Corner computer tables with superstructure

Corner computer tables with superstructure

Modern computer desks need to perform a much wider range of functions than just serve as a stand for a stationary computer or laptop. Often during work there is a need for constant use of a large number of books and other reference materials, which should always be at hand. Therefore, a corner model of a computer desk with a superstructure appeared, which is a multifunctional and convenient piece of furniture and decoration of any home..


Computer tables are most often located in the workplaces of office workers, in home offices, in the rooms of children, teenagers and students. All these people are forced to spend a lot of time at this piece of furniture, using not only a computer, but also other office equipment, for example, printers and copiers. All this needs to be placed somewhere.

In addition, in the process of study or work, it is constantly necessary to refer to various books and documents, write something and print, while all the materials used should be at hand. A possible solution would be to purchase a computer desk with a very long and wide table top, which can combine several workplaces..

This is not the best solution for small spaces.. Fortunately, in the 21st century, furniture designers have begun to approach the design of office furniture wisely. They came up with a model of corner computer tables with add-ons that not only effectively take up usually unused space in the corner, but also provide a comfortable place to store work and study materials, office supplies and other things. An additional advantage of such furniture is space saving..

By combining the functions of a table, a cabinet with drawers, a stand for office equipment and a bookcase, it saves space in the room and looks less cumbersome.


Corner computer desk with superstructure is a characteristic tabletop design that fits into the corner of the room. However, contrary to popular belief, it can be placed anywhere in the room. For example, two tables of such a model, placed end-to-end opposite each other, allow you to create two full-fledged workplaces where workers at the computer will not interfere with each other..

The design of the setting itself may be different. Sometimes it is several shelves for storing office supplies. More often – small cabinets with several compartments for storing small and light books, notebooks, disks or knickknacks. But there are desks, combined with huge cabinets to the ceiling, which can store many volumes and are quite capable of replacing a single piece of furniture..

Since a corner computer table is a modular piece of furniture, its equipment can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. This is a huge plus, because the user has a wide range of options when buying a computer desk that suits him. So, if there is such a need, you can purchase a table with a stand for office equipment or a niche for a TV in the side tabletop..

There are models with multilevel tabletops. This solution allows you to organize two work areas at once: for example, on one side there is a place for working at a computer, and on the other, the necessary books and notebooks are laid out. Corner computer tables with superstructures are sometimes very different from each other. Some models are direct “heirs” of pieces of furniture known for many centuries, only slightly modified:

  • The Bureau is a table top with a low superstructure. In the few compartments, you can put the necessary little things, but it is difficult to fit something large there. Modern computer desks of this design can be supplemented with a keyboard stand under the table top, a cabinet with shelves and drawers, or a footrest..

Tables of this type, stylized in antique style and made of precious wood, look the most beautiful. They will look great in offices that serve as a reception area at the same time..

  • A very frequent guest of small offices and bedrooms is half-corner table. This option is characterized by an asymmetric tabletop, in which a longer wing is located on one side, and a shorter wing on the other. Such tables are very convenient for working at a computer, since they have a smooth cut of the workplace and a convenient recess for a computer chair..
  • Are popular transforming tables. They can be equipped, for example, with an additional folding work surface, which, when unfolded, significantly increases the amount of space and allows you to organize a place for writing and studying for another person. This option will appeal to parents with many children, since such models greatly help to save the family budget..

Materials (edit)

The most preferred materials for the manufacture of functional and high-quality furniture are solid wood and chipboard:

  • Wood has been involved in the production of furniture for many centuries. It is an environmentally friendly material with a pleasant texture, which is one of the most beloved by many. A nice bonus is also a possible palette of shades: from the lightest to matte black shades of ebony. However, this material is very expensive, especially if the product is 100% made of natural solid wood..

  • Therefore, products made of Chipboard. This material consists of wood shavings compressed under high pressure. The smoother the surface of the resulting board, the more expensive it is..

This material is also characterized by high strength, ease of processing and does not contain materials harmful to humans. However, its durability is significantly lower..

Fasteners and decorative details of such tables are often made of plastic or metal. Of course, jewelry and fasteners made of metal are the preferred choice as they are much stronger and more durable..

How to choose

When choosing a corner computer desk with a superstructure, you need to pay attention to some key factors:

  • Dimensions (edit). It is important to purchase a model for home or office, knowing how much space it can take up in the room, and how it will be positioned in the interior in order to avoid possible disappointments..
  • Functionality. You should pay attention to the components of the corner table. For example, if there is no printer in the house, then you can refuse to buy a special stand, and instead buy additional boxes or shelves. And if it is important that there is a lot of space for storing books, you should pay attention to tables with a massive bookcase. Even heavy tomes can be placed in them, since tall models are often equipped with special wall mounts to make the structure more stable..

  • Material. It is necessary to choose the highest quality model. If possible, it is worthwhile in the store to make sure that all parts are securely fastened and that the complete set is complete..
  • Design. A computer desk is not only a functional unit of the interior. It should be in good harmony with the environment and not be out of the range of colors..

The modern assortment of the furniture market allows you to choose an option that suits any style.

Examples in the interior

Before purchasing a corner computer desk with an add-on for your own home or office, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the options for using this piece of furniture in the interior..

A spacious light-colored corner table with a large number of cabinets and drawers ensures comfortable work and does not distract from work. The milky color of the wood makes it look appropriate in any interior.

The corner model with a pencil case and a small table top is ideal for small rooms and children’s bedrooms. The smooth shape of the table and the stand for the system unit make it a convenient and stylish element of the interior.

A multifunctional computer desk with a side bookcase, shelves for placing important documents, columns and decorative trifles is indispensable for a modern apartment. The main advantage of such a model is the presence of a huge number of various compartments, which allows different family members to work at the same table and easily place all the necessary personal belongings for work without creating confusion..

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