Designer and unusual beds

Designer and unusual beds

Sometimes interior designers, whose thinking goes beyond the proposed, create images that can embody the most unexpected fantasies of the consumer. We will look at exclusive designer beds and unusual high-tech models.


Designer beds

Sometimes on the market you can find pieces of furniture that are distinguished by a bright personality, their design is made in refined lines and complemented by original decorative elements. Materials for such models are also not cheap: metal, eco-leather, natural wood and even glass..


On a metal frame

A metal bed is a guarantee of strength and durability, in addition, it makes it possible to replace the mattress and, if desired, repaint the frame after a few years. It can be used to decorate a bedroom in the following styles:

  • Sleeping area suitable for a loft-style artist’s studio. The structure is made of metal pipes of different levels; a high mattress gives the bed ergonomic properties. The piece of furniture is combined with rough industrial decor elements. Such a model will withstand a lot of weight, it can fit not only two people to sleep, but also a whole company to watch videos.
  • The idea of ​​design in the style of Minimalism seduces with its functionality and modernity. The piece of furniture allows you not to accumulate dust in hard-to-reach corners. The Zanotta bed 1017, which combines a metal frame and an upholstered headboard, was created by Swedish designer Anna von Scheuven. The clean lines of the model will allow it to successfully fit into a minimalistic design with geometric details..


Eco-leather is a new high-tech upholstery material that has all the advantages of natural leather. Interior items made of eco-leather with author’s design contribute to the introduction of fashion for the material among customers, which helps to save more and more animals from extinction:

  • Italian model Patrick Cattelan – interior solution in the Art Deco style, but it will also fit into the Cubism style. The huge headboard and frame are made with eco-leather upholstery, and the non-standard geometric stitch gives the interior a brutal look. The model will decorate the home of a rich bachelor.
  • Upholstery with vertical stitch in eco-leather not only gives the bed a modern look, but also makes it easier to care for. The material does not accumulate dust, which makes it hypoallergenic. The ergonomic headboard in this model can be used to support the back while sitting.

Soaring in the style of Futurism

Futurism is one of the favorite themes of designers’ fantasy about how people of the future will live. Perhaps such models are designed taking into account robotic vacuum cleaners that move on the floor, controlled by a remote control. The stylish effect of space minimalism is created by the model hovering in the air.

However, the mounting option may be different:

  • “Lago Fluttua 2190” mounted on a central leg, the height of which can be adjusted from 44 to 63 cm.The Italian model of the Lago factory is made to order and the delivery time to Russia is 3-3.5 months.
  • Presotto Wing System attached to the wall at the headboard, the floating effect is created by the illumination on the bottom.
  • A simple idea in the spirit of Futurism Is a wall-mounted flat mattress support with a split headboard. But how brilliant and laconic the solution looks in black and white. Immediately you can imagine that the apartments of the future will be made with such beds built into the wall..

Rocking chair

The dream of a lulling effect also applies to adults. The swaying with each movement can resemble a ship’s cabin or carriage:

  • The boat-shaped solid wood model with a head bolster has a firm mattress that will benefit the spine.
  • The carriage bed for children and adults is comfortable not only for sleeping, but also for pleasant rocking opposite each other.

Author’s design made of glass

The bed, decorated with colored glass, resembles the bed of a sleeping beauty. A soft, high mattress and an abundance of pillows make you feel comfortable. However, this specimen is more likely an exhibition, the use of glass in the headboard for daily use can be dangerous.

Hi-tech style

Unusual models created by designers can be both original in terms of style and have additional functions. Some author’s samples are created in a single copy and are made to order. Each of the models listed below is made using a unique technology that allows the consumer to use it not only for sleep, but also for other purposes:

  • Molecule bed “Feel The Deluxe”. The author’s invention of Animi Kausa is a bed, which is created from soft balls with a diameter of 20 cm, which are interconnected. This structure allows the person to feel comfortable in any position..
  • Bed-table. Designer Athanasia Leivaditou created the 1.6 SM of Life model especially for office workers. A sleeping place with a mattress and a TV is located on the floor under the functional desk..

