Chest of drawers: selection and use in the interior

In the modern world, such concepts as convenience and practicality are in the first place. In the age of fast technologies, people tend to be minimal in everything, saving time and space. Some things are designed to make everyday life easier for a person. One of these necessary things is a chest of drawers. It performs two such necessary functions at once: it is a convenient storage for things and at the same time a practical table..

Features and Benefits

The chest of drawers is a structure consisting of drawers, tabletops and legs (there are instances without them), which has various accessories in its configuration. The chest of drawers has a number of advantages and is one step higher than the rest of the furniture in the apartment in terms of usefulness.

The following advantages of this furniture are distinguished:

  • Ability to transform. Such a thing will come in handy for owners of small apartments and houses, where every centimeter counts. It is classified as a transformer. It can be a table, a chest of drawers, and a bed at the same time. The imagination of engineers and production capabilities, annually increase the number of offered models.
  • The presence of a variety of boxes. It is this detail that distinguishes dressers from other types of furniture..
  • Possess functionality. You can store anything in them. This can be bedding, toys, various knick-knacks, clothes and shoes..
  • Suitable for any space. Such furniture can be successfully used both in the kitchen and in the bedroom or living room..
  • Provides maximum storage convenience. From this product, even from the farthest corners, it is easy to get the necessary thing.

Such furniture will come in handy in any room and will become a reliable assistant in keeping things for the owner of the house..


The transforming chest of drawers is in great demand among buyers. Manufacturers offer a huge range of combinations of a chest of drawers with other types of furniture, for every taste of the consumer..

There are the following types of dressers:

  • Transformer with a retractable tabletop – most often suitable for installation in the kitchen or dining room. It has a large fold-out lid that doubles as a dining table. When folded, the lid does not interfere with the use of the drawers of the chest of drawers. It is used as storage for various kitchen towels, household appliances, dishes. If necessary, such furniture can easily be converted into a full-fledged table;
  • The table-chest of drawers-bed is a very functional and comfortable model with a turntable. It is easy to install in a bedroom, living room or nursery. In addition to a practical table, such a product can be easily laid out in a bed. For a children’s room, such a product is irreplaceable. In it, it will perform its functions constantly and fully;

  • Table-chest of drawers with a mirror – in such a product, the table and chest of drawers are located under the same tabletop. This model is a regular dressing table. Has several drawers for storing ladies’ jewelry and cosmetics;
  • Children’s chest of drawers – many call it “changing table”. It is acquired with the birth of a baby. This is a simple chest of drawers, which at the top of the table top has special restrictions so that the baby does not roll off the chest of drawers when swaddling;
  • Coffee chest of drawers – is a product with a built-in table, drawers and shelves. Ideal for a living room or hall.

Dimensions (edit)

In order to choose a chest of drawers for a particular room, you need to decide on its size, namely the height, width and depth of the product. Distinguish dressers small size, standard and maximum.

The smallest products include copies that have only two boxes in stock. The minimum height of a product can be about 850 mm, length – no more than 50 cm, depth – about 30 cm. Such chests of drawers are very impractical and not very comfortable. They are designed to store small items..

A product with a height of 130 cm, with a length of 180 cm and a depth of 50 cm is considered standard.A piece of furniture of this size will suit any room.

The maximum size of the product can be quite unusual, therefore there are no restrictions on the volume of the product. But there are models with a height of 160 cm, a length of about 2 meters and a useful depth of 50 cm. These are non-standard sizes and are not suitable for every customer..

The sizes of the chest of drawers themselves also differ, which can be either a simple rectangular shape or an unusual one..

There are boxes:

  • High and deep – for bulky items (blankets, pillows, bath towels);
  • Long and deep – for small items (socks, underwear, scarves);
  • Narrow and long – for small items (scarves, hats);
  • Small – for cosmetics, bijouterie.


The furniture industry offers a wide variety of shapes and types of furniture to choose from. Especially such a variety is typical for dressers.. When buying in a store, you can see the following forms of this furniture:

  • Rectangular – classic shape. Such a structure is placed either on the wall itself or along it;
  • Corner – a design that saves space in the apartment. It is placed in the corner of the room and can be five-walled, trapezoidal;
  • Radial – the model is a semicircle or oval. There are options for a round chest of drawers, but such a product can only be placed in the center of the room;
  • Combined – is a design with various combinations of drawers and countertops. The model has the ability to transform, and the modules of the chest of drawers change places when the frame is motionless;
  • Designer – this form is made according to the client’s order. Designers are ready to fulfill any customer’s imagination and produce a chest of drawers in the form of a musical instrument or a hat. In any case, the structure will fully fulfill its function..

