Children’s mattresses

Good sleep is the most important component in the formation of a child’s health, which is why many parents are wondering about the right choice of a place for their child to sleep. Choosing a comfortable bed is only half the battle, it is important to find and choose the right mattress.

Currently, a huge assortment of various products is presented on the market, the main thing is to dwell on the one that the child needs.


The main feature of a children’s mattress is that it is designed for light weight, while it is much thinner than adult products. Also, in the manufacture of products for children, softer springs are used, the height, respectively, will be lower than that of an “adult” mattress by 7-16 cm. Another important factor will be the material from which the product is made – it must be hypoallergenic. so as not to harm the health of the child.

Orthopedic mattresses for beds should be chosen only as prescribed by a doctor, as the term “orthopedic” means that the product is intended to treat and correct any deficiency. A prophylactic mattress can also be placed in the child’s crib, it will take great care of the baby’s health, will maintain the desired body position, regardless of how long the child’s sleep is. If you are choosing a product for a newborn, then you should not choose a soft model, it will not be able to support the still fragile back of the child. A firm mattress is a good option..

You should also pay attention to the design of the product., currently, preference is given to a spring mattress, foam and wadded mattresses have faded into the background. Spring mattresses have their own varieties: either the springs cling to each other, or the design is represented by independent springs. For children’s beds, it is better to choose the latter option, since each spring in such a mattress is in a bag, the body weight is distributed evenly, the springs do not cling to each other and are not pressed in different places.

An interesting fact is that there is no need to additionally seal the mattress for a child, the maximum density of the springs is 500-1000 pcs. one square meter is only needed for an adult. A baby with its relatively low body weight will not need such excessive density.

Dimensions (edit)

At different ages, the child’s needs should differ, in this regard, there are standard sizes, with the help of which the necessary products are selected for each age. For newborn babies, there are special products, as a rule, their dimensions are 50 x 60 cm.For older babies, mattresses are usually selected in sizes from 120 x 60, 140 x 60 and up to 110 x 60 cm.As soon as the child gets older, he can choose a product larger size – 140 x 70 or 150 x 70 cm, it all depends on the size of the child and his sleeping habits. Currently, the market is filled with various options for mattresses, and their sizes also fluctuate, so finding the right one is not difficult..

As soon as it is time to send your child to school, then it is time to update his bed and mattress as well. Entering a new life will be associated with some stress, the need for healthy sleep and good rest will increase significantly. When purchasing a product for a schoolchild’s bed, one should focus on sizes ranging from 160 x 70, 170 x 60 and up to 130 x 80, 160 x 80, 170 x 80 cm.In adolescence, during the period of active changes, a teenager desperately needs a properly selected mattress, height it should be at least 14 cm.Since during this period children grow up especially actively, you can select the appropriate size of the bed and mattress: 180 x 80, 190 x 80 or 90 x 190 cm.

It is possible to make a product to order, however, then its cost will be appropriate. Manufacturers offer non-standard sizes for children’s products in the area of ​​125 x 65 cm, if the bed was also made by special order.


There are several types of mattresses, one of the most common and comfortable is the so-called double-sided mattress. It is a product created from combined materials. As a rule, on one side, the product will be stiffer, this side is made from coconut flakes, and a thermofiber is also used. The second side of the mattress is softer, it is made from polyurethane foam and latex. At birth, the baby sleeps where the mattress is tougher, this contributes to the formation of correct posture at the earliest stage of its development, when the child reaches one year old, it can be safely shifted to the softer side.

Such a decision can significantly save the family budget, this mattress can be used until a decision is made to purchase a larger crib. Also double-sided can be called a mattress with the so-called summer and winter sides: this is facilitated by special covers. “Summer” is made from cotton or linen, and “winter” is usually made from wool, thus adding an additional heating element.

In order to ensure a longer life for a child, and any other mattress, it is necessary to periodically turn it over, thereby ventilating it and avoiding bedsores.

Another type of mattress can be considered folding, it will be of interest to those who want to save space. This product consists of three parts, although outwardly it does not differ from a regular product. The set includes a special cover for the mattress, which protects it from dirt. Such a model undoubtedly has its advantages: it has small dimensions, is moisture resistant, has a modest size, which also refers to the advantages of saving space. The product is made of polyurethane or latex, which allows it to perfectly pass air.

There is also a so-called extendable mattress, a good option for a baby bed – as the child grows, additional sectors are added. Also available in latex or polyurethane, but not as comfortable as a one-piece construction.


