Corner sofa

Man has always needed a comfortable place to rest and sleep. For a comfortable pastime in the house, you need a high-quality sofa that will accommodate a friendly company or immerse you in the world of convenience and relaxation.

Features and Benefits

The corner sofa is the most common, practical and comfortable type of furniture for rest and leisure. It is ideal for spaces where there is little space. Corner models form an angle of 90 degrees. Usually they are in the shape of the letter G or P. This allows you to install it along two walls, thereby taking up little space, saving space.

The scope of this furniture is varied. You can use it every day – watch TV on it, read, just have a heart-to-heart conversation or make guests sit down. It is also suitable for daily sleep, since most have a folding mechanism, and the area of ​​the recumbent surface is doubled..


The design idea, as well as its technical implementation, largely depends on the taste of the consumer, his wealth and fashion trends. The sum of these factors affects the appearance of all sorts of the usual symbol of coziness and comfort for all people – a sofa..

One of the most frequently purchased models is a sofa with an inner linen storage compartment. This option is suitable for large families or apartments and houses where there is little free space. Bed linens, blankets and pillows fit easily into the designated space. The drawer slides out freely from the main body. There are also storage spaces that are hidden in the armrests. They help to hide, for example, the “duty” pastel set, which is given only when guests are staying at your place..

A regular corner sofa bed can be complemented by wooden armrests. They have quite a few advantages. Firstly, if there is enough space, you can put glasses, plates or something else on them. Secondly, the wood covering will protect the surface most susceptible to wear and tear. And thirdly, it is an integral part of the decor element, which can be matched to the main ensemble of furniture in the house or combined in colors with the floor covering..

The dominant majority of modern corner sofa beds have orthopedic mattresses. It provides the most comfortable and correct position of the back and spine during sleep and just rest. It is pleasant to sit on it, there is no feeling that you are falling into the depths.

In addition, at the request of the customer or the idea of ​​the manufacturer himself, corner sofas can be equipped with a high back for a comfortable stay on it. A person will be able to lean on the entire surface of the back, this contributes to better rest and relaxation.

Manufacturers try to make modern models practical to use and make them with pedestals or one or two drawers. Undoubtedly, such innovations only increase the usability. In addition to pastel accessories, you can put household appliances in the cabinet (TV remote control, manicure accessories, balls and knitting needles).

Transformation mechanisms

Depending on the room and the amount of space in it, several types of mechanisms have been created to easily and quickly transform the sofa into a bed or resting place. Usually they are called by analogy with devices of similar things.. There are the following types:

  1. Puma;
  2. “Book”;
  3. Eurobook;
  4. With swivel mechanism;
  5. “Pantograph”;
  6. “Dolphin”;
  7. With a retractable corner;
  8. “Accordion”;
  9. Draw-out mechanism;
  10. “Sedaflex”;
  11. “Milan”;
  12. “Cormac”;
  13. “Brussels”.

Every year there are more mechanisms. Designers, together with manufacturers, try to group them in order to find the most comfortable and practical options for frequent use..

It should be noted that for corner sofas, mainly such types of transformation are used as “accordion”, “sedaflex”, “eurobook”, “dolphin” and roll-out.

How to assemble and disassemble?

All mechanisms are unique and convenient in their own way, but before choosing you need to know how they work.


The basic principle is that first the main seat unit is lifted up, then the exit lower part is pulled forward until it stops. Next, pull the outboard seat up and forward. As a result of this, the second seat will come out from under it, which is fixed at the level with the first. At the end, lower the main seat unit into place. For assembly, all steps are repeated in reverse order..


It should be noted that this is the most popular transformation mechanism. It is called eternal due to its special strength. To turn the sofa into a bed, you need to lift the seat up until it clicks. The backrest itself will take a horizontal position, thereby creating a spacious sleeping space.


This look is very easy to use. People call it “Alternative”. It works as follows: the seat is pushed forward, and then the back is lowered onto the resulting space. It opens and closes like a book cover. To return to the original state, everything is done in reverse order..