Materials and colors

Considering that a chest of drawers is an unpretentious thing, the manufacturer easily experiments with materials and colors of furniture.. Chest of drawers are made from the following materials:

  • Wood is a natural product with a fairly high price. For furniture, walnut, oak, hornbeam, cherry, maple are used. Most often, such a product is covered only with varnish or other transparent coating that does not overlap the natural color of the tree;
  • Particleboard is a popular material with an affordable price. It is stained to add beauty and sophistication to the façade. The color palette is very diverse. White furniture is especially common;

  • MDF is an affordable material with high strength and durability. The multi-colored drawers in such a chest of drawers look very harmonious;
  • Metal – used to make extra durable furniture. It is also used to decorate wood chests of drawers;

  • Plastic is a cheap material available to any consumer. Such a product can be placed in a bathroom or in a room with high humidity. Models made of plastic are presented for every taste: they can be of delicate pastel colors, and bright, colorful ones, including those with a pattern;
  • Glass is a fragile material used primarily for furnishing furniture. There are products with a matte glass top. In some models, you can find decoration in the form of stained-glass windows, inserts for decorating a chest of drawers;
  • Elements made of genuine leather or rattan – such materials are used to design and decorate the product.

Models with beautiful photo prints on the product are in special demand at the moment. They are colorful, bright, of various themes. Such products are suitable for both the kitchen and the nursery..

Relevant today is color “chameleon”. Furniture covered with this color changes color depending on the angle of view. For example, from cherry to brown, or from red to crimson.

Aged furniture looks original. This effect is achieved using a special staining technique. Such models will decorate the living room and bedroom..

How to choose and where to put?

In order for the chest of drawers to delight with its presence in the house and benefit its owner for a long time, it is necessary to check the following qualities of the product when purchasing:

  • Strength of material, coating, quality of accompanying equipment and accessories;
  • Silent operation of drawers;
  • Absence of gaps and unnecessary gaps between the structure frame and drawers;
  • Uniformity of coloring of the product, absence of irregularities, chips;
  • Availability of a quality certificate from the manufacturer;
  • No deformation in the product body.

Designers offer the following options for the distribution of dressers in an apartment or house:

  • Products with an original design in light colors, with various inserts made of stones, metal or leather, are suitable for the hall or living room. A product with a retractable tabletop for gatherings with guests will look great indoors;
  • In the bedroom or nursery, it is advisable to purchase a spacious product with many boxes for linen;
  • It is worth putting a functional version with drawers and doors in the kitchen or dining room. You can store cutlery in drawers, and dishes and kitchen towels on the shelves;
  • Plastic products are suitable for the bathroom. Convenient deep drawers are useful for bath towels and bathrobes, as well as various detergents;
  • A small product is purchased in the hallway or corridor for storing shoes, bags, outerwear and umbrellas.

All these components must be carefully studied before purchasing. A properly selected, high-quality and beautiful chest of drawers will adorn the entire room..

Beautiful interiors

The furniture that will decorate any interior is a chest of drawers. Despite the fact that it is acquired after the style of the entire room has been determined, it will not be difficult to find the necessary copy..

Simple white models on legs with elegant bronze, gold or forged handles will look very beautiful in a classic interior..

The Baroque and Empire styles are characterized by varnished versions with gilded handles. A product with quirky ornate fittings is perfect.

Furniture with a matte finish, painted in the “craquelure” technique, will perfectly fit into the room, decorated in a retro style..

Provence style implies the purchase of a copy with color prints or photo printing on the facade of the furniture.

Products with glass top and metal details will become an original addition to the Art Nouveau room..

If the apartment is decorated in high-tech style, then it is worth buying backlit models.

Beautiful, practical and functional chest of drawers have entered the daily life of a person with great speed. They take up little space, are easy to install, serve for a long time and simply delight the eyes of their owners with sophistication and beauty..

For an overview of the model of a chest of drawers with a transformation into a computer desk, see the following video.

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