Corner sofa “Amsterdam”

The Amsterdam sofa is particularly elegant. The upholstery in elegant colors and a variety of models make it possible to purchase the option that is most harmoniously combined with the interior. Soft pillows complete with a sofa and an orthopedic mattress are an absolute advantage, providing a comfortable pastime during the moments of rest and night sleep. Considering all the advantages of the Amsterdam sofa and its relatively low price, it is an impeccable representative of furniture for the middle class..


The design feature of the Amsterdam sofas is a mechanism called “tick-tock”. The transformation of furniture with such a mechanism is carried out without contact with the floor – in the air, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the floor covering.

The filling of sofas includes a spring block “Bonnel”. The composition of the filler also includes a double heat-pressed felt of a high density level, which has an exceptional airing property, high-quality batting and polyurethane foam..

Among the model range, the leather sofa “Amsterdam” with a long armrest attracts special attention. It is enough just to sit on it to feel how cozy and comfortable it is. Maximum comfort is ensured by the depth of the seat and the length of the armrests, made of 40 cm thick solid pine. The design features give the sofa a sophisticated style and luxury. It harmoniously combines the severity and smoothness of lines, soft textile texture and shine of the skin, color design using dark and pastel colors.

Transformation mechanisms such as ottoman and eurobook transform the Amsterdam sofa with a long armrest into a comfortable bed. The design provides for two spacious linen boxes.


The Amsterdam lineup includes several options for sofas, differing in structural and design features..

Corner sofa “Amsterdam-Kordroy” is universal. Its design allows for assembly on both sides. The transformation is carried out according to the “Eurobook” principle. The seat cushion in the corner is equipped with a lifting mechanism.

Combined upholstery of the “Kordroy” model:

  1. armrests and basement – made of artificial leather;
  2. seat – from suede;
  3. backrest in technical fabric.

  • Sofa “Amsterdam Light” differs in simplicity of design combined with ease of use. The Eurobook transformation mechanism creates a flat and comfortable sleeping surface. The peculiarity of the model lies in the versatility of placement both against the wall and in the center of the room. Large, full-width space under the bunk for storing linen.

  • Sofa “Amsterdam Sofia” manufactured in two designs: straight and angular. The appearance of the model is attractive from all sides, so that it can be installed not only against the wall, but also in the center of the room. An interesting feature is the sofa supports that raise it above the floor level. Large soft pillows as an element of decor look great and create comfort while relaxing.

  • Sofa “Amsterdam-Lux” deserves special attention due to the original design. Its sleeping place has beautiful decorative stitching. The quilted surface of the sleeping area gives it a unique look. The mattress can be considered orthopedic due to a block of springs that are independent of each other installed in the design of the berth..

Armrests are protected from dirt and abrasion by decorative pads.

  • Small sofa “Amsterdam Mini” ideal for any room and even fit on a loggia. Relaxing on a sofa of this size will be just as comfortable as on a sofa of standard sizes. Cozy space is provided by soft pillows. Only when transforming the sofa turns into a single bed.

  • Sofa “Amsterdam Dolphin” got its name from the transformation mechanism. This mechanism turns it into a comfortable large bed within two seconds. At the same time, the transformation process does not require much space, and the sofa is extremely suitable for small rooms. The four cushions in the set feature an intricate print and add a special touch to the decor. The color scheme is presented by a combination of light and dark tones, which allows you to install it in any room, even in a nursery.

  • Orthopedic sofa bed “Amsterdam 1.4” designed for convenience in everything – small, with easy transformation and high quality inner filler. Two overhead pillows serve as armrests. Feature of the model – photo prints that decorate the pillows and sofa upholstery.


Matting fabric serves as upholstery for most Amsterdam furniture models. It has a high density and strength, its thick fibers of a coarse weave, which gives it elasticity, and the upholstery retains its shape well and is easy to clean..

The body of the Amsterdam sofa is covered with eco-leather imitating natural leather. It is soft and elastic, very pleasant to the touch, resistant to mechanical damage and tear.

The cost of such material is several times cheaper than genuine leather, which affects the low cost of the piece of furniture itself..

Color solutions

The sofa “Amsterdam” has an elegant look due to the monochromatic upholstery fabric. Color solutions of the upholstery are monochromatic: dark – violet and dark blue, light – beige, gray and white. The use of bright shades and color options for upholstery fabric is sometimes a disadvantage..

The most popular colors among buyers are purple and dark blue. Such furniture will not stand out in the interior of any room, but on the contrary, it will harmoniously fit into it. Light colors of upholstery, beige, gray and white are more suitable for bedrooms. In general, the use of the sofa for its intended purpose ensures the long-term preservation of its original appearance..

Dimensions (edit)

The sizes of the Amsterdam series sofas are practically the same. However, some can still be attributed to more compact.

The standard dimensions of the Amsterdam model with the Eurobook mechanism are 240 * 115 * 100 cm with a berth 150 * 200 cm.

The Amsterdam sofa with wooden armrests is only 210 cm wide, unlike the standard 240 cm. At the same time, the sleeping place is quite spacious – 160 * 200 cm. This option is more versatile and is perfect for small apartments.

Slightly smaller in size is the sleeping place of the sofa “Amsterdam 1.4” with an orthopedic mattress measuring 136 * 192 cm.

The smallest size has a sofa bed “Amsterdam Mini” 122 * 155 cm. When assembled, it is 160 * 105 cm.

The range of sofas “Amsterdam” allows you to choose a model that is ideal for a particular type and size of the room.


Sofa “Amsterdam” has a large number of reviews, some of which are negative. In most cases, according to the manufacturer itself, this is due to the appearance on the market of fakes, which are almost impossible to track..

The original models “Amsterdam” deservedly receive the highest mark..

Among the reviews there are also those where buyers complain about the stiffness of the bed of the orthopedic sofa “Amsterdam”. In this case, it should be borne in mind that a special spring block and filler of this model was developed for preventive purposes..

According to reviews, the appearance of the representatives of the “Amsterdam” series is very elegant. Complaints about too easily soiled light-colored upholstery often have no basis, since eating and sleeping animals on the sofa is by no means a direct use of the sofa for its intended purpose..

Regarding the sleeping place and the convenience of resting on the sofa “Amsterdam”, the reviews are only positive. A separate point is decorative pillows that contribute to comfort. This is confirmed unanimously by all buyers..

Care of the sofa, according to customer reviews, is minimal. The eco-leather armrests are well washed, the pillow covers are removable and machine washable. Thanks to the high-quality matting, the fabric covers do not change their original appearance after washing.

The linen box of each model “Amsterdam” is an indispensable item for many housewives. It easily fits a set of bedding, and often serves to store seasonal clothes..

Corner models are especially appreciated by users of studio apartments. Reviews speak of its compactness and versatility. Easy change of the position of the corner part from one side to the other allows you to change the situation in the apartment.

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