Mattresses must be selected strictly according to the shape of the bed for which they are intended. Therefore, along with the usual rectangular or square, there are both oval and round variations. It is necessary to select a product in accordance with the dimensions of the bed for a more comfortable sleep, for children’s beds this is especially important, since the posture of the child is formed in a dream.

Although outwardly such mattresses differ from the usual ones, they can be made of the same materials: coconut coir or latex. In addition to monolithic materials, spring blocks can also be used in the manufacture of products; such mattresses can have orthopedic properties along with rectangular ones. If you need a more budgetary option, then you can choose foam rubber as a filler, do not forget that such a product can only be made for an individual order..

Children have become an interesting invention of recent times. cocoon-shaped mattresses. Their peculiarity is that they will be rather an addition than a full-fledged mattress. They are made like a cocoon, have a recess in the middle, into which a newborn is placed. This option is suitable only for the smallest children, as soon as the baby gets a little stronger it can be transferred to a regular bed with a standard product.

The cocoon mattress is made taking into account the conditions in which the baby was in the womb: it has grooves and bends that are familiar to the baby. It is made of soft materials and supports the child from all sides. In order to prevent the newborn from falling out of the cocoon, the manufacturers specially equipped it with retaining belts, but not for every model..

A significant disadvantage of this type of mattress can be considered its high cost; not everyone can afford such a purchase. In addition, after 3-4 months, it will no longer fit the child, and the cocoon will come out of everyday use..

Materials (edit)

An important step in buying a mattress will be choosing the right filler for it. If you do a large-scale division, then there are spring and springless options. The advantages of the first have already been mentioned earlier, now you can expand on the second category in more detail. When choosing a springless mattress, first of all, you should pay attention to its filler.. There are various options on the market:

  • Coconut (coir) – layers of fibers with latex impregnation. Such products are characterized by increased rigidity, and it all depends on the thickness of the coir layer. Interestingly, coir is also used to regulate stiffness in spring mattresses, and if only coconut drags were used for its manufacture, then it would not be inferior in stiffness even to concrete. A coconut coir mattress will be an ideal option for children under 3 years old, because it is at this age that rigidity is needed to form the correct posture, then it will need to be changed.
  • Foam rubber – one of the most popular economy-class fillers, it cannot be said that mattresses with such a filler are natural or hypoallergenic. Such products very quickly lose their shape and become unusable, and can also crumble. An undoubted advantage will be only the price and convenience during transportation – it easily rolls into a roll or folds.

  • Holofiber – a relatively recent invention, the material is fibers from many small springs, which are empty polyester fibers. The advantage of this filler can be that it perfectly allows air to pass through, but at the same time retains heat, does not retain odors and is hypoallergenic..
  • Latex – one of the most common fillers, it can be natural or artificial, while very elastic, remembers the shape of the body of a sleeping person. Mattresses filled with such material are presented in the middle price segment, which undoubtedly plays into their hands, and also have good thermoregulation. Latex itself is very elastic and durable, products made from it can last about 20 years.

Age selection

When choosing a mattress, it is also necessary to proceed from the age of the child, because at different times the child’s body has different needs. At the same time, many experts say that insufficiently comfortable sleep, which occurs due to an incorrectly selected mattress, leads to the fact that the child is not sufficiently relaxed. This, in turn, can lead to certain spinal problems..

Thus, the importance of choosing the right product in accordance with the age of the baby cannot be overestimated:

  • For a newborn an excellent option would be a product made from coconut coir, it will be tough enough to help avoid deformation of the baby’s internal organs. In addition, these mattresses dry very quickly due to their ability to circulate air. The optimal thickness of the mattress for a newborn will be 7-6 cm, in general it varies from 3 to 9 cm.For better comfort of the baby, you can choose a cotton mattress topper.
  • For babies who have already grown up to one year you can choose a softer mattress, a springless version of polyurethane or latex would be a good option. The signal to change the mattress may be that the baby will begin to roll over on its own on its own, it will be uncomfortable for him to sleep on a very hard product. The stiffness decreases with the age of the baby, for 3.5 years you can select the average one. The parameters must necessarily match the dimensions of the child’s bed. You can choose between springless mattresses or Bonnell spring products. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the bed will now become an additional playground, so you need to choose a sufficiently elastic product, moreover, durable.

