Double beds with storage boxes

Not everyone has a spacious home, but everyone wants their home to be cozy and comfortable. Particular attention should be paid to the bedroom. It is there that a double bed with drawers will successfully fit. Such furniture is designed to save your space and become a stylish addition to the interior..

Features and Benefits

When choosing a bed, the question arises which option is best for you. Double beds with storage boxes are becoming popular now.. Let’s consider their main features:

  • Ergonomic. Such furniture will help you effectively save space. You will be able to get both a comfortable seating area and a place to store things and linen. Thus, it will be possible to place such a model even in small apartments..
  • Stylish bedroom decoration. You can choose the option that will suit the style of your room. So you create comfort and coziness in your room..
  • Wide range of. Many manufacturers offer to purchase different versions of these beds. It can be a model that is made of solid wood with roll-out drawers, which has an unusual rugged backrest, or a creative product in country style. The main thing is to decide on your preferences and buy a model that really suits you..
  • High quality products. The beds are reliable and will serve you for a long time. At the same time, it is worth purchasing furniture only in proven salons. So you can protect yourself from fake. Check the serviceability of the product and the operation of all mechanisms yourself.
  • Various variations of boxes. Models can have different components. These can be large or small boxes for storing various items. It is worth noting that larger options will also increase the height of the bed. There are models that can only be climbed using a bench. Moreover, they will be quite roomy. It will be possible to store bed linen and any textiles there. You will not need to purchase a chest of drawers for this..
  • Models can be produced with drawers on wheels. Such models roll out from under the side of the bed or open using guides. It is the roll-out boxes that will become your additional helpers in everyday life..
  • Affordable price. You can choose for yourself the option that suits you in terms of pricing policy. Among the wide range of products, there is a bed that will suit you and your wallet..
  • Good mood. Having picked up a useful, functional resting place, you will always wake up and fall asleep in a good mood.

Materials (edit)

When choosing the right model, you should pay special attention to the raw materials from which the double bed is made.. Consider the popular options:

  • Solid wood. This option is quite common and popular with buyers. Among the countless double beds with drawers, these are the best. It should be remembered that this option will not be cheap. Oak and beech are used in the production of goods. Pine is also used, as well as other tree species. The main advantages include the strength and reliability of the bed. Such a model made of wood will serve you for a long time..

  • Chipboard / MDF. Models from these materials will be significantly cheaper than the previous ones. However, they are not as durable as, for example, wood options. But these beds also have their advantages. Thanks to modern processing methods, manufacturers give their products a creative look. There are also exclusive options that will appeal to all fashionistas. Usually chipboard is sheathed with fabric or leatherette. You can find quite attractive and stylish models..

  • Metal. There are designs that are based on a metal frame. Thanks to the use of a special powder paint, the metal will be reliably protected from negative changes and will retain its original appearance for a long time..


These double beds can be divided into two main types:

  • With drawers for linen. Often, such options represent a special podium, where the boxes are independent elements. Such a double bed can be quite cumbersome, because the height of the compartments themselves reaches fifty centimeters. The steps and the right lighting give the podium an additional appeal. For the most fashionable models, transformation mechanisms are characteristic, with the help of which you can hide the resting place under the podium. You can use the elevation itself for other purposes..

  • With lifting system. Such options will be excellent furniture for spacious rooms. But placing such a structure in a small space will be quite problematic. Double units are equipped with a special lifting system “gas lift” in the event that the box for linen is integral with the main structure. This way you can make it easier for yourself to use the model. A simple, durable and comfortable way of lifting a heavy machine with a mattress will make your life and life easier. Fiberboard is usually used to organize the bottom..

How to choose?

