Corner sofa with shelf in the corner

Coming home after a hard day at work, you want to plunge into comfort and tranquility. A corner sofa with a shelf in the corner will help you to relax comfortably. It is this model that attracts the attention of many buyers. Let’s consider its main features and advantages..

Features and Benefits

Of course, every person associates a sofa with pleasant rest, relaxation and something positive. Moreover, all family members have different preferences. Someone just wants to lie down and watch TV, but someone wants to get comfortable with their favorite book in their hands. Consider the main features and benefits of a corner sofa with a shelf in the corner:

  • The main advantage of this product is the presence of a shelf. It is quite comfortable and comfortable. Thanks to her, your things will always be there..
  • Free access. You no longer need to bother someone in your family to get the item you need from the shelf. Everything will be freely available.
  • Shelves will become functional helpers in your daily life. At the same time, you will not feel an additional financial burden. Basically, products are made from plywood or MDF.
  • If you choose a large corner sofa, then it can be equipped with many shelves.. They will help not only to comfortably store various items, but also become a stylish addition to your interior..
  • As for the total cost of the goods, it is quite democratic.. You will not spend your entire family budget, but you will find a useful and stylish piece of furniture.
  • High quality. Usually, manufacturers who have found the trust of modern users produce fairly high-quality products. However, in any case, it is worth checking the goods with your own hands before buying. So you can be sure that the product will serve you for a long time..
  • Wide assortment of goods. Modern manufacturers produce various types of products. You can choose the option that suits your taste, as well as that will organically complement the style of your room..
  • Great mood. When you choose a trendy and comfortable sofa, you will be in a good mood. You will be happy to spend time in the room, relax and tune in to a positive mood..


As for the shortcomings, there are practically no such models. Unless they can take up a little more space than a standard sofa..

How to place additional shelves?

Similar models with a shelf in the corner have another important distinguishing feature – you can comfortably attach other shelves to them from different sides.. Let’s take a closer look at the common location methods:

  • Only a shelf in the corner. You can purchase a model where there is only a shelf in the corner. It should be noted that the corners can be different, respectively, and the shelves can be located in different ways. The simplest option is to attach the shelf to the back of the sofa. It can be small in size, while it is well suited for placing small items..

You can also use another option – to build the shelf into the back of the sofa. This model can be both closed and open. Such a device will be at a suitable height.

  • On the back. This option will be very interesting, it will help to decorate your room with style and increase its functionality. Usually this model is located at some distance from the wall. Shelves are built into the back wall of the sofa, as well as into the side parts. This model can be called the most roomy. At the same time, the shelves will be decorated elegantly and carefully..

  • At the bottom. Usually, many sofas have a space underneath them. It should be noted, however, that modern products sometimes have a different organization. The option will look stylish and fashionable, where the sofa is located on high legs, and the area under it is created for shelves, which come in various sizes. The cells themselves will look interesting. They come in different shapes..

Another similar method is the arrangement of cells along the perimeter of the back wall and sidewalls at the base level. Such additional compartments will significantly increase the storage capacity of the product. They can be equipped in various ways – open or closed shelves.

How to choose?

To make your purchase only enjoyable, you should first of all look at the quality of the product. Be sure to evaluate the parameters of the product. You will need to look at details such as seat depth, back height, sleeping area, storage area, shelves, upholstery, shade. Also, be sure to look at the style orientation. Everything should be harmoniously combined in your room..

It is worth purchasing a corner sofa with a shelf in the corner only in professional furniture stores. So you can protect yourself from fake. Also, be sure to take a good look at the product. It must be made with high quality, have smooth seams. The presence of an unpleasant odor should alert you. This may indicate that the product is of poor quality. You should be especially careful with online stores. It is there that there is a great risk of acquiring a low-quality product..

Popular models

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products that will appeal to all buyers. Consider the main models that have already won the trust of buyers:


This option belongs to a furniture factory “Fiesta-Furniture”. This elegant model will perfectly fit into modern living rooms, perfect for the Minimalist style. The sofa is quite organic, comfortable and comfortable. You will not find patterned ornaments in the model. At the same time, the elegant form is already becoming the highlight of the furniture. The accordion mechanism is used for unfolding. There are also compartments for linen. The back of the product is quite high. This allows the back and head to be well supported in the correct position. You can purchase a similar product in three different variations. As for the corner module, it is made as a closed compartment..

A sturdy lid rises above the seat. Thus, you get not only a sofa, but also a coffee table. The armrests also have a solid surface. They can be used as coasters. Upholstery is fabric, leather. Everything will depend on the category of filler, spring block, size, finish. Accordingly, the cost will depend on these indicators..

Bella Lux

This corner sofa has two comfortable shelves. The advantages of the product include the fact that the product is produced in a variety of color variations. Customers often prefer a soft fleecy fabric in several contrasting tones. This combination gives the furniture a rich look. The sofa is quite soft and comfortable. Closed shelves are located in the corner sector. The folding mechanism is of the “dolphin” type. There are also drawers for the products you need..

An attractive appearance is combined with a completely democratic cost. You can buy a quality sofa without spending your entire family budget. Be sure to evaluate the parameters you need before buying, and only then go to a furniture store.


A corner sofa with a shelf will allow you to rest comfortably after a tiring day at work. As such, the model does not have a corner sector, however, such a trapezoid sofa has wide armrests. They can be used as a shelf or a coffee table. The model has a spring block, it can be expanded according to the type “accordion”. The advantages of this model include its orthopedic properties. Leather, fabric, leatherette can be used as upholstery..

As for the cost, a pleasant surprise awaits buyers here. All models are available to the majority of the population. When choosing, be guided not only by the appearance of the item, but also by its functionality and other parameters that are important to you..

We looked at the features and benefits of a corner sofa with a shelf in the corner. Now you can purchase the option that is right for you. It is worth noting that it is these models that will help you solve the additional task of storing important items. Be sure to look at the quality of the product, check all the mechanisms. Indeed, not only the service life of the sofa, but also your mood will depend on how good and high-quality you buy a model..

Next, we suggest looking at the overview and the main characteristics of a corner sofa with a shelf.

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