Classic style wardrobes

Classic style wardrobes

Some love them for their practicality, others for their simplicity and laconic forms. Wardrobes in a classic style from year to year take the palm among other models in the arrangement of an apartment. After all, modern buyers are trying to purchase not only high-quality, but also fashionable options for their home. Let’s take a closer look at the features and advantages of these models..


Furniture in the classic style, it seems, will not lose its relevance for a long time. Such cabinets are always in demand. If you correctly place all the accents, choose the shades, then you can favorably emphasize the interior of your home. The main features of this style can be attributed to the simple, but at the same time majestic appearance of the product. Laconicism and elegant design – all this is a classic wardrobe. Let’s consider its main features and advantages:

  • Versatility. These models will organically fit into any room. The product has refined lines, exquisite decor, natural textures. Symmetrical shapes make classic designs look organic.

  • Wide range of. Modern manufacturers offer to purchase a variety of models. From them, you can choose the option that suits your particular home. You can put such a cabinet in any room you choose. It can be a hall, a bedroom, a nursery. The main thing is to optimally select all the interior details..
  • Affordable cost. Another significant indicator is the democratic price of the product. It is she who often determines the choice of buyers. Classic models have a different cost, which is made up of the complexity of the structure, its design, the company that produces the product. In any case, you can choose an option that will appeal to all family members. You can buy models in any furniture store. It is worth paying close attention to the selection of the cabinet and decide in advance which option is preferable for your room. Also, think in advance about the place where the product will be located and measure all the parameters of future furniture. This will help you make the right choice..

  • Functionality. Practicality and functionality will become an integral advantage of any model. You will be able to store the items you need and important for you, clothes, shoes, books and other accessories in the product. A spacious space will help organize all things. So you will free up the square meters of the house.

  • Stylish execution. Today, modern stores offer consumers a wide variety of options for classic wardrobes. It can be both simple and concise models, and custom-made. Everything will depend on your preferences, as well as on the ability to spend a certain amount on furniture..
  • Good mood. When such an assistant appears at your home, you can not only store things conveniently, but also get aesthetic pleasure..


Many people think that classic furniture options are rather boring and primitive. However, it is not. It is the classics that allows you to give your room a zest, fill the space with grace and chic. Modern models come in several varieties. They should be chosen based on the layout of the apartment.. Let’s dwell on these types in more detail:

  • Direct. Such products have a perfect classic facade that will occupy the entire wall in the room. The model is completely closed by doors. A double wardrobe can be with swing doors, sliding doors. Usually such a product is created in strict colors using straight lines..
  • Built-in. These models will have a more budgetary cost due to their design. The products have no side and back walls. The floor and ceiling become the support. Here it is important to choose the right fittings and fastening parts, as well as to choose the design of the doors. Built-in models can perfectly decorate a small cozy bedroom or hallway. They will help you effectively save space. It should be noted that almost any recess in the wall can be equipped with a cabinet. So the room will take on a finished and stylish look..

  • Corner. These options will be ideal for economical space organization. It can be a built-in or a box version. The model will look especially good in a narrow room, which is devoid of extra square meters. You can also optimally fill the space by placing the cabinet in a corner..
  • Wardrobes. These cabinets are a functional option for clothes, shoes, accessories. There can be very different content here. Dressing room can be decorated in a classic style both inside and outside.

To choose the right model, you should take into account the general style of the room, the color scheme, as well as the presence of other decorative elements..

There are also neoclassical wardrobes. This is a modern interpretation of the standard classic models. This style can fit into the most modern interiors. The main features include a range of colors in sandy, golden, white tones. There is also the severity and clarity of the lines. The inherent advantages of neoclassicism include the fact that such a design can be created at an affordable price and in a modern style..

Thus, no matter what wardrobe you choose – folding, modular, built-in, it is worth considering in detail the layout of your apartment. Only then will all items look perfect..

Dimensions (edit)

A wardrobe in a classic style is usually distinguished by impressive parameters. Such options are used mainly in spacious apartments, where you can create the most stylish classic design. However, modern models allow you to choose products based on your square meters.. It is worth deciding in advance on the parameters, before going to the store.