  • Platform bed. A place to sleep, from which you can reach everything you need, is functional both for spacious rooms and for small square bedrooms. When you go to bed “Penisola Modern Platform Bed”, you can live in it. The mattress is framed by a wide platform on which you can easily place a laptop, lamp, books or magazines, personal hygiene products.
  • Aquarium bed. The possibility of relaxation with the help of visual images is provided by the combination of a sleeping bed with an aquarium. If you suffer from insomnia or find it difficult to calm down, watching beautiful swimming fish before bed is a great way to get into a state of meditation and relaxation. Unique design by Wade King and Brett Reimer, who not only host fish and aquarium shows on Animal Planet, but also produce bespoke aquariums and pools.

  • Children’s bed-book. Children’s furniture in the form of a boat, a car, a carriage and a house has already entered mass production. Exclusive children’s designs appear much less often, for example, this is an invention of the Japanese designer Yasuke Suzuki. The bed, which can accommodate several children of different ages, is created in the form of a book, in which the “cover” is made of natural wood, and the “pages” are in the form of blankets. On such a bed, you can quite feel like a fairytale hero who descended from the pages of a book..

  • With a zipper. The model is based on soft synthetic filling, covered with fabric, has a modern decor, streamlined lines and an original function. No need to make the bed – just zip up.

  • Cozy nest. Merav Eitan designers offer to build their nest & Gaston Zahr. True, the model still exists only in the format of an exhibition sample. This model has a non-standard frame, its advantage is that it can serve as a sleeping place for several people. The large area allows no one to fall due to the presence of the walls, and the pillows can help everyone find their own corner.

When the exhibition version goes on sale, parents will gladly choose it for the children’s room. The presence of decorated backs is an interesting idea that will help spouses to accommodate themselves without interfering with each other during sleep.

Bunker bed

Designers at Dahar Inshaat have developed a bed that can save you from earthquakes. It is intended for residents of areas where seismic activity is likely. The mechanism is equipped with sensors that register tremors. In the event of tremors, the sleeping place with the sleeping person falls down and the bed turns into a bunker. The kit includes a survival kit:

  • first aid kit;
  • dry ration and water supply;
  • hygiene products;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • mask.

You don’t have to worry that the box will fall apart under the rubble, the frame made of durable steel pipes with a composite mass inside can withstand any loads, the ventilation holes allow you to ventilate the space in the absence of smoke.

Such a mechanism is created according to an individual project, therefore, the method of slamming the box can be chosen, and the box can also be sheathed with thermal insulation material in case of fire.

In a safe time, a piece of furniture looks quite aesthetically pleasing, its surface is sheathed with modern materials. All these functional features determine the high price of a unique model. A pleasure for those who want to feel safe starts from $ 3,000.

Barrel beds

The desire to put a mattress in a barrel is one of the obsessive fantasies of designers. The reason for this is that the barrel is a stylish piece of country-style decor. This move was used by the owners of the German hotel. They took an old Potts beer barrel, which was already 100 years old, to create an original design solution. The bed was created by placing an orthopedic mattress in the space of the barrel; stairs are attached to the barrels for easy access to the cozy “den”. The hotel uses these author’s design models to accommodate visitors.

However, this option is not for sale. Wooden bed in a wine barrel with a ladder – an improved version of the idea available to buyers.

Self-made bed

The bed has a rectangular shape and has so far been created in a single copy. Special sensors allow the bedspread to refuel on its own. The disadvantage of the model is that the mechanism works only on special blankets included in the kit..

You can watch an overview of this model in the following video..

Functional options for fast transport

Design solutions create opportunities for any life situation. For example, there are people who often rent apartments where suitable furniture may not be available.. Your own comfortable bed, easy to carry, will help you quickly adapt to a new place:

  • One of these models, suitable for rooms with a small area, is the idea of ​​the designer Piero lissoni. Bed “Trix” – these are conveniently arranged vertical pillows, in the disassembled version you get a single bed, and in the assembled version – an ottoman for sitting.
  • Hammock Bed by Le Beanock. is a thick blanket, chained to the ceiling. Maybe this is not the most useful option for the spine, but hanging beds stabilize the nervous system..

Some designer models are already on sale, some are show pieces, but they give food for thought – is it important for you to have an original artistic concept in your bedroom or you will be satisfied with a simple conservative option..


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