With swivel mechanism

One of the most convenient layout methods. By slightly turning part of the seat to the side until it stops, it is transformed into a sleeping place. By moving the seat back, the furniture returns to its original appearance. The advantage of this method is the ease of movement of a part of the sofa without much effort..


This mechanism, also known as “Tick-Tock”, is an improved mechanism of the Eurobook model. As in the case of the mentioned transformation, it is necessary to push the seat forward. However, in order to do this, it must be lifted by slightly pulling upwards. The hinges themselves will help you to take the necessary position. Next, we put the seat on the floor and lower the back into the resulting space. The result is a sleeping place. To collect the bed to its original position, first the backrest is raised, followed by the seat, which moves into place until it stops.


This is the most reliable transformation model. There is a roll-out platform at the base. When the sofa is assembled, it is under the seat. To transform, roll out the platform and pull it up. When the surface rises, gently pull it towards you to set it flush with the other seats. The result is a spacious sleeping and relaxation area. After resting, pull on the strap, lower the platform and slide it under the seat.

Retractable corner

The extreme one-seater part of a regular sofa moves forward according to the Eurobook transformation type. The result is a corner turn and more room to accommodate people..


This mechanism allows you to save space as much as possible, has high strength and durability. To transform the sofa into a bed, it is enough to slightly raise the front and pull it towards you. You don’t need to do anything further, the bed itself will take the correct position, creating a rather large space for operation. To fold everything back up, lift the seat up to the first click and lower it to the floor. Further, the mechanism will return to its original position if you push it all the way into the back.


This option is suitable for those rooms and premises where you need more space during the day for work and household chores, and at night – a spacious reclining place to sleep. Pull the front seat loops towards you. The rest of the parts will begin to move forward with further pull on themselves. This type is very simple and not complicated to use. To roll a piece back, just slide it inside.


In common people it is called “Clamshell”. The system itself is located inside the sofa. When assembled, it is hidden under the pillows. To convert, remove the cushions, pull up the seat and unfold the top section. Then fix its base in a horizontal position. Everything will take a stationary position if you repeat the steps in reverse order.


The peculiarity of the mechanism is that the entire upper body of the sofa rises, opening special compartments for storing things. To lift the frame with the mattress, you need to pull on the special textile handle, and then, by inertia, the special hinges will fit as needed. This also works in the opposite direction to return the recumbent rest area to its place.


This species is a hybrid. Here “Milan” and “dolphin” are mixed. In a corner sofa, most often the narrow side part unfolds like Milan, and the large and main part is like a dolphin.


The mechanism is also mixed. The narrow corner part folds out like “Milan”, and the main one – like “pantograph”.

Dimensions (edit)

The parameters are most often set by the customer himself, but there are standards in streaming production. As a rule, the width ranges from 1.5-1.8 meters, and the length is 2 or 3 meters. The dimensions of the furniture must be selected for the main purpose. If a large family lives in the house, then a three-seater sofa will help in seating people, for example, when watching a movie together, or celebrating a birthday.

There are also compact double models. They fit easily into small spaces. The model of the corner sofa “Malibu” has a width of 360 cm, a height of 87 cm from the floor. Not a low level contributes to a comfortable position of the legs. But the narrow size of the bed (160 cm) allows you to comfortably accommodate only 1 adult.

The corner mini-sofa is usually used for seating at the dining table in the kitchen. Usually this model does not unfold, but has space under the seats for storing things..

Long corner sofas – from 3 meters wide, often used for home theaters or office spaces.


The variety of modern forms of corner sofas constantly delights the buyer. Any apartment can be furnished with furniture for every taste. In stores you can find standard L-shaped and U-shaped corner sofas. There are also corner left, right and universal options. Nowadays, more complex shapes can be found, since the house itself has ceased to be an ordinary square box. There are apartments and houses with semicircular and round projections – bay windows, which allow you to increase the internal space. A corner sofa with a round back will fit perfectly into such an interior.

You can also find this model, consisting of modular compartments. This type is suitable for people who love frequent changes in the arrangement of furniture. Parts of it can be located in different corners of the room..


Choosing the color of the upholstery “soft friend”, you should be guided by several rules. All colors are divided into 2 main groups: warm stimulating and cold soothing..