If your room is rather small, then corner or built-in models will come to the rescue. You can purchase similar options in stores, or you can purchase them to order or create a creative product yourself that will emphasize your individuality..

Materials (edit)

Naturalness can be attributed to the main features of all classic cabinet models. Basically, this style involves the manufacture of wood products. It is this material that is environmentally friendly, safe, durable and reliable. Moreover, such furniture will be rather bulky and large. This option is not suitable for every room, but only for a spacious one. Yes, and such products will not cost cheap..

You can often find options from MDF. Such furniture will be practical, easy to use, and can also be optimally combined with other materials. You can also get the help of experienced designers to help you create a custom model from a wooden board. However, this will be quite expensive..

In terms of decor, there are practically no boundaries. Various elements can be used as decoration for a fashionable wardrobe. It can be natural stones, mother of pearl, gold, glass, gypsum, leather and others..


As for the shades, the classic assumes colors that are as close as possible to the natural color of wood. It can be milky, cream, beige, champagne, pearlescent variations and others. Also brown shades can be attributed to the main palette. The stylistic focus is made up of calm, discreet shades. Models are usually monochromatic.

And what is unacceptable in a classic style is flashy and bright colors.. Modern shops offer the colors of wenge, apple, beech, alder, walnut and others. Choose the option that will suit your particular design. An interesting and fashionable design is the effect of patination, that is, artificial aging of wood. Such furniture looks noble, gives the house a vintage chic..

For different rooms

Classic models are notable for their strict lines, geometry, symmetry, attractive ornaments. Modesty and restraint allows you to fit such a wardrobe in any room – in a bedroom, hallway or nursery. In this case, it is worth starting from the color scheme of the room, as well as the style concept..

It will be optimal to arrange such a cabinet in the hall. with glass showcase. There you can put a service, crystal vases, attractive figurines. If you are planning to purchase a similar cabinet for your study, then you should choose practical models with many shelves. You can conveniently store books there..

For the hallway, the best option would be model with hinged doors. This way you can save space. Moreover, such a product will have many compartments for clothes, shoes, and other items..

For a nursery or kitchen, universal options with different compartments are suitable. But it is better to put a spacious wardrobe in the bedroom..

How to choose?

A classic wardrobe should be chosen for its intended purpose. Before you go to the checkout and buy furniture, see if it suits you in color, shape, size. It is important that the classic facades for the living room are beautiful and personable. After all, it is in this room that you will meet guests. Options with patterns, gilded inserts, stained-glass windows are suitable. You can also place the corner version in the corner to save space.

If you have a cramped hallway, then it is better to choose a classic model from floor to ceiling.

Such options will help to visually add light to the space and increase it..

For a bedroom set, a pastel color would be ideal. Such a cabinet should be roomy, with a variety of shelves, cabinets and drawers. You can choose a mirrored option that also works well for clothing. There are options with a closed facade, 4-door wardrobe. All of them will organically fit into the room.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the quality of the product. Look at all the documents in the store. Check the operation of all mechanisms. Be sure to inspect the product. It should not have any deformation. Also choose the inner filling of the cabinet in advance. Think about what shelves you need, how many should be.

As far as price is concerned, high quality products won’t be too cheap. Therefore, do not be afraid to spend a certain amount on the purchase of a worthwhile thing..

Interior options

The classic version of the cabinet will perfectly fit into the interior of your room. You can position the model against a wall or place it in a corner. If there is a niche, then it can be filled with built-in furniture. Each option is worthy of consideration. In this case, focus on the area of ​​your home. Avoid buying bulky models if you have a modest home. Everything should look organic.

If you want to purchase a creative individual version, you can order a model from experienced designers.

They will take into account your wishes and embody the creative impulse into a functional wardrobe. You can make a design yourself if you are confident in your abilities and have the necessary tools and knowledge. So you will save your savings and gain a model that none of your friends will have..

In the next video you will find even more interior ideas with classic-style wardrobes..

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