the hallway is not large, only the back half of the chair can be fixed to the surface. Of course, you won’t be able to sit on it, but it will become a special element of decor.

For hanging chairs, crossbars can be made between the legs, on which it will be convenient to hang hooks for things.

Folding models are good because they can fold if necessary. This mechanism is designed to save usable space.. In furniture stores, you can find two types of such structures:

  • Folding chair – looks no different from a regular highchair and usually leans against the wall. Inside, such models are usually equipped with a crossbar on which it is convenient to hang jeans..
  • Chair hangers – when folded, they are intended for storing clothes, and when unfolded, they are a comfortable seat with a high back.

Manufacturing materials

  • In the manufacture of hangers-chairs, not only wood is used, but also other materials:
  • Metal products are a practical choice because metal has high performance properties. Structures are made of it, which are distinguished by their reliability and durability..
  • One of the most popular models is a chair made of hangers, which can successfully fit into any interior. The structure itself is a metal frame with many hangers. These hangers are not able to withstand heavy clothes, so they are usually intended for storing children’s clothes..
  • Chairs are used a little less often, the frame of which is a hanger. They are necessary so that all clothes are in one place, and not scattered around the house..

  • The hanging model of a hanger chair is often made of plastic. It looks like a regular chair with a hook on top of the back. When folded, the structure is an ordinary hanger and clings to the curtain.
  • Hanging chairs made of combined materials are considered inexpensive, but quite durable. It can be a combination of metal and plastic, wood and metal, as well as options with the addition of textiles in the design..
  • In the case of a combination of metal and plastic, the product has a metal frame on which plastic hooks are attached.

Often, a plastic seat is upholstered with a foam cushion, which is needed to soften.

Advantages and disadvantages

At first glance, it may seem that a floor hanger in the form of a chair is a useless part of the interior and its acquisition has no practical sense. In fact, such a storage system has a lot of advantages..

The most important advantage of such products is in the ability to store outdoor things. If it is installed not in the corridor, but in another room, then it serves as an additional storage system..

Another plus of the chair hanger – saving space. For small rooms, such an acquisition will be an ideal option. The design of the floor hanger in the form of a chair looks interesting and decorates the interior. This is another significant plus..

If we talk about the minuses, then it can be noted that such a design not designed for heavy weight and a huge amount of things. Therefore, many people prefer to purchase special hallways designed to store hats, outerwear and shoes..

You will learn more about how to make a hanger out of a chair in the following video..

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