Warm ones include red, brown, orange, yellow, green. These colors are suitable for the upholstery of sofas that are in offices, work areas at home, living room. It is important to understand that the color of the walls should also be in harmony with the furniture. Bright shades should not be overused. If the room, for example, has bright yellow walls, then a sofa of the same color will oversaturate the color filling of the room. In this case, it will be better to give preference to lighter or beige tones..

White and black are neutral colors and are best used in small quantities, as there is a chance to make the room light and impersonal, or dark with an oppressive atmosphere..

Cold palette – blue, purple, its shade – lilac, indigo and others. Blue or shades of blue can help create a calming environment that is needed in a bedroom or sitting area. Blue can be used for the upholstery of office sofas as it is associated with trust, wisdom and strength. Purple or lilac colors favor a romantic or creative atmosphere. It will be very pleasant to have a cup of tea, do handicrafts or creativity on a sofa of this color..

Materials (edit)

When choosing a corner sofa for yourself, it is important to clarify what the frame and upholstery with filler was made of. Whenever possible, always give preference to natural and sustainable materials to sleep and rest without worrying about your health..

The creation of any furniture and sofa in particular begins with its frame. It can be metal, wood, or a combination of these two materials. In practice, the chipboard frame is impractical, it is unreliable and heavy, which complicates its transportation and movement. For a high-quality and durable base, as a rule, take “soft” wood. This is usually a pine tree. Such a body will be lighter in weight and will serve its owner longer. The exception is the backrest and armrests, they must be made of hard rock..

Be sure to check that all wood surfaces are dry and treated with a special pest and mildew treatment. If the technology has been violated, then there is a risk of a squeak, and this is not good for the resting person.

Furniture on a metal frame is not inferior in strength to wood. It is convenient to disassemble it into components and move it if necessary. For greater endurance and strength, the structure should not have sharp, untreated corners, as well as welds. Manufacturers often create models in which a wooden lattice is located on a metal base..

Frames are also made of artificial rattan, or matting. In terms of quality, it is quite durable and can withstand adverse conditions such as high humidity, rain, scorching sun. Usually garden or country furniture is made from it. Sometimes such sofas can be found in office premises..

As for the upholstery, there are many more options, it all depends on the preferences and wealth of the buyer. Appearance is one of the important components of any furniture that you should pay attention to when buying. Upholstery can be made from fabric, natural leather and its artificial substitute..

The fabric varies in texture, color, technical characteristics and, of course, price. Most often they take for upholstery:

  • Flock. Previously, for its production, synthetic thread was used with the addition of cotton and natural wool. Therefore, this fabric is pleasant to the touch. The material is practical, resistant to moisture and deterioration, easy to clean and does not fade too quickly from bright sunlight.
  • Velours. It is very dense in structure and has a small pile. He will delight the owner of a sofa with such a fabric with a velvety surface, pleasant to the touch. The material is well cleaned, does not attract dust, is wear-resistant and, most importantly, is not toxic.
  • Chenille. This is the most popular material. This fabric consists of natural cotton with the addition of acrylic, viscose or polyester. This fiber will give the sofa a beautiful and aesthetic look. But, unfortunately, it cannot boast of its practicality. This material is prone to the formation of clues, which will not particularly please cat owners. The resulting stains cannot be removed with water, only dry cleaning, otherwise the fabric will “crawl” and deteriorate.
  • Jacquard. This material is unique in that it is tough and slightly slippery. He is able to give an external chic and gloss to any sofa. For its production, bright colors are usually used, complex and unusual ornaments are drawn. The fabric is unpretentious in care, but wet cleaning should be abandoned.
  • Tapestry. This is a rather expensive material, since it contains more than 60% cotton. It is very durable and generally durable. Upholstered furniture covered with such a fabric will delight you with its beauty and showiness.

High-quality artificial leather in its parameters is in no way inferior to fabric cover. It is much easier to maintain, and the price will also pleasantly surprise you. Genuine leather is one of the most expensive upholstery materials today. The coating is breathable, easy to clean from dirt, but demanding in care. The skin should not dry out, otherwise cracks will appear..

