Dark writing desks in the interior

Dark writing desks in the interior

A dark writing desk is often used to decorate a workplace, both at home and in the office. Let’s try to figure out what this is connected with and how to choose the right piece of furniture.


A dark writing desk has several advantages:

  • It always looks expensive, brings chic and elegance to the interior..
  • According to Feng Shui teachings, dark tones attract wealth and money..
  • A dark writing desk increases efficiency and does not distract from your studies. On such a product, sheets of paper are better visible, which helps to focus attention on them..

But this attribute also has disadvantages:

  • A dark writing desk is easy to scratch. And these defects are immediately visible on a muted surface..
  • Dust on a dark countertop is also immediately noticeable. Such a desk will have to be wiped more often than a light one..

Materials (edit)

There are several types of materials that are used to make dark colored desks..

  • Wood. Perhaps the most common material. It is environmentally friendly and practical. Solid wood products will last for more than one year. Wooden tables always look rich and show the status of the owner. But they are quite expensive. In addition, such products look massive, therefore they often require a separate office..
  • Chipboard. It is a cheap material that imitates a wooden surface. It is made from sawdust using formaldehyde resins, and plates are formed using a heat press. The disadvantage of this material is that it cannot be processed at all. Chipboard also does not tolerate moisture well..

  • MDF. Another analogue of natural wood. It is also made from wood processing residues, but without the addition of toxic resins. This material is more environmentally friendly than the previous one. It can take many forms and even imitate wood carvings. In addition, products made from this material can be restored, if necessary..
  • Tinted glass. This material is often used for the manufacture of desktops. The dark color is obtained here by gluing a special film on the product. However, this material is quite fragile. If you carelessly, you can break it, even if the glass is tempered and has a decent thickness. In addition, such a tabletop requires some maintenance, since fingerprints are clearly visible on it..
  • Plastic. Desks for children are most often made of this material, which can grow with their owner..


Modern industry offers a fairly wide selection of desks in a dark shade of completely different shapes. For the equipment of the office, most often they use models of a standard rectangular shape, where, in addition to the work surface, there are all kinds of boxes for storing the necessary papers. But recently, it has become quite popular with such tables to make a recess on the tabletop in the place where the chair is installed. This shape is considered more ergonomic to work with..

Sometimes the desk is placed in the corner of the room. For such an arrangement, the L-shaped design. This makes it possible to increase the working area..

Often, a desk is combined with a computer desk, so a monitor stand and a keyboard shelf are additionally installed on it..

Recently, rounded desks are often used in modern interiors. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, sharp corners are able to awaken aggression, and rounded shapes soothe and increase efficiency..

To equip the workplace at home (taking into account small-sized apartments), transforming tables are often used. Here, models in the form of a secretaire are popular. When closed, such a table looks more like a wardrobe, but the door in it is folding, so you get a full-fledged workplace with shelves where you can store the necessary papers and writing utensils.

For children, desks are quite popular, which allow you to change the height and angle of the tabletop. This is very important for the correct posture of the baby during classes..

The correct position of the back when writing will help to avoid many diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the future.


A dark writing desk, oddly enough, can have many shades..

Here are the most popular ones:

  • Black. This color for a writing desk is quite popular, especially in modern interiors. Here, the design can have several shades:
  • Raven wing – with blue tone,
  • Bovine blood – a fairly rich black with a reddish tint,
  • Avanturin – such a surface has a metallic luster, and others.

At the same time, a black writing desk can have both a matte finish and a glossy finish..

Wood colors:

  • The most popular among the dark shades is wenge. This is a brown and black color scheme that looks quite expensive. But often furniture of this tone makes the interior gloomy, so it is combined with the facades of bleached oak. Also, the color of eco walnut can be attributed to dark wood. This is a dark brown shade that is slightly lighter than wenge tone..
  • Another dark shade of wood is shimo ash. This is a gray-brown tone that will fit well into the bright interior of the room..
  • Red tree. It is used in expensive classic interiors, as well as cabinets decorated in the Art Nouveau style..

The real wood writing desk can also be varnished with a glossy or matte sheen.

How to choose

There are several aspects to consider when choosing writing in dark shades..

  • Price. It depends on the material from which the desk is made, its dimensions, as well as on its origin (that is, the product is made according to an individual project or it is a factory sample). The most expensive will be a product made of rare wood species on an individual order..
  • Appointment of the room, where the table is installed. If this is a bedroom or living room, then it is better to use tables that are hidden from prying eyes. This design will not spoil the appearance of the room, but it will allow you to have a full-fledged workplace. In some offices, of course, solid stationary pieces of furniture are installed..

  • Dimensions (edit). When choosing a dark writing desk, like any other, its size plays an important role. It should be perfect for you or your child. When determining the size of the countertop, it is worth putting your hands on it. Elbows should not hang from her. We determine the suitable height by sitting down on a chair behind it. The legs should be on the floor at a right angle, the back should be straight, and the tabletop should be at the level of the solar plexus.

Interesting models in the interior

We need desks for work and study. Many houses have this attribute..

Here are some good ideas for interior design with this dark product:

  • A dark table of a simple shape in wenge color in combination with black wallpaper can be diluted with white parquet on the floor.
  • A dark secretaire in a bright Country style room will be quite appropriate.

  • A solid mahogany table, the top of which is decorated with leather inserts, will look organically both in the office of the CEO of a large company and in the home work area..
  • A dark writing desk in the nursery can be complemented with bright sideboards and cabinet fronts. So, he will not make the interior of this room gloomy..

This video is about how you can make a modern writing table from the remains of old materials..

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