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If you constantly work at a computer or just spend a lot of time on the Internet, then you probably understand how important it is to equip a comfortable place for such an activity. To achieve this goal, you should consider buying a functional computer desk with shelves. Such furniture will allow you to organize your work as ergonomically and comfortably as possible. The information in this article will help you quickly and easily find the table that is ideal for you..


Many are accustomed to adapting anything under the surface for a computer: an ordinary writing, dining or even a coffee table. However, if you use specially designed furniture for work, then the work process will become much easier and more enjoyable. Consider the main advantages of a computer desk with shelves.

  • Saving space. Oddly enough, it is this design of furniture that helps to make the most efficient use of free square meters. You do not have to place any accessories in different places around the room, because they will all be stored in specially designed drawers and on shelves. This is very convenient when it comes to small apartments in which it is impossible to allocate a separate room for an office. With such a computer desk, you will have a full-fledged work area..
  • Convenience and ergonomics. Such a configuration of furniture will allow you to organize the space as competently as possible. All papers and documents will be in their place, and you do not have to go looking for a pen in the next room. Also, very often, such designs are supplemented with special openings and outlets for cables and wires. This is necessary so that the connection of equipment does not create any difficulties and is as convenient as possible..

  • Work more efficiently. With everything you need in its place, you can fully focus on your work. In this case, you will be able to achieve your goals much faster, which is very important..
  • Stylish design. Computer tables from modern manufacturers not only successfully fulfill a practical function, they are also aesthetic in nature. Beautiful and original furniture design will emphasize the interior of your apartment and your good taste.
  • Health safety. As a rule, high-quality tables are designed taking into account the most optimal position of a person while working at a computer, because it is very important that the posture does not deteriorate from unsuitable furniture, and the distance from the monitor screen to the user’s eyes should be clearly calculated.


There are several types of computer furniture with shelves. They differ in several ways..

Configuration type

Depending on what position the table will occupy in the room, it can be of several types.

  • Classical. This is the usual design option with a straight tabletop, usually placed along the wall. This model is notable for its availability, so you can easily find it in any furniture store. In addition, classic tables are very versatile and fit perfectly into any interior, regardless of its style. The work surface can be supplemented with pull-out or hinged shelves, as well as with top open or closed shelving for office supplies, decorative items and whatever else you need.

  • Angular. This type of furniture is a real find for small apartments. The angular design allows you to save space in the house and rationally use every centimeter of free space. With its help, you will fill the so-called “dead zone” in the room – the corners. Such designs look stylish, unusual and modern..

They will successfully fit into your interior and will not take up much space, while you can easily place everything that will be useful to you in the process of work on the shelves.

  • Semicircular. If you want something really unusual and original, then we advise you to move away from the old templates and replace the traditional angular structures with a semicircular table. This type of construction looks very impressive, while this shape does not at all affect the functionality of the furniture. It will be a pleasure to work at the table..

  • Modular. For those who like constant changes and do not want to limit themselves to buying one table, a modular design model is useful. It consists of several separate elements that can be easily removed and rearranged as desired. These can be furniture complexes with book shelves, a curbstone and other components. By purchasing one table, you get a huge number of design options.

This option is definitely worth taking a closer look at..

  • Transformer. This sample is also useful for those who are limited by the footage of the apartment. The design implies the presence of folding parts, for example, the table top can be folded and closed as needed, or the shelves can be folded at your request. There are a lot of configuration options. The catalogs of modern furniture factories contain a large selection of models for every taste and budget..

Dimensions (edit)

The dimensions of the furniture can be very different. The final choice of size depends on the total area of ​​the room and your goals..

There are two important rules to keep in mind when choosing a table size for working at a computer:

  • The height of the structure from the floor must be at least 70 cm.
  • The depth of the work surface must be at least 80 cm.

A desk that is too high or too narrow for a computer can cause a lot of inconvenience during operation. In addition, improperly selected dimensions of the structure can provoke health problems, so be careful and responsible when choosing the width and height of the furniture. Also, do not forget about how the design will be combined with the environment. For a home with a small area, small tables are optimal. It is desirable that they have an angular or modular design, as we noted earlier..

If you are the owner of a spacious apartment, you can easily afford a semicircular or straight model of any size.

How to choose?

In order to purchase a computer desk with drawers that will serve you for many years and at the same time will meet all your requirements, you should consider several important parameters. The main ones are listed below.

  • Illumination of space. When working in front of a monitor, it is very important to keep your eyes healthy, so if there is not enough light in your room, give preference to models with additional backlighting. Its presence will greatly facilitate the process of work. In addition, you can calmly study at the table, even if the main lighting in the room has to be turned off..

  • Features of the activity. For what purposes the table is needed, its configuration directly depends. For example, when you need to equip a work area for a student, it is important to pay special attention to the countertop. It should be large enough to comfortably carry out writing work. If you need to work with documentation, give preference to models with a chest of drawers, a pencil case or an additional add-on from a bookcase. This design will allow you to always keep your papers in perfect order..
  • Variety of material. Today, the stores offer a huge selection of designs from various types of raw materials. It can be an array of natural wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic or glass. The listed materials differ in their durability, cost, and external characteristics. For example, solid wood and MDF are similar in appearance, however, natural wood is much more expensive than a synthetic analogue, while the service life of natural raw materials is calculated in tens of years.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the final choice depends on your individual preferences and budget..

  • Design option. There are no problems with the choice of a stylish model today. In store catalogs, you will find a large assortment of serial models that differ in original color solutions and type of configuration. Quite a few firms accept orders for the manufacture of computer tables with shelves according to individual designs, so you can easily get a unique product according to your own sketch and dimensions. This design will perfectly fit into the interior of your home and will delight you for many years..
  • Manufacturing company. The quality of the finished product directly depends on how reliable and proven the company will be, so devote enough time to the issue of choosing a manufacturer.

Before making a purchase, be sure to ask the seller for special certificates that prove the quality of the goods. If the supplier is bona fide, he will not refuse to show.

The size of the structure should be correlated with the height of the user, and the version of the model’s equipment depends on your personal preference. We hope that the listed tips will help you quickly and easily find a really high-quality design that will satisfy you in all respects..

Interior options

Consider several specific options for using a computer desk with shelves in the interior.

This is one of the most successful examples of a corner desk for working at a computer. This design allows you to rationally distribute free space in the room, while a large number of shelves makes it possible to find space for all the necessary papers and accessories..

This type of design is also ideal for organizing a workspace. Discreet design makes the model versatile, suitable for any interior.

Perhaps this is the most stylish and original model. It is perfect for a modern apartment..

For information on how to make a computer desk with your own hands, see the next video..

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