The soft component, the filler, is also worth paying attention to, since comfort depends on the “filling”. The filling can be made of foam rubber, polyurethane foam, plush, spring blocks.

High-quality spring blocks must evenly distribute the load along the entire perimeter, this prevents the appearance of squeak and noisy friction of the springs against each other. Mattresses with such filling are orthopedic and support the back in the correct position during sleep and rest..

Foam rubber as a filler is also good. However, quite soon physiological dents from the body form on it. The terrain becomes uneven and inconvenient. In this case, you should choose sofas with a multi-layer foam layer, which will extend its service life..

PPU (polyurethane foam) is a modern material for filling furniture. To the touch, it resembles foam rubber, but in quality it is several times better.


Modern technologies and a wide variety of materials allow you to find a sofa of absolutely any style. They can be conditionally divided into modern and classic. The most popular are the classic ones. Such furniture will easily fit into the interior and add solidity to it. Its main features are a high back, comfortable seating, and the absence of decorative elements. Design ideas are embodied in an incredible number of beautiful sofas. However, practicality does not always stand in the 1st place..


  • Hi-Tech. This style is characterized by the use of the most advanced mechanisms, which provides increased comfort in use. As a rule, such corner sofas have great functionality and practicality. Often suede or leather is used for upholstery..
  • Modern. Differs in the presence of bright colors and non-standard ornaments. Its main goal is to turn a piece of furniture into a unique and inimitable thing. These sofas are always pleasing to the eye and make the apartment more comfortable..
  • Provence. In this style, simplicity, lightness of forms and captivating charm are noted. Usually, the upholstery has a floral pattern or is made in warm pleasant shades..

How to choose?

Choosing an original and comfortable corner sofa is not an easy task. Its choice must be taken with due attention, since it will be used daily. There are a number of points, following which, it is easy and simple to purchase a quality product..


Before purchasing, you must measure the width and length of the proposed placement site. Otherwise, the purchased model may simply not fit into the space allotted for it..

The size

If a sofa is bought for both leisure and sleep, it is important to know that the sleeping place must be at least 5-6 cm larger than the sleeping person’s height. In a cramped bed, it is difficult to achieve complete relaxation, which means that the next morning the body will be lethargic and tired..


The backbone of the sofa must be strong and of high quality, 70% of the comfort in use depends on it. It is better if it is made of steel or quality wood without knots.


The purpose of the purchase is also important. For yourself, you need to determine which function will be the main one. The choice of the transformation mechanism and the size of the furniture itself depend on this. If it will be used as a bed, then folding sofas should be preferred. And if for ordinary gatherings in the living room, then non-folding options.


When choosing a sofa with an angle, it is useful to know that the models have a right, left or universal angle. Finding out what kind of couch he is is pretty simple. Stand facing him and determine on which side the short element is. If he is with an ottoman on the left, then the left, if on the right, then the right.

Transformation mechanism

When choosing a folding option, you need to understand how often the sofa will turn into a bed. There are two types of mechanisms: for daily use and guest. For the first case, “dolphin”, “eurobook”, “tick-tock”, roll-out mechanisms are best suited. The guest option takes up a lot of space. This includes the “French” clamshell, “sedaflex”.


The upholstery material combines two functions – decorative and practical. Upholstery determines the appearance of the model and affects its performance. There are 3 types of materials: fabric, artificial and genuine leather. Modern fabrics have unique and unusual properties, such as resistance to moisture and fading, practicality, anti-vandal cut from pets. Artificial leather is also easy to care for and is not inferior to fabric or leather covering.

The most elite sofa cover is, of course, genuine leather. It is durable, breathable, but requires careful maintenance, unlike other upholstery materials.


The durability and level of comfort when using upholstered furniture depends on the filler. The best in durability are fillers made from spring blocks. They do not retain moisture and can withstand heavy loads. You should also give preference to polyurethane foam filler. It adapts to your body shape, is comfortable to sit on and easy to get up on.

Accessories and add-ons

It is always a pleasure to buy a sofa when beautiful sofa decks or special covers for the sofa are included with soft pillows. They protect furniture from premature wear and tear.

