Corner dressing tables: features of choice

Corner dressing tables: features of choice

The corner dressing table is one of the most sought-after bedroom furnishings. It takes up a minimum amount of space, but is great for providing comfortable personal care.

Key features

Corner zones in the sleeping area are rarely used. Psychologists say that the angle creates psychological pressure, as a result of which a person tries to avoid this space. One of the most popular ways to fill them is to use storage systems in the form of cabinets. The ideal option would be to use a dressing table to fill the corner space. If the room is small, then you can give preference to options with a mirror, which not only differ in functionality, but will also visually increase the space.

Mounting method

In the process of choosing a corner dressing table, you must be extremely careful, because the appearance of the interior depends on it. First of all, we pay attention to the fastening method. It should be noted that all pieces of furniture that are intended to be installed in the corner of the room have a back wall, so that you can realize the possibilities that ordinary wall options are deprived of..

Depending on the mounting method, dressing tables can be of three types:

  • Floor standing. Such products can be installed anywhere, and secure fixation is provided by four supports. If desired, such a corner table can be quickly moved;
  • Console – include two or four supports. A distinctive feature of such furniture is that it is attached to the wall. Moving such a model is quite troublesome, but it boasts compact dimensions and originality;
  • Suspended corner tables that are simply fixed to the wall. In recent years, they have been very popular for decorating interiors in the Art Nouveau style. The only drawback of the model is that it cannot be transferred without first dismantling it..

Basic forms

After the optimal fastening method has been selected, it is time to pay attention to the shape of the product. Despite the fact that the corner module is limited on both sides, it can be of the following shapes:

  • Triangular – a very popular model, which in most cases turns out to be radius. When using such a dressing table, you should be extremely careful, since at large sizes it can stand out from the interior and attract attention;
  • Pentagonal options – the most popular in the creation of modern and classic interiors. The main advantage of such a table is that several pedestals and drawers can be included in it without increasing the weight of the product. In addition, the unique design features provide the product with additional useful volume that women will surely appreciate;
  • Trapezium shape. These models are almost always offered with a mirror. The fact is that the trapezoidal design allows the mirror to be as close as possible to the person;
  • In the shape of the letter “G” – the table is made in the shape of the corner itself. The mirror is often missing or small in size. The main advantage of this option is its impressive roomy properties, allowing you to install several volumetric pedestals..

The transforming dressing table is also very popular in the modern market. Its distinctive feature is the presence of an offset table top. When folded, the product plays the role of a chest of drawers, but if you need to apply makeup, you just need to raise the tabletop, as a result of which the model will turn into a comfortable dressing table.

The use of advanced technologies in the production process makes it possible to obtain at the output not only familiar, but also quite original models. If the room is decorated in a modern or high-tech style, then curvilinear varieties will perfectly fit here.

Materials (edit)

The material of the corner dressing table plays an extremely important role not only in the process of ensuring its attractiveness, but also in the durability of the product. On the modern market, there are furniture options that are made of a variety of materials, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • Wood is considered to be the most popular material for furniture production. A distinctive advantage of wood is that it can be used to create a corner dressing table of any stylistic orientation. In the process of choosing such a product, close attention should be paid to the selection of a particular color scheme and texture. For example, classic-style models will look great with a woody image. For a bedroom, it is best to choose furniture in rich colors – cherry or ash;
  • Metal. The frame of the dressing table must be made of steel or bronze. Otherwise, after some time, the product will begin to deform, lose its attractive appearance and cease to fulfill its direct duties. In addition, all forged elements are made of metal, which are an integral part of such styles as Art Nouveau, Provence and Neo-Baroque. If the interior is decorated in high-tech style, then you can purchase tables with chrome metal elements;

  • Thread is one of the most attractive decorations, due to which such products are actively used when creating premises in the Baroque or Provence style. But for techno interiors, such furniture is unacceptable;
  • Glass. Previously, glass models could only be used for minimalism, but modern technologies allow you to get quite interesting dressing tables at the exit, which will be an excellent decoration for a classic style;
  • Plastic can only be used in high-tech interiors. Among the advantages should be noted durability: plastic dressing tables can retain their attractiveness and pristine appearance for many years.

Nuances of choice

After the main criteria for selecting a model have been studied, you should decide on the less important ones. First of all, pay attention to the size of the product. Measurements must be done as responsibly as possible, because even a small deviation can completely spoil the appearance of the room. In addition, you need to make sure that there will be no interference in the process of bringing furniture into the room, which is especially true for monolithic structures that cannot be disassembled..

In the selection process, you should also pay attention to the appearance of the product. Only by imagining how it will look in the room, you can understand whether it is suitable for installation in a bedroom or not. You can take a few samples of wallpaper with you to the furniture store to check their compatibility on the spot..

It should be borne in mind that the place for the corner dressing table should receive enough natural light, which will greatly simplify the use of furniture. If it is not possible to install furniture in such a way as to provide daylight, then you need to take care of additional light sources. On the modern market there are special small lamps that are designed for dressing tables and can be installed on the top of the mirrors.

An important role for ensuring the functionality of furniture is played by its spaciousness. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate it in advance with the model in order to choose a dressing table with ideal dimensions..

One of the most important parameters is the size of the mirror, because the larger options are much more convenient to use, but they cannot be installed in a confined space. Trellis is considered an excellent option, which allows you to look at yourself not only from the front, but also from the sides. If an armchair is not offered together with a corner dressing table, then it will have to be purchased separately. It should be combined not only with this furniture, but also with other interior items..

Thus, the modern corner dressing table has long become an exquisite interior decoration. The many advantages of such furniture make it an excellent option for installation in a bedroom..

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