Corner sofa in the interior

You won’t surprise anyone with traditional pieces of furniture. They do not correspond to the main principles of interior design, which are taken into account in modern times: functionality and minimalism. Traditional options do not allow people to express themselves, to create something unusual and creative. Craftsmen and ordinary consumers became interested in original interior solutions. Bright colors, non-standard combinations of texture and shape appear in modern houses. b interior space.

A special place was taken by furniture, which differs not only in its original appearance, but also in functionality.. A perfect example of this is the L-shaped sofa.. Today, a corner sofa in the interior is not only an ordinary piece of furniture, but also an exquisite decoration of the room. It is also a tool with which you can regulate


The couch is a comfortable and functional option in the interior. It acts as a style-forming link, gives the room individuality. Thanks to him, you can quickly transform even the most nondescript interior, zone the space, get an additional place to relax or sleep..

If you compare a corner sofa with a “regular” sofa-book, you can see many obvious advantages of the first option:

  1. Usefully takes up space in the corner, which is empty in many apartments / work spaces.
  2. Comfortable, stylish, modern design of the apartment.
  3. Replaces a full bed if necessary.
  4. Successfully zoning the interior space of the room.
  5. Fits harmoniously into any interior.

The L-shaped model has a large number of seats, people sitting on such a product can freely communicate with each other, looking into the eyes of the interlocutor. Corner models allow you not to spend money on the purchase of armchairs – their role is played by the side of the sofa.

An L-shaped sofa is a very good find for housewives. As a bonus to all the listed advantages, they get a great place to store various utensils..

Usually, manufacturers make all the sides hollow so that a variety of objects can be hidden there. In the bedroom you can fold bed linen, blankets and towels, in the living room – pillows and blankets, in the hallway – shoes and umbrellas, and in the kitchen – cooking utensils, small household appliances.

Corner sofas will be appreciated by creative people. With them, it is easy to change the interior of the room. To get a new look, you just need to do something with the shape. If you move the corner sofa to the opposite place, the zonal distribution will change dramatically..

Where to put?

L-shaped sofa model is universal. It is not only intended to be installed in a corner, as many are accustomed to. Such furniture may well stand in the center of the room..

Usually corner sofas are placed in the hall.. Calm colors, pleasant texture of upholstery, convenience – all this disposes to pleasant conversation, intimate conversation, relaxation. In modern living rooms, a corner sofa looks much better than bulky armchairs. A whole friendly company can easily be accommodated on such furniture. This place is very good for watching TV. Enough sofa space even for pets.

If the corner sofa is bought for bedroom, you should carefully choose the upholstery material, interior filling and color scheme (it should not be annoying). It should be understood that the modular design will fold and unfold at least twice every day. Therefore, it is better to give preference to the “eurobook” sofa option. In the bedroom, a leather sofa would be out of place. Bed linen will not hold on to it, and the creak from this natural material will not make sleep come on time.

Standing on the kitchen, the L-shaped sofa is used to perform the same functions as in the hall. It makes the room more comfortable and homely, because eating at the table, sitting on a soft sofa, is much more pleasant than on a chair, even with the softest upholstery. A corner sofa placed by the window saves space. A small kitchen can fit a whole family.

The model of corner small furniture with a sleeping place is a winning solution for a small apartment. If an unexpected guest suddenly appears and has asked for a night’s lodging, you can make a bed for him right on such a comfortable bed..

Corner sofas are different – both for the hall, bedroom, and for the kitchen. They do not provide an additional ottoman or couch, but there are a lot of style options. You can buy a product with a wooden base, which is ideal for a Provence-style kitchen, or choose a model that matches modern, high-tech or other interesting trends..

Color variations

In the interior, upholstered furniture is very important, and the choice of such products should be taken as seriously as possible, since even the smallest mistake will easily ruin the entire design. If there are usually no problems with the shape of the furniture, then the question regarding the shade of the sofa sometimes becomes very important for many.

So that the interior of the room does not spoil such a moment as the wrong color of the corner sofa, you need to know certain criteria that will help you make the right decision:

  1. Color has an impact on the human psyche. In the bedroom, it is better to refuse red, otherwise it will be difficult to fall asleep in such a sleeping place. Better to give preference to pastel colors. In the living room, bright and juicy colors will complement the interior, become an original accent.
  2. Shade should be combined with the style of the room.
  3. Practicality should not be inferior to beauty. Usually, upholstered furniture is bought for more than one year, so it is important to evaluate the conditions of use of the product and the features of caring for it..

White sofas look “expensive”, pretentious, they require constant cleaning – and not with plain water, but with special means. Bright color options also look impressive, but very soon the catchy colors will start to tire, annoy, even annoy (as the owners of such furniture claim in reviews).

When deciding on the color of furniture, you need to focus on your own preferences. You should not pay attention to the whims of fashion and the advice of friends. Any fashion trend is changeable. What was fashionable today may become irrelevant tomorrow..

How to choose?

The corner sofa in the interior will become the largest product in the room, so it is better to buy multifunctional options. Furniture should be chosen based on:

  • the number of places to sleep (this detail is especially important for one-room options where it is impossible to arrange a full-fledged bedroom);
  • spaciousness of furniture;
  • upholstery material;
  • dimensions of the structure.

Upholstery materials must be safe and environmentally friendly. Better to buy natural wood, metal, leather. You should choose a sofa with springs at the base, which are characterized by increased strength, and the frame was wood. If the living room is combined with the kitchen, it is more practical to buy upholstered furniture with removable covers. They can be cleaned and washed at any time. Choosing between the standard L-shaped and other designs (for example, oval and U-shaped), it is better to give preference to the former, since the rest of the shapes take up more space. If the room is small, such constructions will “eat up” precious square meters.

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