Corner wardrobes to the balcony

When arranging his apartment, every person wants to make the most of its entire area. It is important not to clutter up the space while creating the perfect interior. Particular attention should be paid to your loggia. A corner wardrobe on the balcony will allow you to comfortably and conveniently store your things. Let’s consider the main advantages of such a product and its features..

Features and Benefits

Surely everyone is familiar with such a situation when the balcony turns into a place where various unnecessary things are stored. In order not to randomly clog up the space, it is worth using a convenient wardrobe, which will be located on the balcony in the corner..

Its main advantages include:

  • The most important thing is the rational use of space. It is the corner version of the furniture that fits perfectly into the interior. The practical design can be installed in any size room. They will help organize many things..
  • Each such cabinet differs in capacity. In it, you can create many shelves to neatly place shoes, fold clothes and other items..
  • Stylish models are notable for their uniqueness. Corner wardrobe always looks unusual. It will help to add uniqueness to your balcony, and uniqueness to the interior..
  • Availability. You can buy the product in any furniture store. In this case, it is worthwhile to carefully approach the choice of furniture. Be sure to determine the size of the product in order to successfully fit it into the room..

  • Affordable price. Choose a product that will be available to you at a price. Experienced firms offer a wide range of products.
  • Expanded assortment. Due to the large number of products on the furniture market, you can find your own version that will best suit your home in style. Decorating your balcony with a stylish corner wardrobe, you can not only pleasantly amaze friends and relatives with the attractive appearance of the loggia, but also its functionality and spaciousness.
  • Great mood. By purchasing multifunctional furniture that fits well into the space of the balcony, you can get an aesthetic pleasure. A good mood will be the key to your success in any business..


Among the whole variety of corner products for the loggia, several types can be distinguished:

Standard Models

These products are made from floor to ceiling. Such a model will be a good assistant when storing things. The furniture will fit comfortably into each loggia, help to delimit the space into zones. Inside such furniture, you can find many compartments, cabinets, sections and niches. You will be able to put all the necessary items there. Now they will not be randomly scattered all over the balcony. You will make room for other creative interior elements. Some designs also include bars for hanging clothes..

Floor options

Such corner structures will be optimal for storing food. You can buy models in stores or create them yourself. In the latter case, you will purchase an exclusive option that will pleasantly surprise all your friends. Be sure to insulate such a closet. After all, vegetables and fruits in winter should not freeze. The main advantages of such a cabinet include its versatility. You can use this option not only for storing food, but also for folding tools and things. Due to the fact that the structure will be small, the surface of the furniture can be used as a table.

They have floor-standing options with impressive capacity. Inside you can find many sections, drawers, which vary in shape and size. They will help you to comfortably store your tools and other essential accessories. Additional compartments in the structure will be an excellent area for storing screwdrivers, screws, nuts, hammers.


Such models will help to effectively fill a niche in the balcony space. This will help you save space. It should also be noted that cabinets can have doors. Coziness and ease of use of furniture will also depend on this. For example, a model with hinged doors is generally preferred by connoisseurs of the classics. It can be a stylish and roomy corner wardrobe. However, its disadvantage is the impossibility of using the space occupied by an open door. At the same time, the advantages include tightly closing doors, practicality and durability. By opening such a cabinet, you will immediately see its contents, so it will be easier to find a certain thing..

Roller shutter options are also suitable for balconies. These models have a large capacity, help to save space. Aluminum doors protect the interior of the furniture from the scorching sun, dust, moisture. Their advantages also include the fact that the roller shutters can be easily mounted, and no additional space is required when lifting. It is very easy to open the cabinet, and to any height. The advantages include ease of care of the product, ease of cleaning.

The benefits also include the ability to express your creativity. For example, you can create a wardrobe by airbrushing it. Different design incarnations will give a unique look to your balcony.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then they also exist. Folding doors do not touch the structure tightly enough. Because of this, thermal insulation properties are lost. Also, in the open form, a fairly small opening is obtained. It can also complicate the process of finding the right product a little. There are options with an accordion door. Such models are very comfortable and practical. Such a corner cabinet will perfectly fit into any room, will become a highlight of the interior of any loggia. However, he also has disadvantages. Sliding door design takes up a lot of space inside the cabinet.

Materials (edit)

When choosing a cabinet, you should initially pay attention to the raw materials that make up the product. After all, everyone wants him to please not only with his attractive appearance, but also with practicality, durability and spaciousness. Let’s consider the main options:


Chipboard plates are often used in the manufacture of models..

It should be noted that this material has a number of positive characteristics:

  • Long service life. Furniture made from similar raw materials can serve you for more than 15 years or even more..
  • High strength. Thanks to laminated boards, the structure can withstand heavy loads. They will not crack, break or sag..
  • Will not spoil the product and high humidity or sunlight.
  • The price of each model will pleasantly surprise their customers. You will definitely find an option that suits you at a cost..

It should be noted that chipboard can be used in the manufacture of a corner cabinet by hand. Plates can be easily sawn, assembled and bonded. You can decorate the wardrobe at your discretion. The main thing to remember is that all furniture should be in a single concept and be combined with the style of the room..

Natural wood

Undoubtedly, this material occupies a leading position in quality, demand and durability. It is environmentally friendly raw materials that are highly valued in the furniture market. That is why products made from this material are not cheap..

The main advantages include:

  • Exquisite appearance. Such furniture always looks rich and dignified..
  • Health safety. This indicator is often decisive when buying a product..
  • Stylish design. Now there are a wide variety of creative options that will appeal to even the most discerning buyers..
  • Long service life. Such furniture will be with you for a long time..
  • High strength. Natural wood will be a durable and durable material.

A corner wooden cabinet on the balcony will look especially good if you have made an eco-style room. But remember, it is very difficult to make furniture yourself from these raw materials. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to trust the hands of experienced professionals.


Corner versions of products are also made from a practical base – metal-plastic. Such models will have increased resistance to moisture. The aluminum base withstands sunlight and low temperatures well. The design will also differ in strength. The cabinet will be able to withstand impressive loads of up to 40 kilograms. In this case, the cost of the product will not be as high as, for example, in the previous case..

There are various corner designs on sale. They differ in height, size and capacity..


Among the many positive reviews, one can note those that speak of the multifunctionality of such products. It is the corner cabinet that helps to make the loggia a comfortable place, freeing up space, organizing all things and objects. Buyers also note a wide range of goods. Modern furniture manufacturers offer a variety of options. You can choose classic models or choose the most creative products, optimally organizing the balcony space.

As for the cost, here you can also choose a suitable and affordable option. The main thing is to decide on the price-quality parameter and choose the right product. Then your balcony will look stylish and attractive. Happy shopping.

For an overview of the corner cabinet on the balcony, see the following video.

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