Corner computer table with shelving: features of choice

The modern world is experiencing technical progress, so it is no wonder that almost every family has a computer or laptop. This is due not only to the desire to work fruitfully, but also to the process of self-education. These devices are also equipped with various programs that allow you to play games, watch movies and communicate on social networks..

To work with computer equipment, you need a comfortable place where all important devices will be located. Therefore, it is important to purchase special tables that are designed to work at a computer..

Particularly convenient are corner models with shelving, which take up a minimum of space in any room..


Corner furniture has a number of advantages over other interior items, as it allows you to use free space with benefit. By filling the corners of the room, you can visually expand the space and provide psychological comfort to the person. The corner table has a tabletop on which, when installing the laptop, there is still a lot of unoccupied space. Choosing such a product, easy access to shelves and drawers, on which important items are located.

How to choose?

A corner computer desk with a shelf is the best solution for organizing a workplace. However, before you buy it, you need to decide on its location in the apartment. It is important to take into account the area of ​​the room, its layout, the number and location of windows, and the style of the interior. The selected model must fit into the allocated space in all respects, including the color scheme of the room.

When buying a corner option, you also need to consider who it is intended for. If it will be mainly a schoolchild who will work for him, then the model should also be selected taking into account its characteristics..

Having chosen the optimal place, you need to decide on the design and size of the table. Corner models are available in a diagonal and in a diagonal-perpendicular arrangement of the working surface:

  1. Diagonally perpendicular tables are convenient because a seated person can work with his face not only to the computer, but also to the window or wall. They allow you to occupy a decent area, which increases their functionality. Such models are produced with a size of at least 150 cm in length and width, which allows you to mount various storage systems in them..
  2. Diagonal models allow a person to be positioned strictly diagonally. They take up a minimum of space, and therefore are necessary for installation in small rooms. They are inexpensive, so anyone can buy them. The width of such a table does not exceed 70 cm, which allows you to place all basic systems on it.

Additional elements also affect the arrangement of furniture. A corner computer desk comes complete with a rack, a stand for the system unit and a cabinet with drawers, so you need to find the best place for it.

The bedside table with drawers can be built-in or stand-alone. To install the built-in system, it is necessary to put an additional side wall at a certain distance from the outer edge on which the drawers will be fixed. But a separate model comes in a set with all the walls, plates and supports. It should stand inside the table, so its depth and width should be 6-9 cm less than the space entrusted to it.

When choosing a corner computer desk with a shelf, it makes sense to pay attention to a special monitor stand, which allows you to slightly raise the screen above the table, and creates free space under it. The optimal stand size is 40×40 cm, and the lifting height is 10-15 cm.

Important when looking for the best corner option take into account the dimensions and position of the rack. Its selection should be included in the project, taking into account the number of shelves on which the height of the structure depends. But the depth of the shelves should depend on what objects will stand on it..

It is possible to place the rack on the floor to the side of the computer desk, or you can hang it above the work surface. With the help of tier shelves, you can unusually decorate the workspace.

Manufacturing materials

For the manufacture of corner computer tables with shelving, many different materials are used:

  • Particularly often you can find structures made of chipboard, this material is easy to process and has an affordable cost. To give an aesthetic appearance to a chipboard product, it is usually treated with veneer or decorative foil..
  • MDF is no less popular. The material is somewhat more expensive than chipboard, but it also has the best characteristics. The material is not afraid of moisture, is easily processed and can be painted in any color. The only drawback of the material is the unreliability of the screw fasteners..

  • Glass products look original and impressive in the working area. With their help, you can visually enlarge the space of a small room and make its interior airy. Special impact-resistant glass can withstand heavy loads, which allows you to install all the missing equipment on it. The main disadvantage of glass models is the high price..
  • Natural wood is not often used in the manufacture of work tables, as it is considered capricious and has a high price. But furniture made of natural solid wood looks expensive and impressive, so if there is an opportunity, it is best to give preference to it..
  • Metal structures look very stylish and strict. As a rule, they are purchased for office premises, since they will blow cold in the apartment. For home use, products are produced from combined materials, which include metal, glass, and wood..

How to choose a corner computer desk with a rack for a student, see below..

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