Computer corner tables with shelves and drawers

Computer corner tables with shelves and drawers

Whether we are working with documents, watching videos, talking on Skype or watching the news feed on social networks, we want to avoid feeling overwhelmed and tired after we got up from the computer. A well-chosen computer desk will help reduce the discomfort from sitting in front of the screen for a long time. If, in addition to comfort, it is important to make optimal use of the area of ​​a room or office, an impressive range of corner tables will come to the rescue..


Ideally, a corner table should be ergonomic, capable of combining convenience and compactness. The shape of such a model, of course, saves room space, even if it does not differ in its modest size. In addition, such products turn out to be more convenient for long-term work, since they provide easy access to working modules, because the distance to devices and objects lying on the table is much less than on a straight tabletop. Many drawers and wall-mounted shelves are easy to reach from your chair.

Corner computer desk is able to provide the correct eye-to-computer screen distance. Sitting inside the triangle formed by the table, a person looks at the monitor from a distance of at least half a meter.

An additional advantage is the placement of the system unit deeper than in classic models, it will not be on the side or directly under your feet.

Among the disadvantages of this type of furniture, we will name the psychological discomfort that occurs in some people, because they find themselves with their backs to others. Of course, this perception is purely individual, many, on the contrary, like the feeling of security that they experience while sitting at a corner table, because such a structure seems to embrace them, reliably cover and protect.

When using such furniture, there is a need for constant artificial lighting, if the configuration of the free area of ​​the room does not allow placing a table by the window. The price of the corner model is also always significantly higher than the classic one..


The whole variety of corner tables for a computer appeared on the basis of two types: diagonal and diagonal-perpendicular.

Diagonal tables the most compact, for their installation you need only a small square in the corner of the room, however, the functionality of such models is low, they have fewer drawers; table superstructures cannot be made large so as not to block the light from the window. You should especially think about the stand for the system unit, otherwise your legs will simply have nowhere to put, which means that quick fatigue due to an uncomfortable posture is guaranteed. Diagonal-perpendicular models take up more space, but this is more than justified by their functionality.

Table with various superstructures and cabinets is a hybrid of the cabinet and the table itself. The length of one side is determined by the cabinet, the length of the other can vary. Since products with diagonal placement are small, add-ons are rarely added to them, but they often come with pedestals that extend beyond the edge of the tabletop.

To models with diagonally perpendicular placement add shelves for speakers, documents, books, CDs, photos. Furniture that utilizes vertical space as much as possible is quite popular..

Variants with shelving also depend on the type of table. The symmetrical design of the corner furniture with a diagonal arrangement is convenient for the numerous shelves for storing files with documents. You can choose a rack, complemented by doors at the bottom. At home, such models are rare, in offices they look much more organic..

In corner tables with diagonally perpendicular placement the roomy rack is mounted on one side only. It can consist of one or several sections and have additional compartments. The design of such products is more interesting, they look very presentable..

Corner tables with shelving often chosen for home office use. Having chosen the height of the rack, the shape and number of shelves, you can place all folders with documents, books and other necessary things on it. Shelving shelves can accommodate a printer and speakers. In the corner there is a place for a computer desk with side tables, which also fit a lot of things you need for work or study..

Complete set with pedestals and shelves allow you to equip a real mini-office, in which office equipment and paper documentation are conveniently located. The presence of a separate cabinet for the system unit creates additional comfort.

On the corner table with built-in shelves you can position the computer with all the gadgets and accessories and all the items that you used to keep close at hand. There are many compact models with bottom and side shelves..

In superstructures, boxes are extremely rare, because looking into them will not be entirely inconvenient.

If you do not want to demonstrate the contents of any compartment, the presence of a blind sash will save.

Dimensions (edit)

The minimum length of the side tabletop of small diagonal tables is from 80 to 90 cm. Such dimensions solve the problem of the location of the main components of the computer, as well as additional devices. The height of the superstructures can be almost any, provided that they do not cover the window. The most efficiently used space is located at a distance of just over half a meter. The shelves above are usually filled with items that are less frequently used. The maximum length of the side worktops is about 120 cm. Shelves are usually mounted on the side..

In more spacious diagonal-perpendicular versions of corner tables, one of the side tabletops can be 130-140 cm long, and the second is assembled from pedestals, drawers, various superstructures, etc..

The depth of the corner models varies from 55 to 70 cm.

Materials (edit)

Most often, computer tables are made of chipboard, MDF, wood, glass and even metal. The first two options conquer with their affordable price. The appearance is not inferior to wood products, but if the edge is not glued neatly, the table will quickly lose its attractiveness.

Particleboard products are inexpensive, but due to the presence of formaldehyde resins that are harmful to health, many opt for products from MDF. Models made from this type of compressed wood are slightly more expensive, but such material is considered less harmful. It conveys the drawing of a tree and is not afraid of moisture. Wooden furniture is more durable than products made of chipboard or MDF, but it costs much more.

Metal tables always look stylish, but not everyone is ready to put such furniture in a room, because few people associate metal with home comfort.

Models made of glass are not appropriate for all interior styles, but they are ideal for high-tech lovers. Such furniture is especially good for small rooms, because transparent material visually expands the space..


In addition to classic monochromatic furniture, manufacturers offer combinations of several shades or more daring combinations of several colors. In a teenager’s room, you can buy a table in a brighter color with a pattern printed on the cabinet doors. Whatever the design of the room, you can choose an excellent color scheme that will wonderfully fit into the interior and will not look boring and dull.

How to choose?

Having decided to purchase a corner computer table, it is necessary to evaluate the area of ​​the room, layout features, distance to windows, location of heating devices, room interior, age of the user and his occupation.

There are many options for corner tables for a computer, therefore, almost any idea can be realized for a wide variety of premises. The possibility of an additional choice of side tables, shelves, drawers, wall cabinets makes the tables different from each other. You can store all sorts of little things and necessary gadgets in add-ons. Hanging cabinets allow not only to unload the tabletop, but also hide everything you work with from prying eyes.

In a table with drawers, you can perfectly place all the office supplies and other necessary and not very small items. Documents or things that are rarely used can migrate to the drawers. They are good for storing bulky items..

Having decided on what will be on the table, in addition to office equipment and gadgets, you can choose its configuration.

When choosing a table, it is worth considering a few simple rules:

  • the height of the user must be taken into account. The height of the table top varies from 64 cm (for a height of 150 cm) to 81 cm (for a height of 190 cm)
  • the small-sized corner model needs a shelf for the keyboard, otherwise there will simply be no room for work.
  • it is better if the compartment for the system unit is not deaf, since the lack of ventilation is clearly not going to benefit him.
  • in order for the table to last as long as possible, it is important to pay special attention to the quality of processing the edge of the table top, since this area is subject to wear to a greater extent.
  • The choice of material is traditionally influenced not only by the price, but also by the interior of the room..

Interior options

An important piece of furniture, the table reflects the character and tastes of its owner..

The straight lines of the table and its components will look organic in a room decorated in a minimalist style. Smooth curves of wooden furniture will decorate any interior.

A solid model made of wood for a study, a light metal structure of a fancy shape or a seemingly weightless model made of impact-resistant glass for high-tech and modern rooms, a bright table for a teenager’s room – there are models in the catalogs for any room, any budget, any user.

You will find even more photos of computer corner tables in the next video..

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