Where to put?

As mentioned earlier, before buying, you need to evaluate the size of the furnished premises. A small sofa will not look very good in a large apartment, and vice versa. Hence the first rule for arranging furniture – proportionality. It is best to schematically depict the room on paper and indicate the dimensions, so it is much easier not to make a mistake.

The corner sofa is specific in its shape and is usually placed with its back against the wall. But it’s better not to rush and think over the situation. If the hall is elongated rectangular, then it is better not to put such a sofa along the length of a part of the wall. This arrangement will only emphasize the disproportionality of the room. You can experiment and expand the “carriage” room into sectors. The L-shaped shape will be able to separate the working area from the recreation area.

For small rooms close to a square shape, a corner sofa bed will be an excellent solution. It is advisable not to choose dark shades, otherwise such furniture will visually “eat up” a small space even more.

Modern house layouts include large loggias and balconies. This space can also be used rationally. It is always pleasant to sit with a cheerful company on the balcony with comfort. Corner L-shaped sofa will fit well into the small size of the loggia. If the dimensions allow, then you can install a U-shaped corner sofa and put a coffee table between the sides.

Furnishing a cottage or cottage, one should understand its direct purpose. The dacha is a place to relax, and the overload of the room with furniture does not give complete unity with nature and will leave the feeling of being in a city apartment. If there is a fireplace in the room, then a U-shaped sofa will perfectly fit in front of it. He will gather all guests and owners of the cottage in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth..

An office layout differs from the usual furniture arrangement in a room. This room is intended for work, important negotiations, discussion of business issues. Therefore, furniture should not distract from the working mood. It goes without saying that the selected corner sofa is not designed for sleeping. It should be laconic, comfortable and have a firm mattress (so as not to get sleepy). Colors – cold and neutral tones.

Usually sofas in the shape of the letters G and P are placed in the middle of the conference room or against the wall in the reception area. The corner sofa is also indispensable for an office dining room. It will help to comfortably and conveniently seat colleagues in front of the table..


Any item is not durable, and the consumer always wants to extend its life, especially when it comes to furniture. A high-quality and good sofa is not cheap, and people use it during the day, very often. Over a long service life, scuffs and roughness are formed, which clearly do not add beauty to either it or the interior as a whole. Pets also reduce the amount of time they use the sofa. Basically, cats and dogs like to sharpen their claws on the upholstery or chew on bulging surfaces. It also happens that you just want to change the atmosphere in the house..

In all these cases, stretching the sofa can help. If the damage is small, then you can fix it yourself (sew up, touch up). But if the defects are on a large scale, then you should contact the furniture company where the sofa was purchased or in a specialized studio. This pleasure is not cheap. The price will depend on the material for the new banner, decorative processing and the size of the sofa itself.


Each corner sofa model is unique. The quality of the product speaks for itself through the reviews of real buyers. By listening to them, you can avoid mistakes in your choice..

The owners of the “Brussels” model speak very positively about it. The size is very convenient and looks very small, but when it is folded into a bed, you get 2 comfortable berths. And the inner shelf pleases with its spaciousness. It was also noted that the seats do not sag.

People who bought the Rhine sofa are not entirely satisfied with the quality, but note the large size of the laundry drawer and the convenient assembly mechanism. However, after a year of use, the mattress filler of the retractable part began to sag, since it is softer in structure than ordinary seats. As a result of this, back pain may appear due to an uneven surface..

Analyzing reviews of the Montreal sofa, we can say that it is suitable for a large family. He has a comfortable seat. However, it is not suitable for seating guests at the table due to the high seating position. Although you can pre-select the optimal table height for the sofa.

As for the “Polo” model, then many people argue that it is certainly good. The sofa is easy to use, easy to unfold and has a low weight of the frame. The roomy compartment for bedding is especially emphasized. The only drawback is the pillows, they do not hold their shape

Options such as Boston and Modern are trendy and stylish and highly regarded by consumers. They celebrate their elegance, practicality and rather large fold-out space for sleeping and relaxing..

The sofa “Madison”, as noted by those who bought it, is soft and very comfortable to sit and relax on.

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