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When planning an apartment, it is important to correctly distribute every centimeter of your space. This is especially true if the room is rather small. A corner wall will help to emphasize the style, save space and organize all things. In this article, we will look at the main features and benefits of these models..


The corner wall is a modern and sought-after piece of furniture in any room. Many users prefer to purchase such furniture today. Its main features:

  • One of the earliest and most striking features is saving space. This is important for those people who do not have spacious apartments. Such furniture will help you perfectly organize and accommodate a variety of clothes, shoes, decor items. There is also a place for TVs and household appliances. Your household will no longer need to look for lost things throughout the house..
  • The second point follows from the first point – roominess. Furniture design of any model assumes that there is enough space in the closet to put all the important items for you there..
  • Aesthetic look. Each such product is designed to provide your apartment with only attractiveness. This option for arranging a room will allow you to hide its various flaws, uneven walls, low-quality wallpaper and much more..
  • Wide range of. This option will also appeal to the most discerning user. After all, they will be able to find exactly the model they dreamed of. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of options..
  • Each wall will help emphasize unique style premises. It is important to choose the right model, as well as its style orientation. Must be in harmony with the corner wall and other interior items. There should be no dissonance in shade. Observing all these rules, you can create coziness and comfort in your home..

  • Variety of designs. You can choose the option that is right for your family. It can be frame furniture, modular or built-in models..
  • Functionality. This parameter is quite important when choosing furniture. Modern corner walls can consist of a variety of shelves, niches, wardrobes, showcases for souvenirs.
  • With the right model, you can even correct the shape of the room. So, the corner option can visually expand a narrow room, increase the space. You can also plan the internal filling of products yourself..
  • Versatility. You can install such a cabinet in any room. There are models that will be optimal for the hall, bedroom, kitchen. You just have to decide on the stylistic direction.
  • Affordable cost. Due to the wide variety of models, the wall can be purchased at an affordable price. You will definitely find an option that suits you for the price. In this case, the quality of the goods should also be taken into account. Too low price may indicate a low-quality product. However, high cost does not guarantee high quality either. Therefore, you should be vigilant, check the product yourself when buying.
  • Positive emotions. By purchasing a corner wall that is attractive to you and all members of your family, you will experience only positive emotions. This will help you achieve your goals and maintain a positive microclimate at home..


Modern firms that produce furniture offer a variety of interesting models. Among them there are both strict classic options and the most daring creative studies of experienced designers. It is worth deciding in advance which model you want to buy and which one will ideally fit into your room..

Consider the main types of structures:


Such options are represented by a rigid frame, which is the basis of all furniture. Having assembled and installed the wall, it will remain unchanged. To fix the model somehow, you need financial costs. The positive aspects include high wall strength, reliability.


This option is notable for the fact that any area of ​​the wall can be replaced at any time. Thus, cabinets, bedside tables, hanging shelves, and other elements can successfully exist independently of each other. Cabinet furniture can have different shelves for clothes and things. This option is perfect for a student..


Such models can be made based on your preferences and the required dimensions of the furniture. You can install such a wall in any room, in any corner. This option will be quite roomy, since there are no internal walls here. However, there is also a small drawback. The entire structure cannot be moved from its place or taken to another apartment, even with a strong desire.

It should be noted that if the apartment has low ceilings, then it is better to order a wall to the very ceiling. So you can visually stretch the room, increase the capacity of the cabinets..

  • With TV niche. You will be able to place appliances in the depths of the entire furniture composition. Also, the product will become a reliable protection for your equipment. The only possible drawback is that it will take a lot of space..
  • With a desk or computer desk. So the wall will help create a personal study where you or your children can study.

  • With showcases. It is in the wall of the hall that people keep relics, photographs, decor items. This will help give your room individuality and originality..
  • With shelving. Your favorite books will fit comfortably there. At the same time, remember that things must also be in harmony with each other..

