Colors of computer tables

Colors of computer tables

In many modern interiors, computer desks are one of the most important components. Such models harmoniously combine beauty and versatility. The table can be used not only to set up a computer, but also be used as a writing surface. But in order for such furniture to be favorably combined with all interior elements, it is necessary to seriously approach the issue of choosing this model. Pay special attention to the color of the table.


Before you get acquainted with the basic color schemes of computer tables, you need to understand what these models are. To begin with, it should be said that, in comparison with standard written versions, this furniture has a number of significant advantages..

Today, manufacturers offer several types of computer tables, and each of them has its own specific characteristics. The first and most common option is the classic models. These tables are actively used both at home and in offices..

The peculiarity of this type is the lack of decorative details. At the base of the table there is a pull-out shelf for the keyboard and a compartment for the location of the system unit. The advantages of these models are versatility and convenience. Another plus of classic tables is that they fit favorably into any interior of the room..

If you want to save space in the room, pay attention to the corner models. The peculiarity of these furniture designs lies in their incredible functionality. Tables take up little space and at the same time allow you to place all the necessary items and accessories on yourself.

But for spacious rooms, semicircular tables are ideal. It should be noted that these models have a presentable and rather expensive look. The semicircular table is ideal for arranging an office in the house.

Popular shades

As noted above, when choosing a computer desk, special attention should be paid to the color of the furniture. Designers recommend building on the features of the interior itself. An important point is the decoration of the premises..

Models in white are especially popular among modern buyers..

This is due to the following advantages of such furniture:

  • white color increases human performance, reduces fatigue;
  • modern manufacturers produce many models in an unusual design;
  • tables look good in the interiors of any room.

When choosing a model in white, pay special attention to the material from which the furniture is made. Basically, buyers choose tables from MDF or chipboard. The advantage of these types is their low cost. Better and more durable types include models made of natural wood.

The most expensive are tables made from solid white rocks. Bleached oak is in high demand among buyers. The advantages of this option are attractive appearance, durability and environmental friendliness. The oak used to create tables has a pleasant scent that fills the room.

You can decorate the interior with furniture in the shade of warm shimo ash. This palette resembles coffee diluted with milk. The characteristic feature of this shade is the presence of the correct carved stripes..

Light ash is often used to complement styles such as Provence and Classics. Often, computer tables in this shade are also found in minimalism..

In addition, there is a shade called dark ash shimo. Products in dark chocolate shade will decorate the workplace. Often this tone resembles black, but still the tables are based on veins imitating the structure of a tree. Furniture is perfect for creating a contrasting environment in a bright room..

Wenge has a wider range of shades. Tables in this palette are perfect for any classic or modern interior. The peculiarity of wenge color is that it is able to “muffle” too bright shades. Thanks to this, the interior of the room becomes more calm..

How to choose?

As mentioned above, when purchasing a computer desk, you need to focus on the features of the interior. Particular attention should be paid to the finish and color of the furniture that is already present in the room. An important criterion is the availability of free space in the room. This is due to the fact that some shades can visually increase or, conversely, reduce the area.

If there is not too much free space in the room, pay attention to small classic models. Narrow structures look quite interesting in the setting. If the room is dominated by pastel colors, then it is best to choose a table in the appropriate color. This is especially true when furniture is used to furnish a bedroom..

You can decorate a spacious living room with both a classic model and a corner option. A table imitating solid wood will become a universal look. If you want to purchase a durable and reliable option, then pay attention to furniture made from this material. In addition, the natural shade of wood complements the furnishings favorably..

Interior design also plays an important role in the choice of color.. For example, you can complement a minimalist room with a table with a glossy surface. Please note that such options are not too resistant to mechanical stress..

If you are more concerned with functionality than appearance of furniture, take a closer look at linear models. The straight table is ideal for long-term work at the computer.

Place in the interior

The style in which the interior is made will help to determine the appropriate color of the computer desk..

For example, for classic design a product made of natural wood is suitable. It is best to choose a table in a dark shade. It should be noted that such furniture is universal, as it is combined with different components of the interior..

Pay attention to the fact that the classic setting “loves” pretentiousness and light bombast. For such an interior, furniture is used, supplemented with various decorative elements and inserts that imitate expensive materials and metals. For example, for a bright room, you can choose an ivory table..

One of the most original style trends is modern. The peculiarity of this type is that it favorably combines a simple design, laconic forms and not too pronounced shades. For a room in this style, a computer desk, made in muted smoky shades, is suitable. An excellent choice would be furniture with a shimmering effect..

No less popular and unusual direction is minimalism. It is known that this style is characterized by severity and brevity. When choosing furniture, special attention is paid to its functionality. But thanks to the strictness of the forms, each designer has a great opportunity to experiment with colors. For example, a gray finish can be favorably complemented with a purple and even pink table..

Pay attention to what colors you use in the interior. Do not forget that furniture should complement the decoration favorably. This is especially true of such a functional item as a computer desk..


Customer reviews will help you decide on the right color for your computer desk. Many people recommend focusing on the color of the floor and walls. For example, if the interior is dominated by light colors, then the table should be dark. Due to this, a contrast is created, objects and walls do not merge with each other. But this decision is not always the right one..

Many designers recommend relying on shades. In the interior, you can use one color, but its different tones. This applies to both furniture and decoration. As for bright colors, care must be taken with these shades. Buyers are wary of rich tones as they can easily upset the balance in a setting. Therefore, if you decide to turn to bright accents, then it is best to use them to a minimum..

Many buyers still use a darker color rather than a light one. This is due to the fact that light surfaces get dirty much faster. Dust is always visible on dark tables, which can also be distinguished as a minus.

It is recommended to pay special attention not only to the color, but also to the material. How long the furniture will retain its original appearance directly depends on this. Both buyers and experts recommend turning to natural materials. A universal option is wood.

It should be understood that tables made of natural solid wood differ in a rather impressive cost. But it must be said that the price is justified by the high quality of the products. In addition, the natural color of the wood brings a sense of warmth and comfort to any environment..

Often in modern interiors you can see plastic options. Buyers note that these models have a fairly wide variety of palettes. A computer desk with a glossy plastic surface will be a great addition to the original interior.

Various options for corner computer tables can be seen in the following video.

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