Design features of folding wooden chairs

Design features of folding wooden chairs

The folding chair is ideal for small kitchens, outdoor picnics or in the garden in the country. Such furniture is usually made from various materials: plastic, metal, wood and their combinations. However, most people try to choose wooden chairs, as they have a beautiful and natural look, and are also more environmentally friendly than their counterparts..


Despite the seeming simplicity of the design, the folding chair made of wood has many features., among which the main ones are:

  • the type of wood from which it is made;
  • protective covering;
  • type of construction;
  • the presence of decorative inserts;
  • the shape of the back and seat, as well as the material from which it is made.

Depending on the type of wood and type of construction, the chairs have different applications and characteristics..

Advantages and disadvantages

If we compare folding and stationary wooden chairs, then the former have their own advantages, for example, functionality. In case of lack of space, folding chairs can be easily stowed away in a closet or placed compactly against a wall. They can also simply be transferred to another location or building. Another price. Such furniture costs significantly less due to less material consumption..

Compared to metal or plastic furniture, wooden furniture has the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly. Such furniture does not emit harmful substances, and also does not cause allergic reactions, due to the use of natural materials.
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance. Wooden furniture brings coziness and warmth to the house.
  • Uncomplicated structures can be easily made by yourself with a small set of tools.

Along with the advantages, folding wooden chairs have a number of significant disadvantages.. When compared with stationary furniture, they lose in the following:

  • Stability. Since such chairs must be lightened as much as possible, the area of ​​their legs is much smaller than that of stationary counterparts, which reduces their stability.
  • Comfortableness. In general, folding furniture has less of it. This is due to the purpose and complexity of the design. True, it is worth noting that the comfort of folding chairs can be at a high level, but this will significantly increase their cost..

The main disadvantages when compared to folding furniture made of plastic and metal include:

  • The service life of wooden furniture is much shorter than that of metal or plastic.
  • Price. Metal and plastic chairs are several times cheaper than wooden ones.
  • The weight of wooden furniture is greater than that of metal or plastic.

All of the above features and disadvantages affect the choice of folding wooden chairs when purchasing. The purpose for which they are acquired is also important..

Materials (edit)

For the manufacture of wooden folding chairs, solid wood, chipboard and plywood are used. Solid wood furniture is considered the most beautiful due to the fact that it retains the natural structure of wood. It fits perfectly into interiors with an antique style. In addition, such furniture looks original at picnics or in the garden of the cottage..

The type of wood used for production is also important.. The harder the grade is used in production, the more durable the chair will be.. The only drawback is the high cost of wood..

Folding chairs made of chipboard and plywood are cheap analogues of solid wood furniture. Due to the fact that they do not have a wood structure, they are practically not used for design solutions. Due to their light weight, they are ideal for use on picnics or in the garden..

Any wood furniture must be covered with a protective coating. For chairs that are used inside heated rooms, the coating is used to give a certain shade and eliminate surface roughness. Various impregnations and varnishes are suitable for these purposes..

Outdoor furniture must be reliably protected from moisture and temperature changes. In this case, in addition to the use of high-strength varnishes, specialized impregnations are also used, which protect the wood from the appearance of fungus and mold..


The design of folding chairs can be simple, in which 1-2 steps are enough to unfold them in a normal state, or it can be complicated when a certain sequence of steps is required to assemble furniture. In addition, there are transforming chairs that have several working states.. The complexity of the design depends only on the idea of ​​the designer.

In accordance with the complexity of the design, the folding and fixing mechanism in the final state is also selected. In simple models, this is a hinge fixed by pins, latch bolts or a tongue-and-groove system.

In more complex designs, the mechanism can be implemented from several independent systems. For example, when the seat is folded out first, then the backrest and armrests.

Transformers are considered the most complex products, so in this case it is necessary to implement systems of fixation and folding into several positions. However, it is worth remembering that the more complex the structure, the less reliable it becomes, and, consequently, the life of the chair decreases..


To give an original appearance, wooden chairs are often decorated with various inserts, which can be made of metal, plastic, glass, fabric, stone, bone and much more. But the peculiarity of folding furniture is that it is constantly being assembled and disassembled, as a result of which poorly fixed decorative elements may fall off.

That’s why the connection between third party elements must be reliable. Usually, in these cases, either glue is used that is suitable specifically for attaching the insert material and wood to each other, or bolted and threaded connections are used that have an original and non-standard design..

The elements

Quite important details of folding chairs made of wood are their back and seat. Let’s start with the seat. It can be made as a single piece of wood, plywood or chipboard. This option is considered the simplest, however, it increases the weight of the structure. To make the chair lighter, its seat can be made as a set of separate boards, with gaps between them..

However, this option may not be convenient for long-term stay on it. Often the seat itself is made of fabric. This approach significantly reduces weight and is also more practical for long gatherings. In some cases, the wooden seat is upholstered in a fabric lined with foam. This design is most convenient if the chair is used in the kitchen or in the garden, when a person spends a long time on the chair..

The backrest for folding chairs is optional and can be fitted or not. But if it is present, then it is usually made in the same style as the seat..

Selection rules

Experts advise adhering to the following principles:

  • When choosing a folding chair, you need to take into account different nuances, for example, the presence of plastic or silicone pads at the ends of the legs. This is especially important for chairs that are used in rooms where the floor is tiled, parquet or laminate. These pads significantly increase stability and also prevent the chair from slipping on the floor..
  • For high chairs, the presence of a crossbar for the legs is quite important, which will add comfort when sitting for a long time. If chairs are purchased for the kitchen or for long gatherings, then it is better to choose a model with a back.

  • If funds allow, then it is better to purchase chairs made of solid wood. Such furniture will last much longer. Pay attention to the manufacturer. It is better to stop the choice on well-known brands or proven craftsmen, since they have already developed reliable designs of such furniture, in which both design and ergonomics are thought out.
  • For picnic or fishing trips, it is better to choose those chairs in which the back and seat are made of fabric, as this reduces weight and allows you to reduce the overall dimensions of the product when folded. When choosing chairs for nature, you should pay attention to the fact that all wooden elements are covered with a protective layer, otherwise mold or mildew may appear on such furniture..

  • When choosing furniture from chipboard or plywood, you should pay attention to the fact that there are two types of such material – ordinary and moisture resistant. Furniture is mainly made from the usual type, which is used indoors, and a moisture-resistant version is used for outdoor furniture..
  • The wooden folding chair is a multifunctional furniture option that takes up little space, is easy to transport in the car, and also has an original and beautiful look. The many design options allow such furniture to easily fit into a variety of interiors. And thanks to the use of wood, such a chair is ideal in homes where there are children, since the material from which it is made is non-toxic and hypoallergenic..

For how to make a wooden folding chair with your own hands, see the next video.

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