Corner sofa with spring block

Each hostess tries to make her home as comfortable as possible. To do this, she uses many approaches and techniques that involve the use of furniture as decor. A special place here is occupied by such an attribute as a corner sofa with a spring block.. This design fits perfectly into almost any interior..

Basic concepts

The corner sofa is a kind of upholstered furniture. It is a versatile system that combines practicality and durability. A distinctive feature of such furniture is the presence of an attached corner, which complements the main surface.

Depending on the design, corner sofas can be divided into several types:

  • left-sided;
  • right-handed.

This characteristic indicates which angle is the main.

It is important when choosing a design for small rooms, where it will take up significant space. If the room is quite large, then almost any kind of corner sofa can be used in it..

Design features

Spring blocks are one of the most popular fillers for modern upholstered furniture. The main component of this design is a metal spring, which is capable of taking certain loads and regaining its shape after the pressure on them ceases..

Spring blocks can be divided into several basic types:

  1. Addicted. Designs of this type involve the combination of several springs. They are connected to each other using two horizontal metal frames. It turns out a kind of network of springs of a certain thickness. One of the advantages of such systems is their durability and strength. They can withstand significant loads without losing their original properties. The softness of the sofa depends directly on the diameter of the springs. Sometimes, to improve such characteristics, coconut bark is placed inside the springs. The disadvantage of this spring block is that it practically does not adapt to the curvature of the human spine..
  2. Independent. These designs are individual springs of varying heights and diameters. Each of them is placed in a special fabric bag during the production of a sofa and sewn up. After that, these bags are sewn together, forming an integral system. In this case, each spring moves independently of the others. This design perfectly adjusts to the human body, as it has good orthopedic characteristics..

Classification of mechanisms

Corner sofas today are used not only as seating, but also as a sleeping system. This is ensured by special mechanisms that allow you to place the indoor unit on the same level with the main surface. Thus, its area increases several times..

These sofas are equipped with several folding systems:

  1. “Eurobook”. This system involves extending the upper seating unit and then folding the supporting backrest. In corner sofas, this approach is quite rare, since many models are equipped with solid dependent corners..
  2. Draw-out mechanisms. This design consists of a movable block on which the main surface of the sofa is located. To unfold the system, the mechanism is pulled out on special rollers. Then the top of the seat folds back against the wall. This forms a full-fledged flat surface..
  3. “Accordion”. This system is quite simple, as the sliding unit consists of a seat and a sofa wall. To unfold the bed, you just need to extend the support legs, which will lead to a flat surface..
  4. “Dolphin”. This design is one of the most common in corner sofas. The indoor unit is hidden directly under the seat itself. If it is necessary to form a bed, it is pulled out and lifted onto special metal supports. The whole process is fully mechanized and requires minimal effort. Such systems are very economical as they do not take up much space. Experts recommend using them for small spaces..

Materials (edit)

Upholstery is an important attribute of every sofa, on which not only the appearance depends, but also the durability of the structure.. Today, furniture is finished with a variety of materials, among which several of the most popular types of fabric can be distinguished:

  1. Tapestry. This material is classified as natural. The product is completely safe for human health, since almost everything consists of natural substances. Among the advantages of tapestry, one can single out its high strength, it does not fade and creeps. The main disadvantage of this upholstery is the ability to accumulate dust, which can damage the appearance of the material..
  2. Jacquard. The coating is very easy to maintain and also has a chic design.
  3. Velours. This fabric has a soft velvety pile surface, which is formed by synthetic fibers. Among the positive aspects of velor are durability, strength and resistance to stretching..
  4. Chenille is characterized by strength and high density. The composition of the material includes both natural and synthetic fibers that affect the previously indicated properties. The fabric is very breathable, reducing the growth of harmful bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the sofa.
  5. Flock. The product is very durable and durable, so many experts recommend buying sofas from it for those who have pets.
  6. Artificial leather. The fabric perfectly tolerates multiple bends that do not affect its structure in any way.
  7. Artificial fur. The composition of this material includes soil and pile cover. This finish is perfect for luxurious spaces with original designs..

The best option is a corner sofa with an independent spring block, which meets all the requirements for comfort and coziness..

You will learn more about the pros and cons of spring block sofas in the following video..

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