Before heading to the store to shop, you should consider all the details of what your ideal double bed with storage boxes will look like.. It is imperative to calculate all the parameters, as well as determine the place where the resting place will be located:

  • You should only shop in trusted stores.. This is the only way you can avoid counterfeiting and purchase really high-quality furniture. Thoroughly check the mechanism of the product yourself.
  • Pay attention to the material of which the model is made. Usually, buyers prefer a wooden bed. It can have different sizes – 160×200 cm, 140×200 cm, while being comfortable, convenient and reliable. Products made from such raw materials serve for a long time. Also, this material is environmentally friendly, attractive and suitable for different bedrooms. It is better to purchase solid wood products.
  • Modern manufacturers now offer metal options for the bed, for example, with a wrought iron back.. There are also boxes that are made of wood. Such furniture looks quite attractive and practical..
  • Take a close look at all the mechanisms of the bed, and also assess the strength of the fastening. Examine the product especially carefully if the model’s mechanism is lifting. After all, if the design is of poor quality, it will be very difficult to use the boxes. This will add additional discomfort and inconvenience to you..
  • You should definitely choose a quality mattress. Your vacation will depend on it.. After all, a double bed is the place where you will sleep, first of all. Don’t skimp on the cheapest models. It is thanks to proper sleep that we are charged with energy, vigor and strength. Therefore, be sure to make sure that your mattress is of high quality and suits you personally..

  • If you settled on wooden furniture, then the optimal species would be pine or birch.. Classic models can be found at an affordable price. They will look attractive in any home. It is also believed that it is natural materials that are able to fill the air with positive energy, and this will affect the sleep process and well-being. The presence of additional compartments will allow you to comfortably store your important accessories.
  • If your bedroom has expensive parquet / laminate flooring, then it is worth purchasing products with a lifting guide. This way, you can definitely protect your floor when you pull out the boxes often. It is the wheels, even the softest ones, that can scratch the coating. And it will not look very attractive..
  • There are also furniture for sale with drawers with plastic or glass backs.. A similar material can also be used for the headboard. Such products are quite creative and rare, while they can fit well into the modern style of the room. However, if you are making a resting place in a classic style, then you should prefer a tree and make a headboard and frame from it..
  • For those who have a small bedroom, the option with 2-3 guides will fit. After all, additional space is required to roll out the boxes. If you choose such furniture, then it is worth considering that the boxes will be located at the bottom, making up a single whole with the bed itself. Thus, models with built-in drawers will present some inconvenience in terms of transporting the product. Access to things will not always be convenient. Have to constantly raise or lower the top of the bed.
  • If you purchase furniture with guides, be sure to evaluate the correct operation of the lifting panel locking mechanism.. With it, you can simply control the product. If you want to purchase a model with larger drawers, then you should choose the option where the products are located one above the other. This way you can increase the space you need and fold more things..

  • You shouldn’t buy very cheap models that are made of chipboard.. They won’t last you too long. Spend a little extra money and get a quality wooden bed. When using it, you will not face any unpleasant moments..
  • Of course, it is worth choosing a bed based on the style of your room.. All furniture should be created according to a single concept, combined with other elements. Look for color matches as well. For example, for the Provence style, you should choose pastel shades. But hi-tech is attractive with metallic tones..
  • It is worth choosing a lifting mechanism on gas shock absorbers. In this version, lifting is quite easy and comfortable, and the structure is durable. It should be noted that these beds will be expensive. But it’s worth it. Spring options will be cheaper, wear out quickly and require more effort to lift the bed..
  • You can also pick up options for a non-standard shape. These include round or oval designs. They will help to add elegance and originality to your room. The advantages of such models include the fact that they do not have corners, which means they are safe for children. As for the storage area, everything is arranged in the likeness of standard options..

These models with drawers for linen have a lifting mechanism that can be easily transformed into a round sofa or podium. Modern manufacturers produce options in different sizes, colors.


On the World Wide Web, you can find a lot of positive reviews about double beds with storage boxes. Buyers note the comfort and convenience of such furniture. But these are not all of its advantages..

Many modern users also appreciate a wide range of goods. Thanks to this, you can purchase any model: from the classic to the most creative. Remember that the product should be selected in accordance with the overall concept of your room. You should also think about the size of the product in advance. This is how you can choose exactly the right thing for you. Attractive for buyers and affordable price. You can purchase quality models at an affordable cost.

Using drawers will allow you to keep things, bedding and other items literally close at hand. You will not need to purchase a separate wardrobe or chest of drawers.

We have discussed the main advantages and features of double beds with storage boxes. Now you can choose the option that is right for you. Remember not to follow fashion trends blindly. If the design of a fashionable bed does not suit your style, then you do not need to buy such furniture. It is better to buy what you like. Let every purchase be accompanied only by positive emotions.

In the next video, see an overview of double beds with storage boxes, their advantages and characteristics..

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