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The history of the use of tables in the interior began in Ancient Egypt. The first tables looked more like a huge stone platform. Later, Greek craftsmen gave the tables more functionality and lightness. Time passed, and everyone’s favorite classic tabletops with legs became boring, their place in the modern world is increasingly taken by designer tables. The designer table surprisingly combines an essential piece of furniture and a real work of art..


The main features of designer furniture are as follows:

  • The uniqueness of the project, which will be selected exclusively in accordance with your wishes. The manufacturing company also guarantees that your project will not be reused without your consent. Since furniture according to the design project is created taking into account all your whims, it will certainly be the best option for your home..
  • Quality. Only the painstaking work of craftsmen with high-quality and expensive materials leads to the embodiment of all, even the most extraordinary, ideas..
  • A combination of comfort and versatility in sleek lines.
  • The designer product not only bears the name of its creator, but also has a special charm due to the individual approach and project. Today, the designer strives to use innovative materials to create that will significantly improve not only the look, but also the quality of the final product..


It is the duty of the table manufacturer to combine practicality, durability, stability and presentable appearance in their product. In addition, the manufacturer’s work is to create the interior of each house, where his creations will flaunt in the future..

The table should not only organically fit into the design of the room, but also give the atmosphere the right mood.

Design tables are a completely different story, because creating a separate model is painstaking work, a flight of imagination, an act of love, after which a real work of art is born. The value of designer furniture mainly lies in the fact that the designer puts a piece of his soul into every work. The mesmerizing path from the appearance of a sketch on paper to the implementation of an idea is definitely worth it to be appreciated..


Conventionally, the whole variety of designer tables can be divided into coffee, dining, writing and consoles. All of them amaze with their forms and ideas, embodied in the material.

Materials (edit)

Designer countertops have a wide range of designs. What the product will be like in the end depends primarily on the materials from which it is made. By the way, designer furniture is made exclusively from high-quality materials with a high degree of strength..


Natural wood furniture is an opportunity to touch nature at any time. It should be borne in mind that wooden tables are more expensive, but they will please with durability and quality. A unique design, created by nature itself, will give your home nobility and simplicity.

Wooden designer tables are a good idea for a dining set and work area. They will perfectly emphasize the predominance of ecological style or provence in your home..


A designer glass table is an opportunity to refresh your interior. A miniature table or a voluminous dining table made of glass will serve as a breath of fresh air for any interior. Their strong point is in the original design of each model. Each individual piece is a work of art, it is created in order to attract the eyes and amaze.


A designer plywood countertop is the most popular and affordable option for your home.

Surprisingly, this type of countertop integrates easily into any style, while creating a warm space..

Many designers are experimenting with this malleable material, thus creating creative and vibrant home furnishings..

On a metal frame

A designer table with metal legs is perfect for both modern and romantic style of your room. The table top on a metal frame is perfect for a dining room or living room.


When choosing the color of designer furniture for your home, remember that it should perfectly match the prevailing color in the interior. By the way, sometimes the emphasis is on the color of the table in the room, which, in turn, is radically different from the things around it. In this case, the table should be combined with chairs and in no case should it get out of the general picture of the room..

The color scheme for designer furniture can radically change the mood in the interior:

  • The white table will fill any room with lightness, will fit perfectly into any interior and will not overload the space.
  • A black dining table, on the other hand, will not please a tired and hungry person..

  • The blue countertop has a calming effect and reduces hunger.

  • It is best to choose designer tables for the hallway in noble saturated colors..

  • For the kitchen, designer tables in bright, tasty colors are more suitable, which can cause an appetite..

For various premises

It’s no secret that tables can be radically different due to their purpose, both in appearance and in functionality. When choosing, it is very important to take into account the area of ​​its further placement..

In the living room

Dining tables will be appropriate both in the kitchen and in the living room. As mentioned above, the most common material for a dining table is wood. There are also many glass models that give any interior a kind of charm and nobility..

Plastic dining tables are distinguished by a combination of durability and low price. In addition, plastic will find its place in the Art Nouveau style and will successfully emphasize it..