  • For those who love creative designs, there is radius corner wall. It has soft, streamlined lines. Often such options are ordered for hallways or bedrooms. Products with a spacious interior space will allow you to store a variety of things and objects.
  • Many modern users choose wall “slide”. This design assumes a wide base and a narrow top. These models are intended for small rooms. They will help to give lightness and airiness to the apartment..

Thus, you should choose those options that are suitable for your apartment..

Dimensions (edit)

Corner walls can be of completely different parameters. When you go to the store, it is worthwhile to calculate in advance the dimensions of the furniture you need, and also know where you will put the product. This will greatly facilitate the choice. There are large and small options, mini and oversized products. It is worth remembering the basic rule – you should not put massive walls in small apartments. They will only make your whole style concept heavier. Better to choose a compact version.

For those people who have a sufficient number of square meters, have spacious apartments, you can look for interesting options from floor to ceiling of impressive sizes.

Manufacturers overview

Modern corner walls are produced by almost all popular furniture factories. The products are based on high quality, practicality and durability. Consider the most popular firms:

  • Gold. This domestic company produces many modern models. Among them are Rondo. This corner wall has bright decorative elements and at the same time austere design. There is a backlight. The TV can be conveniently placed on the bedside table. The set includes a wardrobe, a sideboard, showcases, shelves, drawers. The whole structure is made of MDF, the body is made of laminated chipboard. The cost of this model is quite high, while the quality is on top.

The company also has more budget options. For example, the Milan model. This corner wall is inexpensive and designed for the living room. The structure includes a wardrobe, a pencil case, shelves, a curbstone, open and closed shelves. Created a model from laminated chipboard.

  • Italian manufacturers are also in demand. For example, a company Robur. The company’s products can be classified as premium. Wall No. 56 consists of shelves and open shelves. There is also a hinged module, a TV cabinet. Created a wall from MDF.

How to choose?

Choosing the right wall is not easy. It is worthwhile to take a responsible trip to the store. Be sure to decide on the style, parameters and location of the future furniture. This will make the choice easier. Remember that bulky options should not be purchased for a small room. They will make the room even more modest. Everything should be harmonious and stylish.

For the hall, you can pick up corner walls to order. Of course, this option will not be cheap. But you will be sure that it will suit your apartment. At the same time, you can order the most creative finishes from designers. If you want to save money and purchase ready-made models, then you can buy a corner modular version. It will look harmonious in any space. Usually, such a wall has a curbstone where you can conveniently position the TV..

A slide will also be an excellent option for the hall. There will be more compartments at the bottom than at the top. Such racks are in great demand now. They allow not only to arrange all objects, but also to create a positive airy atmosphere in the apartment. Such options are perfect for any room, they will not take up much space..

As for the walls for the bedroom, the corner option is perfect for a children’s room. It will help you save space efficiently. It will be possible to store baby’s clothes, bedding, toys here. If the child is still very small, then it is better to order a mini-wall. She usually has a small height. This is done so that in the future the child can get out toys and other objects on his own..

It is worth remembering that such furniture must be made of high quality and safe materials. Eliminate sharp corners, glass and plastic elements.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Modern corner walls are becoming indispensable helpers for people who have modest housing. You can successfully position the product in any room and save space. Also, roomy furniture will help you organize all your things..

Today, many buyers give their choice to light walls. It is no secret that it is these shades that help to visually enlarge the space, make it lighter and wider. Also, light colors have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. However, natural brown shades are also popular. They will help to give your home nobility and sophistication. You can also choose contrasting small-sized options, organically combining them with other interior items.

You can also pick up other models of similar furniture. For example, creating a custom-made product would be a good option. So you can accurately embody your creative research, create a model with certain parameters. However, such options will not be budgetary. If you are not constrained by money, then it is worth considering a similar option..

Now you know all the pros and cons of such furniture. When choosing a product, you should trust only those furniture stores that have gained their fame and also have positive reviews. Let your wall bring you only pleasure and only positive emotions.

For even more models of corner walls, see the next video..

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