  • For a child who has reached the age of 7, Latex mattresses of medium hardness or spring products are also suitable, but you should pay attention to their size, they must match the bed. A good choice would be an elastic product consisting of independent springs..
  • In adolescence it is especially important to pay attention to a correctly selected mattress, at this age there is an enhanced formation of the musculoskeletal system, the spine is actively growing. In this regard, the child’s back needs good support, which a hard mattress can provide, its thickness should be about 14 cm. Again, a springless version with latex or foam filling will do. If the child has problems with the spine, then it is worth choosing an orthopedic mattress according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Review of the best manufacturers

Speaking about the rating of the best manufacturers of mattresses, it makes sense to divide them by age factor.. Each age needs its own product – manufacturers for each type are different:

  • For newborns, the best mattresses are made by the company “Afalina Bayu-Bay”. They are good because they have a sandwich design – they include natural coke coir and latex, as well as synthetic foam rubber. Such interesting characteristics allow the mattress to change under the baby’s weight only along, while not harming the fragile musculoskeletal system. There is also a cover for the product in the kit, it is made as a double-sided one, it does not smell like glue, because the layers are held together in a different way.
  • Manufacturers are also in the same fairly high price segment. Italbaby jolly plus, they make mattresses for older children. Although their filling is completely unnatural (polyurethane), they are fairly high-quality manufacturers. The fillers are hypoallergenic, rigid, an additional advantage is that they are orthopedic. Synthetic filling contributes to good ventilation, dust does not accumulate in such a product, and parasites do not start. The downside of this product is that it is one-sided.

  • Lapsi Cocolatex Lux – German manufacturers, their mattresses are very expensive, the main components of the filling are latex and coconut coir. Also, the product has a so-called memory effect, which will allow the baby to sleep more comfortably. The set contains a breathable mattress cover. However, the fact that the mattress is produced according to the European standard may become its disadvantage, it has non-standard dimensions and may not fit domestic cribs.
  • Russian company “Ormatek” produces spring mattresses for children with a very reasonable price, products are made for children from 1 year old. The mattress has a layer of latex fiber and a set of independent springs. Despite this, many people note an unpleasant odor that occurs during operation. Also, such a product is not hard enough for newborns and has a not very durable mattress topper.

  • For children under the age of 4, the company’s mattresses will be a wonderful option. Traumeland snowflake. The products are expensive, but have many advantages: the filler is represented by an industrial miracle – cold foam, which contributes to good air permeability. Also, the mattress has strong and high sides, a special cover that does not allow moisture to pass through.
  • The most budgetary option for a product for a child from 4 years old can be a product from the manufacturer Plitex Junior. Despite the fact that it is very cheap, natural material was used for its manufacture – coconut coir and natural latex for impregnation. Also, the product has orthopedic properties and a cotton cover.


In order to choose the right mattress, you should pay attention to reviews of people who have already purchased a particular brand and will be able to describe all the advantages and disadvantages real use:

  • For the company “Afalina Bayu-Bay ” Mostly positive reviews are characteristic, it is noted that the mattress is hard enough for a comfortable sleep of the child, and also has a comfortable cover and does not contain unpleasant odors. It is also noted that the product is well made and very durable..
  • Italbaby Jolly plus mattresses have their main advantage in firmness and elasticity. Also, the positive side of the operation is that the child does not sweat and it is comfortable for him to sleep on such a mattress. An additional plus is considered by many to be a synthetic filler – there are no mites in it, and it perfectly promotes air circulation, besides, it dries well and quickly.

  • Lapsi Cocolatex Lux products have mostly positive reviews, it is noted that the mattress is of very high quality, and the zippered cover is easy to remove and tidy up. There are also positive reviews about the rigidity of the mattress, the absence of foreign aromas and the fabric of the mattress topper that is pleasant to the touch..
  • “Ormatek”, according to reviews, it produces good mattresses, however, many had to get rid of the smell of glue for a long time, and the fact that moisture is practically not absorbed is also called a disadvantage. The advantages of the products of this company are called a convenient cover and the fact that they are double-sided, which makes it possible to adjust the rigidity.

  • Traumeland snowflake has many positive reviews: they note elasticity, the ability to take the shape of the baby’s body and upholstery pleasant to the touch. The cover is also easy to wash, however, the mattress does not do a very good job of absorbing moisture. Many people note a kind of filling – foam rubber, but rather strong and well-conductive air and heat.
  • About mattresses “Plitex Junior” respond positively in the context of cheapness, at the same time, the materials used in its manufacture are truly natural. The mattress has several sides of different stiffness, which allows it to be adjusted. Many people call the product of this company the best value for money..

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