Also, for lovers of interesting objects in the interior, manufacturers have tables in which materials are successfully combined.

For kitchen

One of the most frequently visited rooms in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen table should embody comfort, but at the same time it should not be devoid of style. The shape of the kitchen countertop can be of a variety of geometric shapes, depending on preference. The most common design solutions for the kitchen are oval and round..

In modern kitchens, rectangular, sometimes even square countertops look harmonious. By the way, the kitchen is almost the only space in the house where designer tables in marble or granite.

For home office

Everyone dreams of acquiring a unique piece of furniture for a study at home. This exclusive writing table is designed to once again emphasize the status of its owner. By the way, a designer table for work is not a cheap pleasure, but it is worth it..

Designer coffee tables

A coffee table will find its place in every corner of your home, and a designer coffee table will also emphasize your individuality and sense of style. If you are looking for something interesting, pay special attention to the line of metal coffee tables.

Despite the fact that this material is difficult to process, metal tables look amazing in any style..

For office

A breath of fresh air for office plankton is a design table that will save you from the dullness of everyday life. Design desks in the office combine modernity and style. By the way, this is not just a bright spot, but also a tool that will save you from reloading on the spine. Thanks to its versatility, you can easily place all documents and accessories on it, thereby saving yourself from the chaos on the work surface..

Design computer

A modern person spends a good half of his life at the computer, so the main task of furniture designers is to make this period of time brighter. Multifunctionality and comfort are the main characteristics that are important when choosing a designer desk for a computer. Please note that among the variety of colors, models and shapes there are pieces with height adjustment and additional drawers.

Designer transformer

Designer transforming tables are the very cherry on the cake, a decoration that, due to its characteristics, is worthy to be in every home due to the fact that such tables give the opportunity to significantly save space and fill it with originality. Today, there are many options for transformer tables for both the kitchen and the bedroom, not to mention the rest of the rooms..

How to choose?

There are several basic guidelines on how to choose the optimal design model to suit your interior:

  • When choosing a design piece, first of all note for the size and format of the room. It will not be superfluous if, before visiting the store, you measure your room and the area set aside directly under the table. Accordingly, if the room is small, then pay attention to compact models. And vice versa, if you have a place to roam, textured models of designer tables are created just for you..
  • Choose a model that will fit into the overall picture of the room and at the same time be combined with household appliances and other furniture. In this case, it will be pleasant for you to spend time in this room, and your guests will want to come back again and again..

  • Don’t ignore such important details., as texture and material, from which the design masterpiece is created. Despite the fact that glass tables are a real find for a modern interior, refrain from buying them if there are children in the house. Infant injuries can also be avoided by choosing a thicker glass table with round edges..

The cost of a designer product can sometimes be shocking, but you shouldn’t worry about it ahead of time. There is such a wide selection of designer countertops on the market today that you will surely find something to your taste and budget..

Interior options

Designer tables are furniture that amazingly combines quality, style and durability. Thanks to the presence of a designer table, the space will have more functionality, simplicity and, at the same time, originality..

A snow-white table in tandem with chairs will fill your interior with exclusivity. The designer countertop successfully combines quirky geometry and color. In addition, the fireplace, which serves as the basis, maximizes relaxation and fills the space with coziness..

The lawn-shaped worktop will allow you to feel the spirit of nature without leaving your apartment. Such an acquisition will not leave indifferent any guest in your home..

Stop buying boring dining room furniture, because it is much better to gather a large company at an original table in the form of a sheet. Smooth lines, a combination of metal and wood will find their place in any interior.

The combination of glass and wood turns out to be no less original. A cut of wood, sharpened into glass, looks very powerful and noble. Such furniture will become a highlight of the interior in a classic style..

It cannot be denied that such tables not only look sleek, but also do not overload the space. Durable and quality, they will serve you well. The stylish look of a designer product every day will be a testament to your impeccable taste.

For information on how to make a table from wooden boxes, see the next video..

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