Double metal beds

If you decide to make repairs, update the room and furniture, then you definitely need to take care of purchasing a stylish and comfortable bed that will last a long time. The furniture market is able to satisfy the varied tastes of modern buyers, even the most demanding and demanding ones. The choice is so huge that many find it difficult to decide on the model and choose the appropriate option.

The bed should give comfort, relaxation, decorate the room and, of course, fit into the overall style of the room. The most popular material that is used to create the frame is chipboard or natural solid wood, but now the demand for metal models is growing noticeably. Further in the article, we will take a closer look at such an option as a double metal bed.


Previously, metal beds were widespread. Several centuries ago, instead of plastic, which is now the most accessible and widespread material, metal was used, there was a lot of it. From year to year, the price for it grew, in connection with which factories began to look for a replacement for it..

Metal products look elegant and reliable. They have a certain luxury with a touch of retro. The metal has high wear resistance and is not afraid of prolonged loads.

Many, in order to save money, buy furniture based on chipboard and chipboard. This is an affordable and common raw material. But despite the attractive price, they are short-lived and can cause a lot of trouble to the owner, even if they are skillfully decorated with natural wood..

In this case, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of solid wood or metal. If you are looking for a middle ground, then metal is ideal. It is more affordable than wood and more reliable than chipboard..

Relevance and relevance

In the XXI century, furniture and interior items are valued, made for metal. They have not lost their relevance and popularity, despite the many replacement options. The main reasons why metal furniture is in demand are attractiveness, sophistication and durability..

Due to the strength of the material, you do not need to spend a lot of raw materials to make a standard double bed, so the products do not look bulky. Metal is perfectly paintable.

On sale you can find both strict and sophisticated design options, models with a reinforced frame and other characteristics.


Let’s note the advantages of iron beds and consider them in more detail:

  • Metal is not afraid of high and low temperatures, as well as their sudden changes.
  • It is resistant to damage of various kinds.
  • Such furniture can withstand high weight loads without any problems. This option is important for people with a large build..
  • Long service life. The bed will serve you for several decades without losing its appearance.
  • Forged products that adorn some models will instantly decorate the room and attract attention. Some metal beds are decorated with elements of their stone, glass or wood..
  • Metal is a natural and environmentally friendly material. Experts note that metal is ideal for a bedroom due to the fact that it does not accumulate and does not emit harmful substances..


Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the advantages of such furniture, it is time to find out about the disadvantages:

  • At standard temperature conditions in the room, the metal remains cold. Some people don’t like this feeling..
  • It is negatively affected by moisture. If there is a high level of humidity in the room where the iron bed is installed, it is necessary to use a dehumidifier to preserve the furniture.

Varieties of designs

All modern models of metal beds that can be found in stores are made by two methods:

  • forging;
  • stamping.

The first option is more time consuming, but at the same time more stylish and sophisticated. This is a complex manual job that requires a certain amount of experience and skills. Only professionals can create a beautiful wrought-iron bed.

The second method is the most common, which is the manufacture of parts on a conveyor. These beds are more affordable.

Regardless of the production method, it is necessary to select furniture for the style of the room. Strict and laconic – for Hi-tech and Minimalism, and luxurious, with numerous decorative elements – for Classics (Baroque, Rococo, etc.).

Wrought iron

In the manufacturing process, there is a handicraft. Raw materials are processed through high temperatures. This is a difficult and dangerous process. The master must carefully monitor not only the beauty, but also the durability of the product. For work, you need not only skilled professionals, but also a number of special tools and equipment. Most often, such furniture is purchased to order..

Specialists in their field who have been working in this area for many years have been developing their own individual style. As a result, the products have a special appearance. The cost of such beds is much higher than stamped products..

The forged model will become an expressive decoration for the bedroom..

Factory production

In factories that manufacture metal beds, the base metal is iron. An alloy of zinc and copper and brass are used as impurities. The standard thickness of pipes used for the base of furniture is from 1.5 to 2 millimeters. Despite the external weightlessness, the structure is able to withstand significant physical exertion – up to 200 kilograms.

Such models are far from the style and appearance of forged models, but their price is much more affordable. But do not rush to buy the cheapest option. Some budget models are made of thinner pipes and can bend under prolonged exposure to weight..

All metal double beds that can be found in furniture stores are divided according to various criteria. It should be noted that they apply to both handicrafts and stamped products..

There are beds for children or adults. The two-seat options are most often installed in the bedrooms of the spouses. Some clients who like comfort buy wide double beds exclusively for themselves. Bed length for an adult starts from 2 meters.

Choose a size based on the size of the room, the location and the level of comfort you want. The bed can stand not only in the bedroom, but also on the veranda, balcony or in the spacious attic.

Some people mistakenly think that metal beds, especially double ones, look rough and bulky. Certain buyers associate the material with heaviness and other things that negatively affect the atmosphere in a living space. Because of this, metal beds are in no hurry to buy, without even evaluating their appearance on their own..

Experts in the field of design and interior decoration note that metal beds are beautiful, sophisticated and stylish furniture that harmoniously fits into various styles. Those people who personally appreciated the product on an iron frame noted that the bed has become an expressive decoration and “highlight” in the house.

Design and processing

After the bed is made, it’s time to bring it to market. Most manufacturing companies use a special powder coating. It adheres perfectly to metal and retains its attractive color for a long time. Hammer enamel is also actively used. It is a popular and effective method of painting metal..

Companies are trying to satisfy all the needs of modern customers. Some customers opt for double metal beds in classic white or black, other customers purchase bright models.

Place in the interior of the bedroom

One of the criteria that must be taken into account when choosing furniture is compliance with the interior of the room. Many people make the mistake of getting the most elegant model that grabs attention. As a result, it does not fit into the overall concept of the room..


A bed in the above style should have soft curves and smooth shapes. Refined lines will accentuate the romantic decor and make it softer. In this case, a forged model is ideal, stylish and beautiful. It is recommended to make a choice in favor of light or bright colors..

Dark and bold colors can act as complements and accents.


A metal bed for two is perfect for a rustic style. It can be a model with traditional, ethnic design elements. It will also fit into the Country style, combined with modern as well as classic elements. Light colors prevail in this direction..


For classic trends, you need a luxurious bed with a variety of decorative elements and embellishments. It can be decorated with details in gold, silver or bronze. The ideal option is a forged model with patterned legs and a wide headboard.


Modern trends such as Hi-tech and Minimalism gravitate towards simplicity, space and laconicism. No patterns, additional elements, etc. The simplified version is a great choice.

Three leaders

Check out 3 of the most popular metal double beds from various foreign manufacturers.


A sophisticated model that perfectly matches the style of Country, Modern and other design ideas.

  • Country of origin: Malaysia;
  • Brand: Woodville;
  • Dimensions: 160×200 centimeters;
  • The price of the bed is about 13 thousand rubles excluding the cost of the mattress

Sofia 505

A chic model with a wide headboard upholstered in fabric. A great option for a classic interior.

  • Country of origin: Spain;
  • Brand: Dupen;
  • Dimensions: this model is presented in two versions – 180×200 and 160×200 cm;
  • The cost of the model is approximately from 36,000 to 50,000 rubles, depending on the size.


Luxurious and spacious bed, made in bronze color. In a room in the Baroque or Rococo style, such a model will look great. Also Victoria will fit into antique decor.

  • Country of origin: China;
  • Dimensions: 160×200 cm;
  • Victoria is available in two colors: bronze and silver.
  • The cost is slightly less than 30,000 rubles.

How to assemble a metal double bed, see below..

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